WWE RAW Rundown 10-2-17

October 2, 2017

From the Pepsi Center in Denver, CO

Your hosts are Tom Phillips, Corey Graves, and Booker T

The show starts off with the roster on the ramp for a moment of silence honoring the victims and families of those involved in the Las Vegas shootings.

We get a video package from last week where The Miz and Roman Reigns wrestled and Reigns ended up getting laid out by Miz & The Miztourage after winning the match. They focused on Miz & The Miztourage mocking The Shield fist bump at the end.

Seth Rollins vs. Braun Strowman

Rollins tries to use his speed to his advantage but gets run over. Rollins slips out of a powerslam attempt then slaps Strowman and gets chased around the ring. Rollins stomps Strowman as he tried to enter but Strowman is able to pancake Rollins then whips Rollins into the corner. Strowman continues to overpower Rollins then applies a chinlock. Rollins breaks out with a jawbreaker then low-bridges Strowman, who spills outside. Rollins tries for a tope but gets cut off with an uppercut as we head to break. The match returns with Strowman eating boot off of a charge. Strowman then catches Rollins coming off the top rope and hits a fallaway slam as Rollins ends up rolling outside. Strowman heads out and whips Rollins into the post. Rollins avoids a second charge as Strowman hits the post then flies out with a tope. Rollins hits a second tope as Strowman is now off of his feet. Back inside, Rollins hits a pair of springboard clotheslines that stagger Strowman then hits a blockbuster for just a one count. Rollins hits a few kicks but Strowman catches him with a short-arm clothesline before the running powerslam gets him the win (10:26) **1/2. After the match, Strowman hits another powerslam then sets up for it again but Dean Ambrose runs out. Strowman heads outside and beats Ambrose down but back inside, Ambrose fires away until getting caught with a chokeslam. Strowman hits a second chokeslam then hits him with a running powerslam. Cesaro & Sheamus now come out and inflict more punishment on the Tag champs.

Thoughts: Solid match. I thought Strowman struggled at points but they stuck to a basic formula and the crowd was digging this.

Highlights from last week’s verbal altercation between Alexa Bliss and Mickie James. After that, Mickie is walking backstage and sees Alicia Fox, who was apparently laughing over what Alexa said last week. Emma is also seen laughing and tells Mickie that at her age she still has a secret admirer and she opens her dressing room door to see a box of depends. Mickie flips out and tosses the box then sees both Emma & Alicia laughing. Mickie then bangs on Alexa’s locker room door but Nia Jax answers, with Alexa hiding behind. Nia tells Mickie Alexa is not available then Alexa tricks Mickie into faacing Nia tonight. I really enjoyed the segment last week between Alexa and Mickie but this was terrible. Too overproduced and we now see that Nia & Alexa are back to being friendly again for reasons that were not explained.

Bray Wyatt is shown in a rocking chair, repeating “she never lied to me.” After it airs, Corey says it appears that Bray is unraveling.

Elias is now in the ring. He is not happy about having to face Titus O’Neill tonight and yells at the crowd before singing his song. Elias says the people in Denver are the worst in the country until Titus interrupts.

Elias vs. Titus O’Neill w/ Apollo Crews

Titus shoves down Apollo has Booker wants to know how Titus’ time off from the ring will effect him tonight. Elias now works a side headlock until Titus breaks that up with a back suplex. Titus then tosses Elias into the corner and chops away. He hits a slam then an avalanche as Elias rolls outside. The ref backs Titus away then Elias shoves Apollo, who gets in his face. Elias gets pulled up to the apron by his hair but ends up stunning Titus before heading inside to hit the Drift Away for the win (3:27) 1/4*.

Thoughts: Bad match as it appears this Elias vs. Titus Brand stuff will continue. No idea what it will lead to though.

Another Asuka vignette airs, hyping her debut at the TLC PPV.

Nia Jax vs. Mickie James

Alexa comes out to the ring and a distracted Mickie gets run over by Nia. Alexa smiles as Nia overpowers Mickie then chokes her out with the ropes. Nia stays in control as she has Mickie in a surfboard but Mickie is able to escape. Nia cuts off a brief comeback then dumps Mickie outside as we head to break. The match returns with Mickie hitting Nia with a jawbreaker. Nia once again runs over Mickie and starts toying with her until Mickie fights back. Nia then drives Mickie into the mat and covers for a two count in a really ugly spot. Nia locks on a cobra clutch then switches to a bearhug. Mickie escapes and lands more strikes then takes her down to one knee with a low dropkick. Nia drives Mickie into the corner then places her up top and tries to chokeslam her off but Mickie turns that into a tornado DDT. Mickie then goes for the cover but Alexa runs and breaks up the cover for the DQ (9:42) DUD. Alexa tosses Mickie outside then checks on Nia, who is still out on the mat. Alexa heads out but Mickie knocks her down then tells Nia that is her friend and that she is going for title reign #7.

