Friday Live Watch & Discussion – 7/7/17

Welcome to the weekend! If you are hanging around tonight, come join us to chat… we will be talking Great Balls of Fire (check out Brian’s preview here!) plus there is a full slate of baseball tonight too.

Oh, and it is Friday so that means… live watch time! Join us around 915PM ET to watch Great American Bash 1997 as a group!

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          1. I hear you man, off today but working the next four, two closing shifts and a delivery day on Monday. Gonna feel beat and planning on spending Wednesday watching the three new Planet of the Apes films back to back to back.

  1. Picking up the Aries discussion – seems like he wasn’t happy pigeon-holed into being a cruiser so he requested his release.

    As an aside, really sucks his Mania pre-show match (and all pre-show matches) didn’t make the Mania 33 blu-ray or DVD.

  2. The strap match at superbrawl 96, is so weird. I know it’s the whole pillman thing. Also flair has a good line when he comes out, at someone in the crowd. I’ll take your wife home and I’ll make a woman out of her.

      1. About time! When was the last non-Hardcore Title WWF/WWE house show change? Edge’s quickie one-day IC belt reign in Toronto before dropping it back to Jarrett the next night at the PPV back in 1999?

        Never mind the last time a proper MSG house card (not a Raw/SD taping or PPV) saw a title change! Probably have to go back to Hogan’s winning the belt all the way back in Jan of 1984!

          1. D’OH!
            Yeah, that’s a big one to miss in favor of going all the way back to 1984.

  3. Tony says 13 times the Bash has come into our homes…except it didn’t start of PPV till 1988 and there were no events in ’93 and ’94.

  4. Only thing that kills this match a bit is the lack of selling. When you take a jumping tombstone piledriver I would expect you to be out for just a little bit.

          1. That’s right in Lowell. Alright well that’s 2 in the last 6 plus years. I like it, might boost house show attendance a little though there is a big difference between a msg show and a show in Toledo,Ohio( no offense to the fine folks of Toledo)

  5. You know I really liked Gorgeous Jimmy Garvin in WCCW. He was funny as shit.

    There was a particular promo where Chris Adams is trying to challenge him and Gavin is just taunting him and the crowd mercilessly. Screaming hes a joke, laughing at him, strutting around, having Precious spray his hair.

      1. I remember JJ Dillon saying that wallstreet and bubba had valid wcw contracts. So wallstreet had a singlet with a wcw crossed out. As for bubba no idea.

        1. Lol right. He was anti-WCW but couldn’t actually be in the nWo. Just weird that they didn’t roll with it given that both were perceived as ex-WWF guys.

    1. It unfortunately just missed peak Mortal Kombat mania. The third game came out in ’95, so it had cooled off big time by this point. Having to compete with the nWo couldn’t have helped either. But I admire the attention to detail!

  6. also nick Patrick was on David Penzers podcast and admitted Hogan told him not to do the fast count at starrcade. Dk if that had been mentioned. If it has, I’m sorry.

    1. I’ve heard that, but never from Patrick. Wow. In most companies, I think I’d be afraid of losing my job for so spectacularly fucking up the biggest match of all time, but, y’know…

      1. Yep wcw. I’ve been watching wrestling for as long as I remember. And that finish still pisses me off. The sting wm match doesn’t bother me as much as that starrcade does.

          1. Sting should’ve won clean in 5 minutes. Then sting wins the rematch. Sting beats hall at Uncensored. This starts the nWo starting to breakup.

          2. I’m even OK with them having a competitive match on account of Hogan using his usual cheap shot bullshit to gain an advantage. And/or you can make something of Sting having ring rust. Whatever the case, as long as Sting goes over decisively and looks strong, you’re fine. They literally did everything wrong they could’ve done.

            Could’ve gotten a solid year out of the nWo slowly circling the drain and tearing apart from within, but they just refused to let it go.

        1. The WM match was an ego stroke that had no greater impact. The Starrcade match was an ego stroke that killed 18 months of build and ruined the drawing power of Sting.

  7. Benoit: Okay Meng feel free to hit me as hard as you like, even blows to the head go wild.
    Meng: Are you sure brudda? I don’t want to really hurt you.
    Benoit: Don’t worry man. I mean, what could go wrong from this!

          1. True. That’s the #1 reason people enjoy working for WWE. All the days off!

          2. It’s also abundantly clear that my comment was in regards to booking, since yours was as well.

          3. I won’t deny that it is a shame WWE does not focus AJ in the WWE title picture instead. And I have no arguement with you Jordan, love your work. My apologies if I came across snarky in any way towards you.

          4. Man, snark is fun. My comment was purely that him being in NJPW would hardly be a bad thing. I think WWE pushes him pretty effectively.

    1. I can watch older stuff but near the end in 07 it’s hard to watch, also if I watch the triple threat from mania 20 I stop once triple h taps.

    1. I called in 93 to vote on who faces Pierre on a raw episode, Luger won the vote and I think I voted for him. I also called to vote for superstar of the year and I voted for Bret on that one.

          1. Yeah and he calls Bischoff a no good son of a bitch. One of my favorite WCW moments.

          2. Yes haha that one. Fire me, I’m already fired. Abuse of power abuse of power.

      1. I remember Syxx and Flair drew some great heat together when against one another. See, of all the nWo members, Waltman was the one I truly bought wanted to spit in the face of tradition.

    1. Was that brilliant or horrible? On one hand, I flinched everytime Piper took a bump. On the other hand, having a plastic hip made him seem too old to still be in the ring much less Main Event.

      1. We should do a few weeks of events that highlight wrestlers in the WWE Greatest Wrestlers project. Open it up to Old School shows, Tuesday Night Titans, SNME and Prime Time Wrestling.

          1. How bout some Summerslam Live watches JR? Since that is around the corner.

  8. I wish Buffer had continued with DDP’s intro while he blindsided Savage: “Introducing now, sneak attacking from behind, given the nWo a taste of their own medicine…”

  9. I knocked out the final RAW to Fully Loaded 2000. I love the opening with Kurt Angle saying Albany wrong and Triple H telling Foley not wanting to team with that Olympic twerp.

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