Daily Discussion Thread 7/28/17

It’s Friday! Come hang out with us throughout the day and night to talk about whatever is on your mind! Also, what shall we do for our weekly Live Watch tonight? Toss out suggestions below.

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Scott & JT’s Vintage Vault Refresh continues with the 2/27/95 Monday Night Raw

65 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread 7/28/17

      1. Piper talks about his dinner with Virgil and Honky gives him shit for getting involved in the issue.

        Vince positions Quake as a RR favorite and is still pushing his feud with Hogan.

      1. It’s real bad. Part of me wonders if this alleged upcoming DL stint has to do with the Eck stuff and he’s not really hurt. The timing is raising a red flag for me. He’s supposed to start tonight.

    1. I don’t know most of the British teams they’ve announced so far, so it’s nice to have some people I’m a little more familiar with. Really glad the Sendai Girls team is coming back too; they were great last year.

  1. I’m going to ICW Shug’s House Party tomorrow night, with a WWE UK title match and Noam Dar making his return, would anyone be interested in semi-regular updates on anything WWE related?

  2. Saw this at Kayfabe Memories regarding Tugboat. Was this true?

    If he was underrated, then how come the original idea for WM7 was Hulk Hogan vs Tugboat? They clearly changed their minds about doing it because they realized Tug was overrated. The original idea was to have Tugboat eliminate Hogan (ala Sid the following year), have him turn on his “best friend” Hogan. The plans were scrapped when Andre couldn’t appear and win it, they had Hogan go over and Hogan is the one eliminating Tugboat, which then leads absolutely nowhere..

        1. Didn’t Prichard say Tugboat was originally supposed to get the Iraqi sympathizer gimmick?

          I swear he said that on Flair’s podcast. Of course, with Bruce, who knows, but Sheik Tugboat would have been … somewhat unique.

          1. Yeah, Sheik Tugboat was the plan. Slaughter was supposed to be allied with Tugboat, but Tugboat was to be the top guy with Slaughter as a manager/mouthpiece.

  3. Rumored card for SS:


    Lesnar vs. Reigns vs. Strowman vs. Joe
    Mahal vs. Cena and/or Nakamura
    Alexa vs. Bayley
    Naomi vs. Natalya


    Sheamus & Cesaro vs. Ambrose & Rollins
    New Day vs. Usos
    Owens vs. Shane McMahon
    Miz vs. Jason Jordan
    Styles vs. Jericho
    Hardys vs. Gallows & Anderson vs. Revival
    Balor vs. Wyatt
    Cass vs. Show
    Neville vs. Tozawa vs. Daivari

          1. I think Cena/Nak goes to a non finish next week and I think at the very least we see a triple threat match between Cena, Nak, and Mahal.

          2. Nakamura/Corbin makes no sense since Nakamura just pinned him clean on SD.
            Corbin will probably not be booked so he can cash in or Jericho can put him over.
            AJ/Jericho makes no sense either since they fought each other a million times already and feuded/teamed forever.
            Mahal/Cena, KO/Shane, Styles/Nakamura makes the most logical sense for SD’s part of the show.

    1. I thought Jericho’s appearance was a one-off.

      If he’s back for a little run, I’m still not sure going back to the AJ well makes sense.

      Maybe AJ-Corbin or AJ-Nak would work better. Or a freshly turned Gable?

  4. Any consensus on a live watch tonight? Some options:

    InVasion 2001
    Great American Bash 2008
    Night of Champions 2009
    Bash at the Beach (any from 1996-2000)

    I am, of course, always down for some WCW. Most of the older WWE branded GABs look goddamn awful. I really, really don’t feel like watching InVasion and having the same discussions that are always had about that show/angle. BUT! I leave it up to the quorum.

    1. Can’t participate, but I do love that Invasion show and I’m much higher on the angle than most, just because I think the TV was super entertaining.

      It’s the 20th anniversary (well, close) of BATB 97 so that might be a good one for you to do.

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