NFL Kickoff & Sunday LiveWatch Discussion Thread – 9/10/17

REMINDER: LiveWatch of the 9/18/03 SmackDown at 9pm ET!

Welcome to football Sunday — 26 NFL teams kick off their seasons today!

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196 thoughts on “NFL Kickoff & Sunday LiveWatch Discussion Thread – 9/10/17

    1. Tanking with the NFL is weird because it’s not like you’re getting a guy to be one of your 5 starters. Unless this is a bumper QB crop and they’re punting on Hack/Petty .

  1. I bought low on Gurley in my auction league – $31 (not that low, but i mean he’s a good rebound target) and his 5 catches for 55 yards today were $$$. 3 down back. Sweet

        1. WOW, that’s awesome. I’ll be interested to read your thoughts on re-watch. This show caught me right in a big blindspot – i had just came back for SummerSlam 03 on a whim, and then checked right back out.

  2. WrestleMania XIX GameCube game commercial! This game was the most No Mercy a game would be that generation. Awful collision detection and no story mode (well a brawler that is not good) but a fun roster that they even squeezed Goldberg into.

    1. Weird to think that they used to be so heavily into vehicle entrances and they’ve pretty much dried up now. No more JBL, no Eddie, not even Del Rio…Sasha Banks did one and Rusev had the tank, IIRC that’s it in recent times.

  3. “Hey kids, use Clearasil and your skin will clean up like Brock cleaning the floor with Steph’s lifeless carcass!”

    Bradshaw still in APA mode clean shaven with the short frosted hair just looks weird.

  4. I missed this show at the time due to losing power for two days thanks to Hurricane… Something. Isabel? Francis? I can’t remember which great grandmother name it was.

  5. Went to a Smackdown house show a few days before this, w/ Brock and Angle in the main event. Everyone was hoping they’d go an hour as a trial run for this match, but alas, it was just a really good normal length Angle/Lesnar encounter.

      1. I heard that a couple markets (Norfolk Scope?) actually DID get Angle and Lesnar going the hour on house shows, so it was not outside the realm of possibility. So yeah, fucking crazy looking back!

          1. It was a GREAT show too. That plus Eddie/Cena/Benoit in a triple threat with a sweet undercard. I sent a review to (lol 2003).

  6. Hm. The “sacrifice a fall to gain the advantage” is a move for the middle portion of the match, not the first fall. Don’t get me wrong, I love it as a strategy (thanks, Rock/HHH).

        1. For as much shit as people give it, Thunder really was an “important” show for storyline purposes throughout 1998 at least. 1999 I’ll grant you it was fuckshit garbage. But then you get into the Russo stuff for 2000 when it’s absolutely bonkers (including a shitload of title changes). I don’t know if I even saw any 2001 Thunders, but interested to check ’em out.

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