Daily Discussion Thread – 8/13/17

It’s Sunday, Nation! That means we’ll be reconvening tonight for a SummerSlam live watch — 2002 and 1989 are tied in our poll, so make your voice heard.

Before that, make sure to tune in to travel Channel at 8:00 tonight for the Boneheads feature on Food Paradise, and see if you can catch our PTBN luminaries on TV!

239 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 8/13/17

  1. Watched the MSG shows from 9/77 and 8/78… The feud between Rhodes and Graham was incredible. Graham has jumped up my GWWE list several times because of his work in the seventies… He’s currently in my top 10. He was such a mold-breaker.

      1. Yeah, for Graham hit these:
        9/77 v. Dusty
        10/77 v. Dusty
        12/77 v. Mil Mascaras
        1/78 v. Mascaras
        4/78 v. Backlund
        8/78 v. Dusty

        He had others too; those are MSG matches from his title run I regard as very good to great. He brought amazing matches out of Mascaras especially.

        1. I love Graham’s selling like he’s being beaten to death. The mouth gaping open. The lost look. It all works. He’s got to get some major points for influence too.

          1. First heel champ in the promotion to have any sort of run, beat Bruno in another very good match, influential to the generation of TOP stars. I agree, he beat out Backlund on my list for these reasons.

  2. Have any of you guys checked out the Mike & the Mad Dog 30 for 30, I watched half of it this morning but got sidetracked, what I saw was pretty good though

  3. Rey almost didn’t make it, lost his mask under the ring before the match. How different things could have turned out if he didn’t find it in time.

          1. Yeah I would think so. He finished at 12 on GWE which was higher than I would have guessed.

    1. Seemed like it was a little while before he started doing the headbutt again, but we’re talking, like, a few weeks maybe.

      In retrospect perhaps he should’ve left that on the shelf.

        1. Right. Honestly, I’m shocked his neck didn’t go before his brain. That style is NOT conducive to a fused neck, and as you said, he didn’t miss a beat when he returned.

          1. And he was DONE two years later. Running on fumes by the end of 2001, really. Benoit wrestled/lived (sigh) for another 5 years and I don’t recall hearing anything about him having recurring neck problems after the surgery. Maybe in another world, we would’ve been a year away from another Edge situation.

  4. Today we’ve become accustomed to those “great on paper” cards, but that is far from the case here. Every match gets time and goes balls-out. Never a dull moment or fuck finish.

        1. He started feuding with the Un-Americans soon after dropping the title, so I guess it’s true. Not sure there was really a hard and fast turn so much as a gradual re-positioning

  5. At the time, I disliked the the Un-Americans for the usual broad strokes and lack of nuance you get with these stupid jingoistic gimmicks in pro wrestling, but literal Nazis just had a rally in my state this weekend so

      1. And who was saying recently that it was originally being set up as a kind of Canadian Horsemen when Jericho was still in the mix? That was… somewhat unique.

    1. That it was. Kinda weird that Test made a strong showing earlier giving Lance and Christian the win, then losing clean here. Like he was trying to preemptively get his heat back, but it doesn’t work that way.

    1. I can honestly say I never thought we’d see Shawn wrestle again. Especially after the back surgery he’d supposedly been trying to avoid for so long.

    1. I was too. Watching this again, seeing him testing himself. The slingshot cross body to the floor, skin-the-cat…going into that backbreaker. He was looking for a classic, and to see if he could go for a run.

    2. Drama in terms of wrestling psychology and on the level of “I genuinely fear for this man’s health.” I loved that he was able to pull it off, but I’m not sure I WANTED to see him wrestle again after this. It was that convincing.

  6. To this day I’m still not sure whether Shawn sold his injury as a career-ender for four years (I mean it’s not without precedent) or enjoyed a miraculous recovery. Probably somewhere in the middle.

    1. I didn’t have a problem with it. In the story of the match, it made sense to me. HHH wanted to destroy HBK. Shawn wanted to prove he was the man still. If it was HBKs last shot, show them what you got.

        1. One last middle finger to the world. With a broken back, I’m still the fucking Main Event. SUCK IT! haha I feel like that was his attitude if it was the last shot.

        2. In fairness, the ending of the match with HHH going berserk doesn’t suggest the story was over. I definitely figured they’d hook up again in *some* fashion after doing that.

          1. I think it was to get H’s heat back in case Shawn didn’t come back… instead of losing to a retired guy and getting nothing on it.

          2. And that was part of SK’s beef. How the match supposedly didn’t help anyone. Except a.) who cares, it doesn’t hurt anyone either and this is a marquee show where you logically would want to slot a “special attraction” match and b.) actually, it rather does help HHH. He’d only just turned heel, and this immediately restored his cred as a monstrous bastard. Did he NEED it, not really, but whatever, it works and gives us an incredible match.

          3. That finish left it open. Either Shawn was retired and gone, or revenge was coming after selling it. Obviously, the latter was expected, but wasn’t a guarantee then.

  7. I sort of felt like Brock/Rock was a bit of an afterthought at the time since it was fairly common knowledge Rock was going away again. But the match ended up being SO GOOD that it didn’t matter.

    1. Mentioned below, but Angle at No Way Out was the first that came to mind for me as well. And H at Backlash, but that might be considered garbage style.

        1. Yes and I feel even more generous towards that. Not a single bad match and two all-timers. The show goes by incredibly fast and is paced perfectly. Desert island viewing.

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