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We’re incredibly proud of the talent we have as part of our family of podcasts at Place to Be Nation and we want to thank you for listening, subscribing, rating, and sharing!

We have three distinct podcast feeds for all of our great shows. They can be found on iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play, Podbean, Spotify and of course right here by listening on the site. If there is a new avenue you’d like to see added, don’t hesitate to reach out to us on Facebook or Twitter.

Place to Be Nation Wrestling

You can find these shows on Apple Podcasts by clicking here or searching for Place to Be Nation. This feed is also on Stitcher and Spotify. You can also check out our dedicated podbean page and download an app directly to your mobile device. The complete archive of The Kevin Kelly Show is housed on this feed as well. Click on the link for the full archive of both current and past shows!

Current Shows

Place to Be Podcast
PTBN Main Event
Adams Division Podcast
Body Press Your Luck
Chain Reaction
From the Vault: Where the Big Boys Play
Jeff Learns Wrestling
Jenny & The Gems
No Holds Barred: The Podcast
PTBN Extreme Three Way Dance
PTBN Network Specials
PTBN Podblast Specials
PTBN PPV Reaction Shows
Row 1, Seat 1
Talk’n WCW
The Special Relations Podcast
With This Ring
Wrestling War Zone: The Monday Night Wars
You Don’t Know Billy Jack

Archives of Current Shows No Longer on the Feed

Conversation Comics
Talk’n Pop
The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular
The Kings of Sport

Defunct Shows

Brad & Chad Show
Clotheslines & Headlines
Dangerous Alliance Wrestling Podcast
Digging in the Crates
Extreme Odd Couple Podcast
For Your Consideration
Good Will Wrestling
The History of Wrestling w/ Graham Cawthon
Lucha Afterground
Kevin Kelly Show
Making Towns with Friends
Mission: Indiepossible
Our Vantage Point
Place to Be Podcast Classics
PTBN Extra Point
PTBN Greatest Wrestler Ever Series
PTBN GWWE: Making the Cut
PTBN GWWE: Made the Cut
PTBN Rewind
PTBN Rewatch Party
PTBN Sports Lounge
PTBN Sports Evolution
Rank & File
Richer & The Mailman
Scott Keith’s Podcast of Doom
Sellers Points
Shoot Faction Podcast
Steve Corino Show
Survey Says
The Criss Cross
The TJ McAloon Show
What If Wrestling Podcast
Wrestling With Optimism

Place to Be Nation POP

PTBN POP is our exclusive feed for pop culture podcasts covering comics, movies, TV, sports, gaming and more. It’s available on iTunes, Google Play and at podbean.

Hard-Traveling Fanboys
90 to Nothing
Binge Please
Brother/Sister Re-Watch Podcast
Conversation Comics
Diamond Conversations
E-Ticket Attraction
Freak Out Drive In
Geek & Sassy
Laugh In Theater
Looking Forward, Looking Back
Marvel Age Podcast
Marvel Age: Master Class
Pop Goes to the Classics
Pop Goes to the Couch
Pop Goes to the Movies
PTBN Comics PopBlasts
PTBN DadCast
PTBN Pop Specials
PTBN PopBlasts
PTBN Sports Network
Rank & File
Saved By the Bellcast
Sellers Points
Songs With Friends
Sunday Groove
Talk’n Pop
The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular
The Great Debate
The Year in Pop
This Week in the NFL
Weber Has Issues

Pro Wrestling Only 

PTBN is no longer affiliated with Pro Wrestling Only, but linked below are archives of popular shows from our time together.

Where the Big Boys Play
Titans of Wrestling
Letters From Kayfabe
Letters From Center Stage
Good Will Wrestling
Tag Teams Back Again
Exile on Badstreet
Wrestling With the Past
Wrestling Culture
At the Garden

Between the Sheets

We are proud to partner with the famous Between the Sheets podcast to air episodes right here on Place to Be Nation!

Between the Sheets