Sunday Discussion + LIVE WATCH PARTY Thread 9/3/17

We are halfway through the final weekend of summer! Spend it hanging out with us talking wrestling, football (!), baseball and whatever else is on your mind. Anyone got something fun going on today? Cookout? Live event?

Also, be back here tonight around 8:45 PM for our weekly Live Watch! You can still vote in the poll here!

340 thoughts on “Sunday Discussion + LIVE WATCH PARTY Thread 9/3/17

  1. So most of the act at the 90s concert played just their three top songs or whatever… but TLC legit played a full show. Like 14 songs or so, mix of some new stuff and every single one of their top hits. Good stuff.

    Coolio seemed drunk off his ass but Gangsta’s Paradise live with an actual band backing him up was pretty cool, especially the dude ripping the sax the whole time.

  2. Any time I see Alex Wright I think back to hanging out nights with friends when I was 18-19 playing WCW/nWo Revenge and laughing our asses off at using Wright and just doing his dance taunt over and over.

  3. WWE is where everyone wrestles kinda the same formula match, but WCW had no flow and many matches that were disjointed. Somewhere in the middle their has to be a balance.

  4. Bret was part of Team Hollywood (with Stevie Ray lol) in WarGames despite not “officially” being a member of the nWo and this is the second of two fake face turns after going heel back in April.

    1. I know he hated playing the kind of bullshit stereotypical cheap shot artist heel WCW made him play, but honestly he was was really good at it. Maybe there’s a degree of art imitating life in the character work… but if I detach from the real-life drama around Bret’s grievances, I find I rather get a kick out of WCW heel Bret.

    1. I will say, being a young mostly mark at the time, I was pretty unfazed by that. It just felt like a big match between two massively over guys, not the “political hit” the IWC made it out to be. I was still into Wrath after the loss and feel like they could have easily salvaged him. Another case where the follow-up (or lack thereof) was worse than the initial misdeed.

  5. This is wicked stupid, but man was the build to Havoc insanely hot. Not just Warrior/Hogan, but DDP/Goldberg, a ton more (which we’ll get to later).

    And that’s to say nothing of the Horsemen reunion. What a time to be alive.

  6. It occurs to me how crazy it was at the time that the Horsemen angle played out entirely on
    the weekly shows. Like just watching PPVs from this period, you’d never
    know it was a major storyline. No PPV advancement until the actual Flair/Bischoff match at Starrcade. In retrospect, it’s in keeping with Bischoff’s philosophy that WCW should be a television product. Sort of encapsulates one their biggest problems – the tension between running a program with massive old-school appeal in the heavily Nielsen-oriented environment.

  7. The worst part, Scott was playing ‘stumbling drunk’ when you know in real life he was a sleepy eyed pass out drunk.

    Wel the worst part was the entire thing, but that’s just what I noticed.

          1. HHH taking over after Vince dies is going to be something. The micromanaging is gonna be the first to go, you’d think. That and Dunn getting pink slipped.

      1. Yeah, though actors have mined personal struggles before to give great performances. It’s just the intimacy and setting of wrestling that makes his performance tonally wrong.

          1. A sober Scott Hall could have possibly parlayed his success in wrestling into a decent career as a character actor I think.

  8. This is Benoit’s first appearance since wrapping up the Best of 7 with Booker. He worked a couple tags with Mongo against Harlem Heat in July, then vanished for reasons I never quite understood.

          1. A few fatboy and redneck comments combined with Austin’s overness and he’d get the boos. He knew how to do it.

        1. Sting’s entire 1998 just sucks. He went from this brooding anti-hero loner to immediately paling around with Luger again whilst still wearing the Crow gimmick. Zero transition.

          1. I thought about dressing as Crow Sting one year for Halloween and never breaking character the whole time just staring at random people and pointing with the bat.

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