Weekly Discussion Thread: 10/2-10/7

Welcome to October! This is your one stop all week long to chat RAW, Monday Night Football, SmackDown, MLB playoffs, and whatever else.

Be sure to check out Chad’s tribute to the legendary Lance Russell and Brain’s RAW Rundown

178 thoughts on “Weekly Discussion Thread: 10/2-10/7

      1. I think the Nats will knock out the Cubs. Cubs pitching is a mess. Nats like to steal bases. If the Cubs use Lester twice, Nats could capitalize on it.

    1. Im sticking with a Cubs/Indians rematch but the Tribe take it this time. Im split on who i want to see win the NL WIld Card Game as I like both Teams. Either one though i’ll be happy with though.

        1. I want Bray to “possess” Braun and them to make a run at Ambrose & Rollins.

          Braun breaking free would be a good way to officially turn him face too.

    1. Hearbreaking news…pun regrettably intended. Still a very sad story and something that is probably going to become more and more commonplace as that first generation of “classic rockers” starts to die.

    1. I actually thought it would be Strowman & Joe with Miz against The Shield then have the Miztourage on the outside to have the Shield overcome a 5 vs. 3

  1. In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin, Scott & Kelly are inside the Vintage Vault to ring in 1987 with a look at the 1/3/87 Saturday Night’s Main Event!

    The boys start by talking about Tom Petty, paying tribute to the late, great Bobby “The Brain” Heenan and then continue by recapping the year that was 1986 in the WWF.

    After that, they then chat about the epic steel cage blowoff between Hulk Hogan and Paul Orndorff, another installment in the George Steele/Randy Savage feud, the return of Ricky Steamboat, an awkward brawl between Junkyard Dog and Harley Race, a red hot fight between Roddy Piper and Adrian Adonis, Blackjack Mulligan’s pajamas and much more, including end of show awards!

    So fire up this action-packed episode and join Scott, Justin & Kelly as it’s time for another edition of the PTB Podcast!


    1. I know it’s so easy to forget nowadays with how they do business, but remember how strong they actually made – and got over – Bray last February? Using Cena and Styles effectively too. They really do strive to make sure no one has any long term investment in their writing so when it falls flat again we all just blink and move on.

      1. NHL went to a four team, 3 on 3 tournament format a few years ago but they did use this format in that past. I really didn’t like when the NHL used the captains format.

      2. I wonder if they are doing this because the NBA knows that the West is gonna be so much stronger than the East. Especially once LeBron leaves Cleveland and probably goes to the West.

        1. This is the same company that was brought us the same story lines as Jason Jordan as Kurt Angle’s son, The Noam Dar & Alicia Fox pairing, and the mess that is the RAW Women’s Division.

  2. The fact that a Shane-Owens match is happening is deeply stupid and rather embarrassing, but I will admit that the editing of one of the ads for it is incredible. “If you ever mention my kids again…” “YOUR KIDS!”

  3. http://placetobenation.com/wednesday-walk-around-the-web-10042017/

    This week in the Wednesday Walk: the beginning of this year’s Skeleton War, CTE, dipping sauce art, Hitchcock’s stunning array of cheeses, a handy NASA flowchart, the Commodore 64 mini, whisper-healers of Belarus, Raccoons doing our work for us, autumnal advice, a stunningly unaware advice-asker, natural trash incinerators, baby lynxes, and Jeremy Bentham’s head.

  4. Jeff Machado and JT Rozzero are best friends but Jeff has never been a wrestling fan… until now. With decades of wrestling history to catch up on, JT is leading Jeff’s completely clean slate on an educational journey through the wonderful story of professional wrestling.

    In episode six, the boys have arrived in Pontiac for WrestleMania III and they discuss full nelsons, midget wrestling, Roddy Piper’s retirement, the effectiveness of chains, Steamboat vs. Savage, strong bladders, Alice Cooper’s coolness, Hogan vs. Andre and much, much more!

    So, join us on Jeff’s journey to learn all about pro wrestling, get sidetracked with us on many tangents and have a bunch of laughs along the way!


  5. Ton of fresh audio on the site today – Greetings from Allentown indepth look at Halftime Heat, Sellers Points on the Metal and Legacy series’ going on right now comics-wise, plus a special Exile on Badstreet is on tap for later today.

      1. Looks like .231 AVG in 13 at bats. So it’s a matchup thing but still. I think he should be in the lineup. He arguably has the most pop in the Sox lineup.

        1. It sucks for managers to weigh out the options during these series. Holliday and Headley didn’t get the DH start against the Twins because Ellsbury has a .320 lifetime against Santana and over .400 with RISP.

        2. Also, no Buck until the league championship series. Costas and Kaat for Sox/Astros on MLBN, Joe Davis, David Cone and A.J. Pierzynski on FS1. Vasgersian and Smoltz for Yanks/Indians straight through.

          1. I also find it interesting that the game is only on MLBN locally. It’s not on NESN. Not that I’m complaining. The NESN crew minus Eck is hot trash.

          2. I think they did in with local TV broadcasts, except for pre and post game stuff.

            You’ll enjoy Cone on FS1. An excellent pitching analyst.

  6. – WWE has delayed uploading episodes of WCW Thunder to the WWE Network because of an ongoing legal battle with Buff Bagwell and Raven. Both of them are involved in a lawsuit over royalties and both were prominently featured on many Thunder episodes.

    1. “WCW Thunder and Sunday Night Heat are being held up indefinitely on the WWE Network due to the ongoing lawsuit with Raven and Buff Bagwell over WWE Network compensation. As a result, WWE is planning to add the reality-TV, game-show era of WWE NXT to the Network in the VOD portion after they’re finished with World Class Championship Wrestling. The episodes not only feature Daniel Bryan’s debut in WWE, but names like Heath Slater, AJ Lee, Titus O’Neil, Kaitlyn, David Otunga, Wade Barrett, Derrick Bateman (EC3) and a Husky Harris (Bray Wyatt).”

      1. Man, that brings back memories of liveblogging NXT Redemption just for the sake of Hornswoggle, by which time I was the only person left watching NXT Redemption. No idea exactly when even I gave up and started watching Chopped instead, think it was about a year(!) before it finally ended.

  7. Before the playoffs started, I told myself that I wasn’t gonna be pissed because I half expected this. And yet, here I am incredibly pissed. Fire everybody.

    1. They look like a team that shouldn’t be in the postseason. Can’t pitch, can’t hit. I know Houston won 100 games, but come on!

      What’s most telling, is that the Astros can hit 2 and 3 run bombs at will, while the Sox need to hit 5-6 singles in one inning just to keep up. They don’t have that quick-strike offense.

      Need to get a slugger for 2018.

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