Daily Discussion Thread – 7/14/17

We are strutting into the weekend so join us today and talk about whatever’s on your mind. TONIGHT our live watch will be Fully Loaded 2000.

Fresh audio from PTBN:

62 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 7/14/17

          1. Ozzie will be getting the call up sooner rather than later. Also, Acuna has absolutely been shredding and I hope the momentum continues with his promotion to Gwinett.

    1. Are Sandy Alderson and Terry Collins still employed by the Mets? I refuse to buy any apparel or watch any games until both are gone. I’ll never forgive them for Game 5 of the ’15 World Series. NEVER!

      Best and youngest pitching staff in history, possibly more potential than the 1991 Braves staff and cant keep one pitcher healthy. They all want to leave because the organization is so toxic.

      This God-forsaken organization is fragile at best and it needs some harsh reality and whipping into shape. These two glad-handing, gutless, “yes” men need a pickslip and directions to the soup kitchen.

          1. Amazon fire even has a NJPW World app now – the only service (outside of an app for chromecast)

  1. Tonight’s the CMLL Universal Championship tournament final! It’s a set of two King of the Ring tournaments in two weeks between all recognized title holders in the company. On the third week (tonight), the 2 bracket winners face off in the final. The match is usually really awesome. The show is broadcast live on clarosports.com every Friday night for free.

  2. Game I thought of yesterday.

    Pick 5 opponents for Undertaker to feud with at WM 25 through 29. All feuds will be unique and unseen (so if you pick HBK, you’re not getting the WM25 & 26 feud, you get something new). All feuds will have roughly the same level of overall quality of feud/match that Taker-Batista had, regardless of your choices. You can pick people to jump from other promotions to be one of your choices.

    What five guys do you select for those spots?

        1. 25 – Michaels still makes the most sense
          26 – Chris Jericho, Title
          27 – John Cena, Streak v. Title, sets up Rock/Cena the next year
          28 – CM Punk, Title
          29 – Sheamus

    1. Ive got a question harder than that one. Outside of Andre, Piper and Bundy, who would you book with Hogan at WM2? I’ve got Bruno in a pseudo heel role.

  3. Halfway through For Your Consideration #4 (which is great) … Johnny mentions that in 98 they were doing a losing streak gimmick with Faarooq that was going to end with Jackyl managing him and Vader to turn their luck around. Is that true? I know Faarooq and Bradshaw end up as Jackyl’s Acolytes late in the year but never heard that other angle idea. Pretty interesting.

  4. On a NWA/WCW stroll through time, currently up to Starrcade ’88. Huge pop for Rick Steiner when he won the TV Title against Rotunda. Probably the biggest pop so far in the NWA from 1985-on.

  5. “War for the Planet of the Apes” is the best film in this current series. And “Spiderman: Homecoming” was a lot of fun.

    Now looking forward to “Dunkirk” and “Atomic Blonde”.

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