SummerSlam 2017 Discussion Thread

Chat with us throughout the day and then join the Nation to watch SummerSlam live with us as a group tonight!

What are your official predictions? Additional thoughts on NXT and where WWE is headed after tonight? Let’s do the thing!

375 thoughts on “SummerSlam 2017 Discussion Thread

  1. Got through the first two matches of Takeover. That opener was straight fire, even with the odd decision. Is Almas headed up to WWE off a win? Or does Gargano beat him before he goes?

    The tag was a lot of fun too and a great attack by reDRagon. Looking forward to the rest.

    1. I think they may treat Gargano like they did Zayn at first in NXT, where he has really good matches with everyone but always comes up short. Then eventually he puts a few wins together and goes for the NXT Championship.

  2. Meltzer speculating that the reason Taker is in town for SS is to cost Reigns the title tonight.

    “Given the way the interviews have gone”, according to him..

  3. Browsing through Summerslam 1990 for the first time in a while. Not the best show by far but that Tag Title match is still pretty damn good, even with the dopey idea that the Demos look the same. Hogan/Earthquake is a solid affair as well.

  4. It would be kind of funny if Taker came back and the company pretended as if all that psuedo retirement stuff never happened.

    Then again they’ll just say that he was never done for good bc technically they never did.

  5. They give Jordan a storyline built up for weeks and no one gives a shit while Gable is getting over more on Smackdown by losing competitive matches. Tells you how bad creative is at the moment.

      1. Though the more I think about it, maybe in a way, it’s better off. While i love the gimmick, it might a little too out there and weird for the environment of current day WWE.

  6. Just back from ROH in Edinburgh and completely missed start of Summerslam! Doesn’t sound like I’ve missed much

    BTW, the level of talent at ROHs disposal is absolutely ridiculous!!

        1. I feel bad for him if that’s why – he was clearly just playing his character and then immediately apologized when he realized the guy was a vet and had taken photos with Vince

          1. I was going to do that and pick Neville because of the WWE’s love of “moments” but went back at the last second.

  7. Why do all that just for him to get killed again? Like, I don’t really give a shit if the Boyz in the back don’t like him, destroying him like this for kicks when he can actually talk and get over is bullshit.

  8. The talent on show was incredible. First time seeing Naito, and my god, that guy is money! He tagged in, was legal for 5 mins, hit zero offensive moves and still had the crowd in the palm of his hand!

    1. It’s already their 3rd hour (in theory). These marathon shows are crowd-killers, the only thing that got me through Mania was booze and….booze.

    2. Following Cass vs. Show with the RKO segment was not what the show needed.

      These two women are put in a position to fail here as the crowd is taken out of the show due to terrible booking.

  9. Finish was anticlimatic if you ask me.

    Meltzer said before Bayley’s injury she was booked to lose her so they must have made another decision to switch finishes.

      1. I mean when he’s The Demon he usually just wrestles the same way once the bell rings. He should actually make it different to face the Demon, or else it’s just facing Balor except he took a LOT longer to get ready today.

        1. JTR1207 Mod • 19 minutes ago
          Jinder is losing, not getting any sort of special entrance here.

          Flip flop ya don’t stop!

          He def. should have won here, which is why he didn’t.

          1. Well I was worried Jinder was going to retain… then that entrance made me think otherwise, but I was still worried they would be dumb and do it.

    1. Looks like they are going the JBL 2004/05 template. So he feuds with Nak through October… someone new at SurSer, a cluster in December, and then the slow build to being dethroned at Mania.

  10. Anybody else think they are about to repeat the “Undertaker returns to avenge someone gloating over a WM victory over him” story? Complete with a final match at Hell in a Cell?

  11. This reminds me of RR a few years ago vs. Rollins and Cena when they destroyed Brock and then he makes the superhero comeback at the end. Only way way better so far.

        1. Yeah and I’m not a Reigns hater at all, but he was clearly the fourth guy there.

          Brock going through the barricade, two tables and then getting a table put on top of him —- all in one match, man. He must have gotten the good $$$$

          1. Brock was a champ taking all that punishment. And Strowman is just awesome but needs to watch out. The guy bumps to the floor like he is a 210 lbs guy. He’s too big for that.

          2. I actually thought Joe was the fourth guy here, that they didn’t utilize him enough.

  12. I thought the F5 on Joe with Reigns just breaking up was a great false finish- and Brock has been putting guys way with just one of late, so the surprise one on Reigns didn’t feel that flat to me

  13. First two hours of the main show were monkey urine..Raw tag was fun and main event was MOTN but rest of the show was completely forgettable. Lower tier Summerslam.

  14. I thought Summerslam was good with the 4 Way and RAW Tag being the best Matches on the main portion. New Day and The Usos was also very good. I was a little surprised Jindar retained.

          1. Who pays money for tickets to a show only to bring a ball to play around with instead of watching the shit you paid to see?

          2. Beach balls have been a staple of concerts and sporting events for decades. I’m pretty sure you can hit a beach ball and still pay attention to the match. I’m sure the average fans’attention spans aren’t THAT short.

          3. If their attention spans aren’t that short then why do they need to take a beach ball to occupy them?

            I mean, at least I kind of understand seeing them at like a cricket match or a baseball game, something where you’re there all day, sitting there for hours and hours on end, through interminable periods where nothing interesting is happening, broken up by the occasional moment of excitement then back to the stupor, you have to find some way to alleviate the bored-…OK, you know what, I hear it. I hear it.

            Carry on.

