Monday Night RAW Discussion Thread 7/10/17

Talk about Monday Night RAW and the Home Run Derby (and whatever else you’d like) here!

133 thoughts on “Monday Night RAW Discussion Thread 7/10/17

    1. I am choosing Mike Moutakasas, third baseman on the royals. I’m hoping Judge doesn’t because I am hoping he doesn’t mess up his swing.

          1. Yeah, there is a BJ’s about two miles away from us. They also sell gas that is 20 cents cheaper per gallon.

  1. I assume the Sasha/Bayley dissension starts here. Bayley costs them the match and Sasha brings up how she beat both of them by herself last week.

    1. Lesnar was great too. I think the segment really worked because of him — dropping “shit,” saying things off mic … it just feels more “real” with him.

  2. Gonna spend a little more time over here. Scott’s blog is just too damn negative.

    Oh there’s plenty to be critical about current WWE, but over there you can’t seemingly enjoy any little bit of the show without being drowned out by how awful and stupid everything is top to bottom.

      1. Example: I thought Roman was pretty good on the mic in that segment, and hell had more crowd support than usual, maybe because he came off as natural more than anything else. But all the blog could say was “Oh God Roman sucks out there, Joe’s promo’s are so much better. This Texas crowd is dumb, cheering Roman like that, what dummies!”

  3. Honestly, Dar is the least talented male on the roster. No charisma, dull in the ring, bad on the mic. He does not standout in anyway except for a goofy accent, which is why he is getting a bit of a push because the WWE’s owner is old and weird.

    1. He’s so young, feels like they speculated like he’d be this hot prospect and he clearly isn’t. Then doing the U.K. belt stuff really buried him on the depth chart.

      1. Any thought to other shows that might highlight guys for the Top 100 WWE wrestlers list? Can be PPV’s or SNME, Prime Time’s, RAW’s or Smackdowns.

          1. I say Fully Loaded 2000. I went through most of the lead up and was going to watch the PPV itself.

  4. In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin, Scott and Kelly Nelson are kicking off summer in the city as they take a look back at the 6/14/86 Madison Square Garden house show!

    The boys discuss a flat opening match, a terrible match between Pedro Morales and Iron Sheik, the continued attempt to disguise Dan Spivey as Barry Windham, brutal slop between George Steele and Nikolai Volkoff, more MSG midget action, Bruno Sammartino back in action, Chris Christie: Sports Talk Host, fat George Wells, a fiery fistfight between King Tonga and John Studd, the MSG return of Harley Race, another shitty finish to close the show and more, including end of show awards!

    So fire up this action-packed episode and join Scott, Justin & Kelly as it’s time for another edition of the PTB Podcast!

    1. Agreed 100%. Absolutely stunning work.

      It got to me in a major way. I felt so genuinely happy to see Kurt’s changes that I left it not wanting to see him wrestle again and risk further injury. It’s awesome to see him playing with his kids and having hat big goofy grin back again.

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