Sunday Discussion Thread & LIVE WATCH – 8/6/17

Happy Sunday everyone! We are just two weeks from SummerSlam so we can chat some wrestling or even baseball, football, movies, comics, whatever is on your mind.

Also, tonight at approximately 8:45pm ET we are going to live watch SummerSlam 1997 as a group so be sure to join us for a fun night of banter. See you there!

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        1. Its amazing how long he’s been around… Feels like it hasn’t been that long and at the same time it feels like its been forever.

          1. I feel that way about quite a few modern wrestlers. I think it stems from WWE becoming so homogenized the last few years. It’s like the time does hold as much weight because there aren’t a lot of huge moments/angles compared to the amount of content they put out. Guys are kind of just floating around going through the motions, and before you know it, they’ve been around for like five years.

      1. He’s probably in the back half for me, but not right at the end. A bunch of title runs fell flat, not to mention all of the League of Nations mishegas, but he has way too many good matches not to merit consideration. He’s good in singles or teams, heel or face–the initial face turn against Mark Henry was great stuff.

    1. That was the same day Robin Williams died. He’s my all timer and I remember i didn’t give a flying fuck about Raw that night, i was so despondent.

  1. Currently on the June Hour of Power in my effort to catch up on Chikara. Solo Darling & Travis Huckabee vs. Cajun crawdad & Hermit Crab is a good little match…Travis being an expert grappler but still inexperienced in terms of accidentally distracting the ref is a pretty subtle character note.

          1. No but he must be done for the year. No way they give $10M to Cutler to maybe start. If he was only going to miss some time they would just start Moore and stay conservative.

  2. “Cena is currently set to make a move to Monday Night RAW very soon, and according to PWInsider, that move will happen post-SummerSlam. “The Leader Of The Cenation” is being advertised for all episodes of Monday Night RAW (except for one) after “The Biggest Part Of The Summer,” leading up to the No Mercy pay-per-view (PPV) where he is also advertised to be competing. Cena will be missing the September 18th episode or RAW as he is currently advertised to appear at a SmackDown event in China instead.

    Currently, it is expected Cena will be working with “Mr. Money In The Bank” Baron Corbin at SummerSlam before he heads off to Monday nights to begin a new feud with an unknown foe.”

  3. Missed my 8/4 posting, but it’s fine because I didn’t watch anything yesterday.

    8/4/17 Watch list:

    7/21/17 NJPW Climax Night 3

    Bad Luck Fale vs. Tabahashi
    Naito vs. YOSHI-HASHI

  4. I wish we could go back to the more simpler sets and the more unique looking sets for each show. I know in the HD world we won’t, but it was more special then.

  5. Did you all order this live? I was fully invested in Monday nights at the time and kind of stopped spending money on PPVs, so I ended up just renting it a few months later.

    1. Yes, I did order it. Summerslam was one of those PPVs that I always had to order. It was like the last big thing I did before school started back up.

      1. 96 was more fun because a friend did the loop. House show in Detroit Friday, Summerslam on Sunday, Raw in Wheeling WVA and Tuesday in Columbus Ohio Tuesday for a 65 match Superstars taping

          1. It was a great road trip. In Coliumbis we had a terrible seats. A WWF official came to our section and asked if we wanted seat upgrades. There was a catch. Here is Godwin tshirt and pig nose to sit in the pig pen section. We said…. sure

    1. They should bring back the hardcore title for Christie, just so someone can immediately hit him with a trash can and powerbomb him through a table.

    1. I bought an unopened box of Karate Fighters at a local antique store ($15!) this past Xmas as a gift to my brother. He popped big time. We played a few rounds and before long, the whole family was throwing down challenges.

      1. He was a ring attendant at first. I would imagine he worked house shows as a referee before being brought up to TV. I heard he’s a really nice guy.

  6. Since I just joined in just wanted to say I miss when the aisles weren’t just straight I know with the big screen they won’t ever change

  7. I always wondered why WWF never showed those UK PPVs on PPV the next day/night. I know eventually we got them on VHS/DVD, but UK always got our PPVs. Seemed odd to me.

          1. They made so much bank on WWF shows, even when they weren’t doing great numbers, making that much money, they’d make room.

    1. This match actually had some big shots in it and the crowd went crazy for Ahmed’s power bomb – besides that pretty Blah but at least gives people in the mid-card something to feud about

      1. Interesting – I was about to say he wasn’t in long, but was a big mid-carder from 94 – 99, crazy as that’s as long as guys like Million Man

          1. Really good match with him and Barry on the December ’88 LA show they just put up.

        1. True – the pin fall is just so weird, I really can’t think of another time where you go – that didn’t look right {in a non-botched
          way – talking to you IRS/Mable KOTR 94}

          1. Right… it was clear at the time something was all fucked up. Even as someone only like 35% in the know it was clear it wasn’t right.

        1. It was the cool wrestling shirt to wear at the time.

          Three shirts that will always be ok to wear anytime: purple Savage, Hot Rod and Austin 3:16

      1. Yeah, I was in high school, so no way my dorky ass was wearing wrestling merch around the ladies. Still though…I don’t remember getting much around this time.

    1. October of ’97, I went to my first ECW show. Bought four shirts that night: Sandman Budweiser, a black Taz one, ECF’NW and Tommy’s Innovator of Violence

    1. His PPV title matches were shit which wasn’t fair because there wasn’t any good heels around that weren’t in factions. He really doesn’t get a GREAT Title run until 2002.

      1. Just thinking of this now, but have you ever asked Kevin K, if they ever thought of giving the heal JR gimmick to a different announcer? To me it just doesn’t feel nature whereas maybe someone else might have made it work?

          1. Yeah, because i thought they were pretty good in 1996 too, just the heel JR didn’t work – sort of like 1990 Piper where he couldn’t keep the character straight

  8. I think Bret has said that he felt like taker and hbk overshadowed him being champ these next few months (which is true) while he feuded with the patriot but looking back who else could you have Bret go against.

    1. That’s true but sort of feel like Bret/Austin Angle (and the anti-american) was just as big as Shawn or Takers title matches since Survivor Series

  9. This match definitely had the feel of “Attitude before Attitude”. Constant brawling outside with no counts going on and endless brawling with no sense of organization.

    1. Smart they didn’t, it would have wrecked all the Shawn stuff. Unless they weren’t planning that and were flat going with Shawn/Bret out of this.

    2. Didn’t Bruce Prichard say on his podcast that the drawings for the Kane gimmick were approved around this weekend? The timing fits if they could have gotten it developed that quickly.

  10. I really enjoyed Shawn’s officiating here. He calls a good match throughout. Instead of doing the I’ll stand over here until it’s my angle time.

          1. I’d be in – i’m on central time zone, so i’ll usually need to jump on a little later though after i get the baby to bed {only baby in the world that hates sleep goes to bed at 9pm}

          2. I hear ya Tim, that’s why I’m usually a little late to these all depends on my daughter going to sleep.

          3. Oh man…mine was like that Tim he first 2 years. I’m central as well, so jumping in later might be a thing.

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