Friday Evening Discussion & Live Watch Thread!

Hey all! It is Friday night and the mood is right… oh what a night! Baseball is back with some big series getting under way. We can talk that, wrestling or whatever else!

Plus… at 9:15PM ET, we dive into our weekly Friday group Live Watch… this week’s show is Fully Loaded 2000. Be sure to come join in the discussion and fun!

364 thoughts on “Friday Evening Discussion & Live Watch Thread!

          1. Anything Jericho is is quality. He is incredibly high on my list so far. Cracks the top 20.

  1. “What you are about to watch features that guy we don’t mention anymore. Oh and the King guy on commentary screams about puppies a lot.”

      1. 17 years later one team was just tag champs a month ago, one guy is the head trainer at nxt, and the two ladies are both hall of famers.

    1. They really put her over strong during this time…just a cool chick that can do high flying and can connect to the crowd without saying much

          1. Ah, figured it would be too much for him to jump into a random 2000 PPV at this point.

          2. Listened to half of it earlier today while I was driving, I’ll finish it tomorrow on the way to work.

          3. Well I love the series. Hearing someone react to classic wrestling with fresh eyes is great.

    1. Didn’t watch intently to the Attitude era. Hardcore fan from 84-96, didn’t come back full time until 2010. I have some serious blind spots that hurt me, but Ill work through it.

  2. Lita and Trish seemed to be the only two women who could get exploitive chants like “We Want Puppies” and yet still have the crowd fully invested in their in ring work as well.

        1. Simple, don’t let yourself get bullied. I don’t care who it is.

          I’m not tough guy at all, but I would make him go through the effort of kicking my ass. It would happen, but I wouldn’t let him off easy.

          1. I have a good idea on my top 30 I’m having a harder time with my bottom 30 and then the middle I have a good group. My list changes a little everyday when I see a random match or listen to a pod. It’s a fun project though.

  3. So quick note on this show, i remember watching my cousin’s tape of it later that summer. When i started collecting, i got a MINT VHS version of this show since, of course, it wasn’t on DVD and everything had the WWF scrubbed out. So i wonder an authentic version…which is now in a box in my attic.

        1. At least in the long run it didn’t kill angle, he’s in the main event at summerslam and wins the title in October. Doesn’t excuse this crap.

          1. Think they may have realized they fucked up here and were careful with him rest of the year hence SS and winning the title

    1. The crowd is really behind seeing Taker get his revenge for all of Angle’s shenanigans.

      Man Angle really doesn’t even get a hope spot in here.

      1. No clue… I am guessing it was to establish Taker as a challenger to Kurt after he wins the title but Taker didn’t need the win in any way. It was dumb, especially since it was basically a squash.

        1. I’m not surprised at the booking of Taker going over given his status with the company and where he was inserted coming back. But whoever agented this match is terrible.

          1. I’m really surprised after watching Angle’s WWE 24, with how close Vince was to his rise, that this went down as it did. A one-off in his push.

      1. Thanks – was an hour late as i”m on dad duty with a 3 month old, but now get her laying on the ground and working on the guitar and fully loaded. Pretty good night. {I’m not a fan of triple H, but I feel like time to play the game just is so much better. This one just has too many words in it and just bland to his other themes}

  4. The babyface being strapped by a DQ stip where he loses the title on a DQ is the WORST. They came up with plenty of tricks to get people thinking Benoit would win the belt

    1. I nodded off here, but i remember this match getting buzz about Rock transitioning into a super worker since he kept up with Benoit (allegedly)

  5. Do you think they could have had Benoit win the title here and then have a rematch at summerslam and rock wins it back and he still drops it to angle at no mercy. You could have had triple h vs angle at summerslam as well or would that have been a waste of benoits first title reign

  6. Benoit is really strong in that main event. I like that after the restart, you’d think the Rock would just clean up and get the win, but it’s Benoit really putting the heat on him again – and it’s a snap Rock Bottom which finishes. Shane is a really good second here too.

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