Daily Discussion Thread 8/7/17 + PTB Podcast Feedback (WWF Big Event)

Welcome to Monday… hope everyone had a great weekend! Thanks to those that joined in on the Live Watch last night, it was a great time as always. Another SummerSlam edition will go down next Sunday night!

Until then, feel free to talk about tonight’s Raw as this year’s SummerSlam is now less than two weeks away!

Also, be sure to leave any feedback you have for the PTB Podcast on The Big Event right here and JT & Scott will read it on air tonight!

Have at it!

140 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread 8/7/17 + PTB Podcast Feedback (WWF Big Event)

  1. Yay!!!

    It looks like every 2017 AJPW show is dropping on the Fite App for free! I’ve been following them regrowing from near death for the last two years and it’s legit awesome to see them easily available in America.

  2. After listening to the FYC on the Rock ‘N’ Wrestling Era, where do you all fall on Bobby Heenan as a candidate? I thought Will and Johnny made interesting arguments about his inclusion…

    1. When the project started, I was all in on counting him. But I’ve found myself wavering more and more, especially when I drew a line in the sand that I won’t be including Vince on my list. I think Bobby as a performer is top five or 10 all time without question. But the list is for wrestlers.

  3. Question for the PTB podcast for tonight. Do you think the Moondogs should have gotten a bigger push in 85-86? I thought they were awesome in the early 80’s and always put on solid matches. They put Jimmy Hart with them for a while but never did anything with them.

    1. I was at the Hall/Credible match they added on Hidden Gems. Surreal night. Hall opened the night by coming out to “Ready or Not” by Fugees. One of those holy shit moments.

          1. 1979 AL MVP with the Angels. Great power hitter in the 70s-80’s. Played for the Yankees & the Red Sox.

  4. Go home SD before WM X-7…there’s no foreshadowing at all of Austin turning heel and aligning with Vince.

    Austin calls out Rock which prompted Vince to come out and get laid out by Austin. Vince then brings up his history with Steve with Debra after in a segment backstage and says that he still hates Austin’s guts…

    Guess they really wanted to go for the shock value by not dropping any hints whatsoever of Austin teaming with Vince.

    1. It is subtly done by Austin being so obsessed with the title… the Providence SD face to face is where you really get the hinting when he says he will do whatever it takes.

      That said I am guessing they didn’t go TOO heavy on it because they may not have been 100% sold on the finish until that night.

      1. The build for both Austin/Rock and HHH/Taker has been fantastic…you could’ve bought H/Taker as part of a double main event.

        Rest of the card, aside of Vince/Shane, has barely been promoted. It’s been like “AUSTIN/ROCK, HHH/TAKER, VINCE/SHANE,…and the here’s the rest of the card…”

    2. See, I disagree with you in some respects. It was there, they just didn’t go “all in” on beating us over the head, as JT said.

      The face-to-face previewed it, but so did the finish of No Way Out. Austin losing clean to his most hated rival is essential to the story.

    1. Salty stripper sour because hotter chicks get more tips. Hope she isn’t planning on working Cheerleaders during RR weekend when a gang of 12 cheap fucks roll in.

  5. Oh dear God, The Big Event. Lol did you notice how Ernie Ladd just vanishes from the commentary for a few matches. Thr worst commentary I’ve ever heard on one of the worst shows I’ve ever seen.

    1. The best part is, they show a view from the commentary booth and Ladd is just sitting there with his arms crossed pouting, almost like someone told him to stop talking

  6. The Big Event is really just a glorified house show that is good for reliving the days of watching shows clipped to hell on VHS but not much else. The matches are either too short (though Steamboat/Jake is solid and the main event is okay) or rather sloppily put together (never seen so many wonky finishes and bad refs in one show); the commentary is less than great and really the only high point for me here is the rather loud audience, especially the fans seated near the ring jeering the refs and at one point cheering for Orndorff.

  7. A neat tidbit about Don Baylor…

    The last three seasons of his career he played in the World Series with three different teams. Red Sox (86) Twins (87) A’s (88)

  8. I’ll be at raw tonight and smackdown tomorrow. Will try to post any off camera happenings. Also can everyone tell me the bizzaro world references. Over/under is 10

  9. The Big Event is a show that was crying out for Jesse Ventura on commentary, though he was close to a return. The dullness of many of these matches would have been helped if he was there with his quips. This isn’t something I’ve gone back and watched in a few years.

      1. He’s advertised for a few house shows in the Fall and supposedly on the Sept. PPV poster. Tough to say. At this point, I think he retains.

          1. Trongard is hammered and Graham talks about his favorite subject, bodyweight.

        1. The thing is everyone knows its bullshit so you need a hook to make people interested. They are playing it straight and its awful and people are just waiting for him to turn and losing interest and growing restless in the process.

  10. In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, we head north of the border for a huge night of action as Scott, JT and John D’Amato relive The Big Event!

    The boys discuss a night full of shit commentary, Hoss Funk’s farewell, King Tonga transitioning into Haku, Ted Arcidi’s heel turn, the never-ending Junkyard Dog/Jimmy Hart feud, the arrival of Dick Slater, Lou Albano’s last hurrah, the big Snake Pit showdown, another installment of the Billy Jack Haynes/Hercules feud, a hot Rougeau Brothers/Dream Team bout, Harley Race’s coronation as King, an epic atmosphere for the main event and more, including end of show awards!

    So fire up this action-packed episode and join Scott, Justin & John as it’s time for another edition of the PTB Podcast!


  11. So basically, my fiancé and I purchased nxt take-over tickets the day they came out, but when it came to summerslam, both mine and her car need to have work done in the same week. Now that we are back on track, summerslam tickets are crazy marked up. Anyone have a couple tickets they wanna sell us? Let me know

  12. I think Strowman has won this feud quite handily but yet it still seems like he’s behind Reigns in the pecking order.

    I fully expect Strowman to win the title at SummerSlam to rectify that, however.

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