Daily Discussion Thread – 8/11/17

Join us today to talk about G1 Climax A Block final, NFL preseason, MLB,  SummerSlam re-watching and MORE!

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17 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 8/11/17

  1. What’s everyone listening to today?

    Finished up Letters From Center Stage and Greeting From Allentown. On Breezango w/ Jericho now. Prichard later.

  2. Where do we nominate for the Greatest WWE Wrestler Ever project?
    The list of names pre-1975 is pathetic. I would like to nominate:
    ‘Argentina’ Apollo
    Miguel Perez
    Bobo Brazil
    Al Costello
    Roy Heffernan
    Prof. Toru Tanaka
    Edouard Carpentier
    Spiros Arion
    Hans Mortier
    Victor Rivera
    Bill Watts
    the Valiants
    Dr. Jerry Graham
    Shohei Baba

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