Friday Discussion Thread 8/18/17

It’s Friday, Nation! Time to kick off the weekend! And hey, SummerSlam is Sunday! Takeover is tomorrow!

What are your official predictions for this weekend’s big shows?

Be sure to visit Scott & JT’s Vintage Vault Refresh look at the 3/20/95 Monday Night Raw!

Also, check out some hot new audio here:


70 thoughts on “Friday Discussion Thread 8/18/17

    1. Preshow:
      Hardy’s and Jordan
      New Day retains

      Main show (match order and winners)
      Rollins and Deano
      Big Cass
      Nakamura (Jinder will use his rematch clause on Tuesday and regain)

    2. Preshow: Hardys/Jordan
      New Day

      Main show:
      Big Cass
      Naomi/Carmella cash-in
      Cesaro and Sheamus (Ambrose turns on Rollins … hope I’m wrong)

        1. I remember telling Nick when we first saw their act in 2014 or 15, “I’ve heard of catch phrases, but catch promos? I dunno.”

          I get that Road Dogg succeeded with it, but geez.

      1. My buddies and I would do the My Spot bit all the time back them. Someone would spill a soda and we would be like ” You caused a spot. Not a liver spot. Not my dog spot. Not anyone elses spot. But that spot on the carpet. “

  1. Block of shows that I am watching
    9/21/98 Nitro
    9/21/98 RAW
    9/28/98 RAW
    9/28/98 Nitro
    3/3/03 RAW
    3/6/03 Smackdown
    8/6/01 RAW
    8/9/01 Smackdown
    7/20/09 RAW
    7/21/09 ECW
    Night of Champions 2009
    7/27/09 RAW
    7/28/09 ECW
    3/6/13 NXT
    Vengeance 2006
    12/25/81 Mid South
    5/27/08 ECW

        1. Yes for sure. Outside of PTBN must watch stuff, I am working through my WCW rewatch (started in 1989, in September 1997 now) and random stuff for GWWE.

          Other watched I want to do eventually: ECW all the way through, NXT all the way through, PTW all the way through.

          I also have been watching/listening that 1991 Superstars YT playlist when at work.

          1. I have it on my commutes to work, and a couple days a week I have the ability to watch stuff at my desk as background noise. Then I got my hour a day worth of breaks and lunch. If that gravy train ever ends then I’ll be in a nursing home by the time I ever finish these blocks. The diversity keeps me from getting burnt out

    1. Remaining supplemental August viewing – August 88 LA Sports Arena House Show – Rockers vs Somers and Rose from AWA. Also I try to slip in some Primetime Wrestling if I have any down time at night.

  2. Pre Show

    Hardys and Jason Jordan
    Tozawa retains
    New Day retains


    Samoa Joe
    Finn Balor
    Dean and Seth
    John Cena
    Big Cass

          1. Jeff’s contract almost expired a month before the show so he signed an extension …then he ended up getting arrested for possession.

  3. Aroldis Chapman is completely checked out. I mean, the guy puts his head down, doesn’t back up home. Time for a 10-day mental health vacation.

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