NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III Discussion Thread

Join us here to chat about NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III as it goes down tonight. Plus anything else on your mind!

Plus be sure to check out Stacey O’Loughlin’s PTBN GWWE case on Victoria!

98 thoughts on “NXT Takeover: Brooklyn III Discussion Thread

  1. Takeover should be solid but telling the anticipation over Cole’s debut is bigger than anything else on the show.

    I also think Almas vs. Gargano can steal the show.

        1. I agree seems they are a team that I go back and forth on depending who’s wrestling them..loved the 3 way with revival and diy, but obvious as to why

  2. Part of me wants Moon to finally topple Asuka and become the one…other part wants Asuka to stay undefeated and get called up as champ bc she’s just so damn awesome.

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