          4. Doing it during the middle of a match is disrespectful to the performers and to their fellow fans. Notice how, two minutes after it was popped, they were chanting “This is awesome”? They didn’t have the attention span to sit through an opening heat segment in a tag match, so they started chanting CM Punk and throwing around a beach ball until the spots started.

            Hate it. It’s like playing on your phone at the movies. At the very least, it’s distracting people from paying attention to the story being told.

          5. You’re already showing the company and the performers the ultimate respect of spending your hard earned money on the show. Wrestling is a weird thing. I bet Bon Jovi gives no shits if someone is hitting a beachball during Living On a Prayer. Why is it different in wrestling?

          6. Because Bon Jovi playing “Living on a Prayer” isn’t trying to tell the audience a story they’ve never heard or take them on a new journey. Wrestling is much more like going to the theater or a film. The goal, the very point, is the emotional journey.

            By the “we paid our hard-earned money” argument, you could text or talk on your phone at the theater and it would be fine.

          7. A movie theatre/or live theatre for that matter actively asks the audience to be silent. It’s completely different. If you linger on a beach ball for more than the second it takes you to hit it then the entertainment being shown is lacking. People don’t go there to watch a beachball. They go to watch wrestling. If a beachball is more interesting than the match the fans’ disrespect isn’t the problem.

          8. It’s human nature to look at what people around you are buzzing about. How can you blame the entertainment if this is happening on the opening lockup?

            People pay their money, as you acknowledge, to watch wrestling and react to it. If someone’s bouncing a ball around, damn right I’m going to turn around and see what the fuss is about and see if it’s headed my way so I don’t get plunked on the head. Visual cues matter. The same way if a cell phone lights up in a movie theater, my eyes will dart there from the screen. It doesn’t mean the movie isn’t engaging at all. This was an issue for me when watching a movie I very much enjoyed, Wonder Woman — my friend kept checking his phone, and each time, my eyes would move over to his phone from the screen.

          9. Yeah but you look at the ball for a second then go back. Not unlike someone yelling something or such. Should we silence them too?

            The movie theatre comparison is not a fair one. (Although I agree it is annoying) At a wrestling show people are encouraged to yell, scream and whatnot. You go to a sporting event expecting distractions. If you’re looking for a completly isolated experience you need to watch it at home. Alone.

          10. Pro wrestling isn’t a sporting event. The idea and goal of a sporting event isn’t to tell a story.

            Yelling and screaming is encouraged, as it’s part of the medium. Introducing foreign objects to an event and making the fans themselves the attraction violates the social contract of wrestling. Sure, the person throwing the ball and a few others may love it. But if it’s actively hurting the enjoyment of the rest of the audience, and it does, it’s wrong. Not to mention that I pay my money to watch the guys and women perform, not to play beach volleyball. If you want to play that, go to the beach.

          11. I disagree wholeheartedly. At best wrestling is a hybrid of entertainment and sport. If batting a beachball away from yourself for one second is hurting your fun I don’t know what to tell you.

            Someone screaming or whistling loudly has done much more to hinder my event experiences than a beach ball ever has. But under your moral guidelines of what’s “wrong” that would be allowed.

            I think it goes back to what I said originally. People don’t play with beach balls or make the show about them (which I believe is another fallacy) if they like what they’re watching. Put on a compelling show and people won’t want to be distracted. People won’t want to take out a beach ball. People won’t be riveted by said beach ball instead of what they paid to see. Every time I’ve ever been distracted by something at a show I’ve been able to ignore it. That can’t be a lost art.

            And last night specifically, yes it did come at the beginning of a the tag match. But that tag match came almost 2 hours into, what was to that point, a pretty boring show for some.

          12. Which gets back to, why take that out on guys you purportedly like. I’d assume many of the people engaging in beach ball antics would consider themselves fans of Cesaro, at the very least.

            And it’s a disrespect to the performers — do they try to do something crazy to no reaction, or do they lay in a chinlock and get shat on for having a bad match?

            There are ways to express discontent at a wrestling show. Using a beach ball after Neville and Ali are introduced or during a heat segment a minute or two into a match is as “look at us!” as it gets, in my view.

          13. Who actually gets a high from a “look at us” hitting a beach ball. What human gets an ego boost from that? Or being part of a group chant? They’re just having fun. How do you get an ego boost, or make it about you when you’re a hundred people foing something. I don”t get it.

          14. Why do people dress up in the same outfit (clown, Hawaiian shirt, Hulk Hogan) every time they go to a wrestling show? Why do fans intentionally try to sit opposite the hard camera? Wrestling fans are notorious for this. I don’t like or agree with the mentality, but it certainly exists. An example: at NXT TakeOver Orlando, a section of the arena spent the duration of the Aleister Black-Andrade Almas match chanting their section number. It was so obnoxious, and so distracting, that the rest of the arena turned to boo and shout them down, and missed the finish.

            They did this not because the match was failing to entertain (although, certainly, it was no great shakes). They did this because they wanted to call attention to themselves.

          15. Makes no sense to me. And to lump everyone who is just trying to have fun with them doesn’t feel accurate.

          16. And it’s also different if you’re not giving the performers a chance to actually perform. If they go out there and you think they stink the joint out, sure let ’em hear it. But give them a chance.

            And that’s my issue with this beach ball stuff — Neville and Mustafa Ali going out there putting their lives on the line, and everyone in the arena is staring back at a beach ball.

  15. I enjoyed this show overall. SmackDown tag title match was MOTN, but I felt the Raw tag, main event, US and Raw women’s matches delivered big time. Some turds along the way, of course, namely Cass-Show.

    I just hate that AJ and Owens had that whole feud and not a single clean, regular match among them. Every finish was screwy or had a gimmick attached.

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