Daily Discussion Thread – 8/25/17

Hey all! Talk about GWWE candidates (hope you took a gander at Stacey’s piece on Michelle McCool) or anything else your heart desires, and catch our latest podcast offerings.

Also make sure you vote to decide which show we live watch on Sunday.


26 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 8/25/17

    1. I’ll find out our draft order for my second , and final, draft (which is 9/5), this weekend. Have done our auction already – guys that went for too much: LeSean McCoy, Terelle Pryor and Mike Evans.

        1. Evans I flagged going into mine because his 1h/2h splits last year were drastic. He was targetted heavily the opening weeks where he got most of his points.

          1. WR is pretty deep, esp WR2 so values should be depressed. All three Washington WRs will get points and carry value, and Pryor somehow (could have been money left on the table at that point also) triggered a couple owners and they went into the 30s to get him.

          1. I’d be so behind the Usos breaking records. One of the best teams they’ve ever had.

  1. Watching the 9/29/97 Nitro… Jarrett vs. Mongo, this has to be one of Jarrett’s last WCW matches right?

    They also talk about Debra leaving Mongo that they are still married but now separated and she has moved out. She feels Mongo is a hinderance to her career.

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