Daily Discussion Thread – 7/8/17

Join us today on the eve of Great Balls of Fire! We are firmly in the doldrums of Summer pertaining to sports but have some interesting things going on like USA starting their Gold Cup Campaign. What are you up to today?

Check out Brian’s Great Balls of Fire preview!


19 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 7/8/17

  1. Loving this breakdown of tomorrow’s show on Main Event. One thing is for certain, if Lesnar is game there is no chance that match doesn’t reach a minimum of ****.

  2. Really dug this week’s Main Event and breaking down the two big Matches plus what could be happening at Summerslam. I think one route they could go is a 4 way for the Universal Title with Brock,Roman,Joe,and Braun.

  3. Is anyone else as crazy as I am feeling Enzo is going to get a lucky upset win ala 123 Kid over Razor Ramon. Big Cass no way gets hurt by a lucky roll up win and it could push the feud another few weeks while the roster settles after the PPV fallout. Enzo has had his ass kicked for a year and a half and his best friend turned on him. Any thoughts on this idea?

    1. I could see something like that then after the bell Cass just destroys him. Throws him around the whole building just an epic beatdown.

  4. My brother-in-law convinced me to get a 3TB external drive for back-up needs for both our computers and my website. So, it comes while I’m at work and he starts setting it up and gives me the most complicated password he can come up with for the cloud service.

    This is gonna be a long two days before he finally goes home.

  5. Sat down today to hammer out some top 100 stuff. Mick Foley is shooting up my list! So much good/great stuff to pick from. Anyone else surprised by anyone as they were doing their lists?

  6. Alberto Del Rio challenging New Day and The Usos to a fight at his restaurant after Smackdown in San Antonio on Tuesday.

    He is wacked and out of his mind now.

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