Thoughts: This was awful in many ways. First, the work was extremely sloppy and this match unraveled towards the end. Plus, they are trying to build up Mickie as a title contender and she barely got in any offense then tried to sell use that this tornado DDT was going to put Nia away if Alexa did not make the save. At the end, this match did not get anyone over.

Clips from last week with Enzo Amore crapping all over the rest of the Cruiserweight Division until getting destroyed by Neville. And we saw what happened RAW went off of the air when Braun Strowman ran out to beat on Neville and the rest of the Cruiserweights taking turns as they beat down Enzo. They also focused on Enzo’s “no contact clause” that said anyone who attacked him forfeited their right to a future title shot.

Renee Young is backstage with Enzo. She asks him about last week and how it was like a mutiny. Enzo looks upset and is speechless. We even see a tear come out of his eye as Renee thanks him before the segment ends.

Carlos Santana gets a package for “Hispanic Heritage Month.”

Clips from the end of the Nia/Mickie match are shown. Mickie is then interviewed backstage by Charly Caruso, sporting an entirely different look. Mickie has aspirations to become the RAW Women’s Champion then GM Kurt Angle approaches and gives Mickie a title match at TLC based off her performance tonight and her career prestige. Mickie is elated and does Angle’s “its true, its damn true” catchphrase before leaving.

We are shown a segment from Facebook Live where Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson call Jason Jordan a “nerd.” Matt Hardy was next to Jordan and challenged Gallows & Anderson to a match tonight.

Matt Hardy & Jason Jordan vs. Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson

Anderson beats on Hardy to start. Gallows tags in but Hardy fights back and tags out. Jordan rams Gallows into the corner then hits a clothesline. The match breaks down as Hardy & Jordan clean house then we head to break. The action returns with Gallows & Anderson beating on Hardy. Anderson misses an attack in the corner then Jordan tags in and runs wild. Anderson makes a blind tag as Gallows comes in to kick Jordan in the face. Gallows drops a few elbows for a two count. Leg drop gets two. Anderson is back in the match and stomps away before working the arm. Jordan floats over on a suplex and hits one of his own as both men are down. Jordan crawls over and makes the tag as Matt fires away on Gallows. A mild “delete” chant breaks out as Hardy is taking care of both men. He hits Gallows with a tornado DDT then drops an elbow off of the middle rope for a two count as Anderson made the save. Jordan takes Anderson off of the apron with a dropkick but gets whipped into the barricade then Anderson grabs Hardy’s leg. Anderson then rolls back inside after Gallows decks Hardy and they hit the Magic Killer for the win (11:03) **3/4.

Thoughts: I liked the match and the crowd responds much better to Jordan when he teams with a Hardy boy. I expect a rematch and it appears Jordan & Hardy will continue to team while Jeff is recuperating from surgery.

Charly is backstage with Roman Reigns. She asks him about what happened earlier to his former Shield brothers. Reigns says he is not worried as they are “big boys” and likely coming up with a strategy now as he will be focusing on Miz. Reigns is asked about his strategy tonight against the Miz. He talks about not coming up with difficult strategies but plans on leaving Denver with the Intercontinental Championship. This interview was short and to the point.

Dana Warrior is in the ring with the RAW Women’s roster to honor three breast cancer survivors.

The Miz’s music hits. We then see Miz & The Miztourage in the crowd as they use The Shield’s old entrance as Corey tells us that the Shield is no more. Reigns then makes his entrance and before the match starts, Reigns runs out and beats the crap out of The Miztourage. He grabs a chair and chases them through the crowd with a chair and beats them with that too. Reigns then stares down Miz from the stage and heads down as we go to commercial.

WWE Intercontinental Title Match: The Miz (c) w/ The Miztourage vs. Roman Reigns

Miz charges after Reigns but gets punched out. Miz then keeps rolling outside to avoid Reigns and eventually catches him with a cheap shot. He then whips Reigns into the steps and rolls inside. Reigns barely beats the ten count but Miz plants him with a DDT for a two count. He works a chinlock then cuts Reigns off when he escaped. We head to break then return as Miz remains in control. Miz then uses the It Kicks but Reigns catches his leg and turns that into a sit-out powerbomb for a two count. Miz comes back with the Skull Crushing Finale as the crowd bought that as the finish. Miz slowly gets up and charges but runs into a Superman Punch as Reigns covers for two. Reigns then sets up for the spear but gets pulled outside by Cesaro & Sheamus for the DQ (11:55) ***. After the match, Reigns tries to fight back but is beat down by all three men. Cesaro hits Reigns with the Neutralizer then Sheamus hits the Brogue Kick and Miz the Skull Crushing Finale as the crowd chants for the Shield. Miz shakes hands with Cesaro & Sheamus and the three men are about to leave but realize the crowd wants the Shield. The crowd chants louder as the three mock the Shield’s signature spots before hitting Reigns with the triple powerbomb.

