Weekly Discussion Thread: 9/25-9/30

Come chat No Mercy fallout, RAW, Monday Night Football, SmackDown, the final week of the MLB regular season and whatever else.

Check out how Jason thinks WWE could have pulled off the Royal Rumble in 1987

Also – No Mercy reaction show with Kris, Devon and Dylan:

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  1. My list of wrestling to watch this week:

    Tag Title match from Dragon Gate Dangerous Gate

    AJPW Royal Road finals

    NJPW Destructuon-Cherry picking the important matches

  2. “After Raw went off the air, Braun Strowman came out to the ring and powerslammed Enzo Amore. Braun then invited all of the Cruiserweights into the ring. They circled Enzo and they pinballed him around and several hit finishers on him. Enzo sold like he was dead as they ushered people out of the Arena.”

  3. Could you guys see Braun being added to the Miz’s side of things with whatever they are doing with the Shield. The way the Miztourage is right now, no way they can be looked at as any kind of threat but it looks like Dean & Seth are dealing with Braun while Roman faces Miz

      1. The first episode aired Sunday night on CBS (we talked in the podcast about how weird it felt to have Jim Nantz plugging Star Trek following 60 Minutes except on the west coast), and then the first two were both available on CBS All Access, the bombad streaming platform nobody wants to sign up for, but some folks actually are for Star Trek (plus the Good Wife spinoff, and I think maybe there’s one more exclusive show). They just keep trying to launch networks with ST — though we all saw how long UPN lasted after they canceled it.

  4. http://placetobenation.com/wednesday-walk-around-the-web-09272017/

    This week in the Wednesday Walk: Sappho’s astronomy, the littlest and weirdest BMW, a new Mad Pooper, water advocacy, Puerto Rico, Serena Williams’ letter to her mom, digital photography from 1973, Star Trek’s incredible fight choreography, Peak Hans Zimmer, financial advice, a killer pickup line, Alejandro Villanueva, Mormons, house flippers, and dictionaries.

    1. As far as WON is concerned, probably either Punk or Edge first, but certainly both over Orton. That’s what I would hope, anyway. Orton is just the most bland character with the most mediocre career of matches. It’s not like he can’t go, but yeesh, I’m always just plain bored when he’s around.

  5. I’ve been watching AJPW for about a year and a half now, and I’m shocked at how consistently great Suwama has been.

    He’s like watching Arn Anderson with a main event look and presence. It makes me want to track down 2000s AJPW to try to see what the Young version of him was.

  6. You know what’s sad? Watching Tazz and Raven enter the Dudley’s table thing at No Mercy 2000. Tazzz a main eventer a little over a year before; Raven coming off sucessful runs in two promotions. They just look so depressed. I’m sure it doesn’t help that Tazzzz is dressed like a janitor.

  7. Someone on Twitter had a good idea. Have Miz and his crew weasel their way out of a match with the Shield. Miz introduces Shield’s new opponents: Joe and AoP

  8. Hey gang,

    Tomorrow night we will be live watching Badd Blood 1997 at 9pm EST. There will be a new discussion thread up for that show and football tomorrow morning.

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