Saturday Discussion Thread 7/15/17

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far. Here is your Saturday discussion thread to chat about whatever is on your mind!

How about a little Question of the Day? Who are the best all time squash match workers?

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    1. It’s got to be better than a reunion with Courtney’s family. . It’s like an episode of Hoarders, Cops, Intervention and Locked Up all rolled into one.

  1. Just finished through 1988 of the NWA. A few takeaways:

    Lex Luger and Ric Flair headlined the year. Both wrestlers had tremendous 4* matches at the Bash and Starrcade. In my opinion, they should both share Wrestler of the Year in NWA 1988.

    Sting was a hot main event face, but he was marred in throw together tag teams and really only had the Flair match at Clash 1 to hang his hat on as a great singles performance.

    Mike Rotunda was heads and shoulders the best midcard performer. Consistently put on good to great matches whether as a singles or tag team match with Steve Williams or Kevin Sullivan. Put over feuds with Jimmy Garvin, Rick Steiner and the Road Warriors.

    Barry Windham was depressingly disappointing and underperformed as a member of the Four Horseman. He carried himself well as the U.S. Champ in promos, but underperformed in the ring as a heel, with the exception of a Clash match with Brad Armstrong.

    The Fantastics were the best tag team that year. That includes both Midnight Expresses, the Road Warriors, Anderson/Blanchard, the Sheephearders and Rotunda/Williams. They were on fire as a team and were more consistent than the rest. I did cringe when they had to hug all those southern sweathogs at ringside.

    Dusty Rhodes was clearly past his prime and the Road Warrior feud on paper looked good, but other than that five alarm blade job on Saturday Night, the feud was incredibly flat. The only feud that had any juice to it was the Windham feud, only because it was fresh.

    I’m sure that my opinions don’t resonate with others as usual, but it was definitely a good year and I had fun. On to January 1989.

  2. The Miss Elizabeth heel turn is great imo. Her reasoning the next night on nitro was pretty good and made sense.

    Also on the episode of nitro after superbrawl vi, they say the feud bewtween hogan and savage vs flair and Sullivan started on the baywatch episode that’s going to air soon.

    1. Also Dangeorus Devon Storm vs Konnan now. Holy crap Devon Storm looks like a weekend warrior. His attire sucks and comes complete with mullet.

          1. It’s so funny. They did the same ending two nights back to back. With the Hogan/Arn match being the same ending as Savage/Flair. Also holy shit at Superbrawl Hogan took on the Dungeon of Doom alone. Then the next night, he beats up Arn Flair during the match and after he loses. He may be the worst babyface ever, while he in was in wcw.

          2. Now watching raw from 2/19/96. Razor vs Goldust feud. Razor just challenged Piper to make him a match with goldust. He said that he didn’t want his Kids to watch Goldust. THE crowd cheered haha. Also big Ultimate Warrior hype

  3. Giving the beating: Steiners , Headshrinkers, Midnights, Buddy Landell , and Koko B Ware in Mid South.

    Taking the beating: Mulkeys, Tom “Rocky” Stone and Dennis Stamp

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