Daily Discussion Thread – 8/26/17

Fight Night is here! Join us for Conor vs. Floyd later on, and chat about whatever you like until then!

Also vote for tomorrow night’s live watch and check out our newest audio offerings:


34 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 8/26/17

    1. It is going to be a lot like the Pacquiao fight. Money will use his reach to land his punches and fight smart. Everyone who thinks boxing is like a Rocky movie will complain. Boxing nerds like me will praise Mayweather for winning it on the score card. Everyone involved will make a lot of money. This is a novelty that has people talking but what is next for boxing?

      1. I’m fairly confident in saying that Mayweather will win but I’d be kinda surprised if it goes the distance. I think Mayweather is gonna finish him.

    1. Well done sir. Did you wire it too? Mounting is one thing and that looks heavy but I would be worried about messing with electrical wires. Often a concern in my house.

      1. ROH sure loves their handing guys envelopes angles. Prince Nana was handing out envelopes last year and this year it’s QT. Nice video package for Minoro Suzuki but am I really suppose to believe they would put the belt on him over Cody? Should be a decent match but I don’t believe for a second Suzuki is winning that match.

        1. I see no reason to put the TV Title on Kenny King. Having Kushida make sporadic appearances is one of my favorite things about ROH right now.

          1. Wrap it all up with a disappointing end to a fine tag team match between Young Bucks and Motor City Machine Guns. All things considered, I liked this weeks ROH. Anyone else see it?

          2. I saw it, not a bad episode. I really have no use for The Young Bucks but I like The Guns. I guess they are headed for another 3 Way at their next PPV after that ending.

          3. That sounds reasonable. The Bucks, I feel, have hit a ceiling. What can they do with these guys that we haven’t seen numerous times in the last couple years. At this point, all I can see is throw guys together and hope another ReDragon appears then run that into the ground. I like The Bucks but I also get why people don’t.

  1. For those who didn’t watch a pretty history moment happened at the AAA TripleMania show as Dr Wagner Jr lost his mask to Psycho Clown. That was the only match from the show I would recommend as the rest of the matches all felt like complete clusters.

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