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We’re going weekly, Nation! Talk about Raw, Monday Night football, SmackDown, the coming week in the NFL, GWWE, and everything in between!

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226 thoughts on “Weekly Discussion Thread: 09/11/17 – 09/16/17

  1. They are making Roman look so bad during this that he’s so going over and getting endorsed by Cena and that’s just gross. I’m enjoying Cena off his leash in the meantime though.

  2. In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin and Scott are inside the Vintage Vault to close out November with a look at the 11/29/86 Saturday Night’s Main Event!

    The boys discuss the Hollywood feel of the episode, a fantastic Randy Savage/Jake Roberts match, a feisty Hulk Hogan/Hercules tilt, the overall quality of Hercules as a wrestler so far, a wild Roddy Piper/Bob Orton brawl, the passing of Walter Becker, a confusing loss by the Hart Foundation, a soft win for Koko B. Ware, what could have been with Dick Slater and much more, including end of show awards!

    So fire up this action-packed episode and join Scott & Justin as it’s time for another edition of the PTB Podcast!


  3. I like how Enzo is the loser jobber in the doghouse, and Roman is the protected golden boy with the rocket push, and yet WWE sends people out there to shoot bury both of them just the same. Wrestling is a strange biz.

    1. Simon Gotch blasted Enzo in his shoot interview so I think Enzo’s heat is legit. Who knows about the rest but I dont think they are really even creative enough to do that.

    1. AL MVP: Kluber or Alture – depending on their post-seasons
      NL MVP: Nolan Arenado
      AL Cy Young: Kluber
      NL Cy Young: Scherzer
      AL Manager: Fracona, bu if the Twins grabs the wild card, Molitor could scoop it up
      NL Manager: Bud Black
      AL Rookie: Judge
      NL Rookie: Bellinger

    2. AL MVP: Altuve
      NL MVP: Goldschmidt
      AL Cy Young: Sale
      NL Cy Young: Scherzer
      AL Manager: Francona
      NL Manager: Lovullo
      AL Rookie: Judge
      NL Rookie: Bellinger

      The ROY’s are pretty easy to name at this point. The rest are all up for grabs.

  4. Here’s a topic for discussion:
    Recent WWE nude leaks (Paige, Charlotte, Kaitlyn, Maria, Melina, Victoria, Summer Rae) seem like they have failed to impress with everyone (outside of Paige) having the same boring body – tanned, muscular, implants, completely shaved.
    Back in the day, the old diva Playboy pics were way better and each different, but is that due to the magazine’s retouches or is it all simply time and quality of the women?

          1. I didn’t say we wouldn’t bang them all out if possible.
            Just surprised the pale one with the smallest tits looked the best but I guess being the youngest will do that.

  5. Can anyone explain the appeal of Dolph coming out and shitting on girls’ entrances? Bobby Roode isn’t over enough as it is? Dolph isn’t terrible enough?

        1. Can’t believe they had the balls to have him diss Warrior like that with his widow being in the front row.
          They’ve treated him as nothing but saintly since his passing.

  6. That segment with Vince illustrates why not having authority figures on TV 24/7 is way more effective. That segment was fantastic and part of is that Vince only makes rare appearances these days… meant more to see him get waxed like that.

      1. I loved Vince getting up after the initial headbutt, blood coming down his face, trying to seem tough but the audience could tell this man was out of it and was about to get his ass kicked. It sold the ego of Vince and the cold ruthlessness of Owens.

    1. Truth and also why Stephanie as boss doesn’t work since she never gets hers.
      Anyone who thinks Owens is getting “buried” should think again since they have to be real big on him for a Vince bump and Shane Hell in a Cell match.

  7. A little fantasy booking: if the rumored Horsewomen match is happening at Survivor Series, they should have the WWE girls issue a challenge to the MMA girls to show up at Hell in a Cell.

    HIAC is pretty weak on paper right now. Especially with how strong No Mercy looks.

    1. They’ve only trailed for FOUR innings during the streak.

      Statistically, this streak blows the money ball A’s streak away. Pitching has been lights out. They have something like an 85 run differential.

          1. I think Jerry Jarrett is the owner of the USWA footage and have no idea if he sold. I don’t think he did but not sure about ’89 USWA footage airing.

  8. Question: Are Breezango the most entertaining act in WWE right now?
    They killed it on 205 Live last night.
    Miz is owning the mic right now as well and Enzo remains the dirt worst.
    That is all.

  9. Bruins signed Pastrnak to a six-year deal. Usually, they slander their young talent before trading them for ten cents on the dollar so this is a good sign.

  10. Just saw the craziest thing. Raw from October 95. Isaac Yankem and Jerry Lawler do a beat down of Bret Hart and the crowd starts chanting for Diesel to make the save. So they’re showing Isaac Yankem in the aisle while the crowd chants “Diesel! Diesel!” Meaning the crowd chanted that at him 100% more times when he was Yankem than when he was actually portraying Diesel. Hey, maybe this is where Vince got the idea!

  11. Nation, need some friendly advice. I’m heading to Boston next weekend for a few days and my dad and I are looking to take in the (American ;-)) Football in a bar. What is the etiquette for watching sports on the other side of the pond? It’s a Pats home game but I’m a Giants fan and my dad’s a 49ers fan – would we need to keep that quiet or is it generally good natured?

    Also, any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks guys

    1. Took a road trip to see the Sox at Fenway a couple of years ago.
      Bit of advice: Learn from 1 of my friends and keep it quiet if you’re not supporting Boston’s team (Patriots in this case).
      49ers gear might be okay, but probably not Giants.

    2. You’ll be fine rooting for the Giants, if they were playing the pats that day it would be a different story. You’re going to run into jerks everywhere but you’ll be alright. Just don’t sit there starting 18-1 chants or stuff like that. As a pats fan those two Super Bowl losses sucked but I’m over them because they have won 2 since then and I feel like most people are happy with the 5 wins and not going to dwell on not having 7.

      1. we’re staying on School Street i think it’s called, but I think we’re going to try and see a good bit of the city, definitely heading out to Fenway – anything around there?

        1. Just get close to Fenway and there are a bunch of places. Boston beer works, cask n flagon, game on, bleacher bar is cool because you can see right in to Fenway.

          1. Bleacher bar sounds like something that would go well with the Fenway tour. Thanks for the suggestions man.

        1. In terms of similar dudes: Cena, Austin, Hogan, Taker, maybe Bret ahead of him.
          In terms of those you might not: Henry, Show, Owen, both Hardyz, Trish, Sasha.

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