Monday Night Raw & Daily Discussion Thread- 8/28/17

Monday has arrived and summer is almost over… but you can fight those blues by hanging out with us today chatting whatever is on your mind and then joining us to watch Raw tonight. See you in the comments!


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    1. Signed a form this morning and pondered if it was the 22nd or the 23rd and then corrected into it being the 28th, so yep, i’m with you there.

  1. I reflected more on the Mankind/HBK match and the jumping “super” (it was ok) kick into the chair and decided, yes, ***** . That would have been a great finish and everything else tying in works with the story, so there you go. I don’t know how i’d score this on Chad’s 10 point scale to help delineate between 5-star matches. Lower end i’d guess.

    1. I remember buying the Shawn Michaels: From the Vault DVD when it came out and I watched that match more than any other in the set, and there are some fantastic matches on it

      1. yep, that’s the name of the set I referenced last night (I couldn’t recall it). It’s still one of my faves. At that time, those shows were only available on the original VHS releases so to finally see these matches you’ve read the same review on for years was really great.

        1. The earliest VHS tapes we could get here, when I started watching wrestling anyway, were from 1999, 1998 if you were lucky. This DVD was the first place I saw the HIAC and the Iron Man – I those discs out. Even the AWA match blew me away.

          1. Match-for-match it’s one of, if the not THE, best set they’ve ever released. The average rating for those is incredibly high.

          2. Couldn’t agree more, the only one that I’ve bought that would come close would be Mick Foley’s Greatest Hits and Misses – it has Undertaker Hell in a Cell, Sting match at Beach Blast, the Spring Stampede 94 tag match – but even that is a distant second

          3. I haven’t done an in-depth look, but I remember when the Steamboat set came out that it had the potential to be up there. Same with the first Ric Flair set (*the* original DVD comp they ever released).

          4. Is that the 4 disc utimate collection? I always remember seeing that in shops but I was still in high school with no money and I couldn’t convince my parents to part with £30/£35 for a wrestling DVD – they hiked the price up for that one here

          5. It might have been 3 discs here too, might have mixed it up with a hogan one, did he have a 4 disc set?

  2. Just read an article saying that 6 out of 10 millennials prefer being fired from their jobs via text or instant message rather than in person…main reasons given were to avoid awkwardness and/or confrontation.

    My generation, man…

    1. I don’t get why someone would prefer to do anything in person that can be done just as well by text. I mean, you do you, if you reeeeeally like face-to-face human contact I hope you’re able to get some.

  3. So last night’s Mind Games watch had me thinking about ***** WWF/E matches i’ve ranked.

    HBK/Razor WM X Ladder match
    HBK/Mankind Mind Games
    HBK/Taker HiaC Bad Blood
    Batista/HHH HiaC Vengeance 05
    Punk/Cena MitB 11

    I don’t think I’ve watched the ladder match in the last 7 years, although it checked the box for me in ’10 when I did re-watch as still being 5 for me.

    Trying to think what I’m missing here.

      1. Blanked on Hart/Austin – yes , definitely.

        i’m a WM26>WM25 shawn/taker guy – neither hits it for me, but I certainly hold both very highly.

  4. I’m finally now up to 2017 on my PTB catch up! And can I just say, the Christmas episode – outstanding! Had me roaring in laughter throughout

        1. I knew you wouldn’t – just a public disclaimer. coincidentally had a similar conversation on Twitter around the same time.

          So far i’ve heard the commentary stinks (even after all the redo’s), but the environment is good and it’s entertaining.

          1. Lita already stumbling her words before the first match even starts. She and JR already awkward with each other.

          1. He must have entered a program right after SummerSlam. When we were going up the escalator at Barclays, we saw him and Maria off to the side at what looked like a VIP meet and greet.

    1. Epic Piper’s Pit! Great to see Vlad get his MSG moment. Piper ignoring the classic MSG matches with Orndorff in ’85 is the only minor criticism. Otherwise it was a huge moment that sparked PWI to put Piper #1 over Hogan in the most popular rankings for that month.

    1. If WWE is under the impression that Cena is gone sooner rather than later, then I’m ok with it. Otherwise, I don’t understand why they wouldn’t wait until Mania.

  5. I guess if I had to play WWE advocate, they know Survivor Series weekend is sold out – it’s got NXT, then Raw , etc. Matches don’t matter.

    So the other show is the LA PPV No Mercy. Try to pop more subs and sell out, make it a big show.

  6. This segment once again proves Reigns is not a top guy. He shows nothing when he has to speak, even if the lines suck. The presence is not there.

      1. I don’t hate Reigns. He’s just put in a position where he cannot thrive. He’s not a top guy, he doesnt have the presence or promo ability of a top guy. They can go on a 4th straight WM Main Event with him and tell a redemption story here where he actually appears organic but the fans can see right through the office. The wrestling audience does not love Reigns the same way as Vince McMahon.

        1. Right now we’re three years past when things really went bad for him:

          -Injury post SummerSlam win vs. Orton
          -Punk goes on Cabana’s podcast and buries him as VKM’s chosen one
          -Daniel Bryan returns and they put him in the ’15 Rumble.

          1. The promos they made him recite as he was rehabbing from injury were the killer. Talk about forced and inauthentic.

          2. Yeah he had no business talking, should have just been all business.

            Although I thought he was better vs. Brock.

            I mean they tried to make him The Rock in like four months (including a rub by the actual Rock). Dire stuff.

          3. The Fall of 2014 was when creative just destroyed Reigns as a guy the crowds would love.

  7. Lot of TV until 9/24 too – lot of wacky tagging , somewhat surprised they signed it so early (segment-wise). usually that is closer to the match.

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        1. It would make sense if she was turning heel as a result of it (I went into this grand theory when Elliott and I did the show on Sasha/Charlotte HIAC) but as it is, they just don’t know what the fuck to do with her.

  9. If there is ever a division you want to see get destroyed by one person, its the RAW Women’s Division. Just call up Asuka and have her take everyone out. Good match but they are just killing off their babyfaces.

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