Thoughts: Fun match and the crowd was buying all of the nearfalls. This had tons of heat and the crowd went nuts for a potential Shield reformation. I liked how Reigns laid out The Miztourage and that Cesaro & Sheamus more or less took their place at the end in laying out Reigns. With the setup for The Shield’s return, Cesaro & Sheamus are a lot more credible than the Miztourage.

Finn Balor heads out to the ring. He tells Denver that they are “Balor Club” He prefers to come out and fight rather than too talk but Bray likes to play mindgames. He does not believe Bray to be anything else but a coward and says that he lost to “The Demon” at SummerSlam and “The Man” at No Mercy and can use any excuse he wants but the truth is he’s afraid and cannot beat him. Balor invites Bray to come out and not to sing it but rather “bring it.” We then see Bray in the rocking chair repeating “she never lied to me” then stops and tells Balor to show in his true face. Bray’s then tells Balor that Sister Abigail wants to meet him and his face morphs into what I assume is supposed to be Sister Abigail as we hear a female laughing. This is a segment that makes you embarrassed to watch wrestling. Also, this feud has no reason to continue and if anyone needs to change brands, it’s Balor because there is no one for him to feud with on RAW.

Sasha Banks & Bayley vs. Emma & Alicia Fox

Bayley gave her jacket to a young girl on her way to the ring. Emma, via insert promo, told us she did not trend on Twitter last week due to Nia and found herself a new partner. Emma and Sasha trade drop toeholds to start. Bayley tags and tries playing to the crowd, who do not react whatsoever, then starts beating on Emma. Bayley gets trapped in the corner then Fox tags in and dumps her outside after a dropkick. We head to break then return with Sasha beating on Emma. Fox tags in and has a shoving match with Sasha that leads to some brawling. Sasha takes control and gets two with a meteora. Fox fights back and tags out as Emma gets a nearfall with a butterfly suplex. Sasha’s mouth is all busted open then Fox tags in to hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker for a two count. Fox & Emma neutralize Sasha in the corner. Fox prevents a tag and drags Sasha back into the corner but gets shoved into Emma then Sasha tags out. Bayley runs wild on Fox until she gets hit with a jawbreaker. Fox goes for the tag but Emma leaves then Bayley hits the Bayley-to-Belly for the win (12:56) *.

Thoughts: They gave them time here but this was slow and plodding. The crowd was dead for this and Bayley continues to get less than favorable reactions. One thing to note was Sasha & Bayley really amping up their friendship before the match by jumping around and sharing each other’s spots which usually telegraphs that a turn is about to take place. At this point, if Sasha turned on Bayley she still might get the cheers in that feud.

Next week, Cesaro & Sheamus are guests on “Miz TV.”

Enzo Amore comes out to the ring as he addresses the Cruiserweight Division. He tells us he’s feeling great then tells the Division they can all go to hell and any “hater” that agrees with them can go to hell too. Enzo says he can lend you his certified GPS to get there, the same one he used to put 205 Live on the map. He also brags about the Cruiserweighht Division main-eventing RAW two weeks in a row and said people called it the “Snoozerweight” Division until he appeared. Enzo then leads the crowd in a “you deserve it” chant and how he has deserved all of the money he gets and is a ratings draw. He goes on to talk about being a major draw and then his “no contact” clause for tonight where anyone who touches him will get fired. Enzo says he no longer has any opponents and brags about beating Enzo with a crutch last week on 205 Live but Neville’s music hits with the rest of the Division behind him. They surround the ring as Enzo taunts them all about being in the unemployment line. Enzo is in the ring with the rest of the division on the apron as he individually taunts them, most of it was funny to be honest, but Kurt Angle comes out to the ring. He says that the cruiserweights who touched him last week and are out here tonight cannot touch him. However, the newest member of the Cruiserweight Division can and out comes Kalisto as he takes out Enzo.

If you are going to do this storyline to reveal a new member of the Division, then you do it for a debuting talent and not a guy who has been floundering for the past 18 months. A poor reveal and a Kalisto vs. Enzo feud is not going to reinvigorate a struggling division. Kalisto’s new look was not for the best either. On the plus side, at least they are trying to do something with this division but unfortunately its not going to be focused on the in-ring product and I do not think it will help a niche show on the Network. 

Reigns is in the locker room all banged up. Ambrose approaches then soon after that Rollins joins. They all stare at each other then Ambrose and Rollins leave with Reigns looking up as the show goes off the air.

Final Thoughts: One of the weakest episodes of RAW in 2017. Besides the possibility of a Shield reunion this show has nothing else to look forward to with poor feuds and babyfaces the fans do not care about. The opening match and Miz vs. Reigns was good but too many of these storylines just flat out suck. The creative team was to blame for a lot of this show.

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