NFL Week 4 & Badd Blood 1997 Live Watch Discussion Thread: 10/1/17

It’s Sunday fun day! Come chat NFL Week 4 and final day of the MLB regular season. Along with the football and baseball, we will be live watching Badd Blood 1997 at 8:45pm EST.  Have the show fired up on WWE Network as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of this memorable show.

111 thoughts on “NFL Week 4 & Badd Blood 1997 Live Watch Discussion Thread: 10/1/17

  1. He rarely reaches this level again. I’d say his commentary over the HHH/Rock Iron Man is terrific but apart from that he doesn’t get to this level again.

  2. I have always been fascinated by Vince’s reverence for his father, while guessing he also held deep resentment towards the man who left him as a baby to be raised in a trailer park by an abusive stepfather.

    1. He’s a complicated individual. You need to question why he always pushed an incest angle in the mid-2000’s… actually don’t, I don’t want to know the answer.

  3. Hey guys, not gonna make it tonight due to some family stuff… looks like a good convo so far

    Always a fan of this show… has a real dark feel overall between Pillman, Undertaker, Kane and just the overall feel of despair and desperation for the company… IYH DX is the nadir before the rebirth but this show is real damn close to the bottom out.

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