Letters From Center Stage #15

In this special episode of Letters From Center Stage, JT & Allan head into their offices in Atlanta, GA to dive deep into the outer rim of the nostalgia mothership that was WCW:

1. The Long Topic: Ranking the Years – Part Two
2. Special Interview – “The Son of The Gambler” Jeff Gann

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2 thoughts on “Letters From Center Stage #15

  1. Great show guys. I usually feel meh about interviews but that one was really good. Cool to hear about the guys he’s met and being in the Evad training montage.

    I put my rankings below for the WCW run comparing to you guys(didn’t notice a ranking on ’92 from Allan but I can’t see it being too far off). It’s pretty close all around for the ’96-’01 run though you guys give ’97 and ’99 more credit than I do. I’m in May ’96 on my re-watch so maybe my feelings will change as I get into those two years.

    Year Me Allan JT
    1989 A+ A- A
    1992 A A-
    1996 B+ B+ B
    1994 B+ D A-
    1997 B+ A- A
    1990 B B B
    1998 B- B- B/B-
    2001 B- C C+
    1993 C+ C/C- B-/C+
    1991 C+ C+ C+
    1995 D+ D D
    1999 D- C- C-
    2000 F U F

    1. Hey Bettis!

      Thanks for the reply, sorry for taking so long to come back to you.

      I think we’re all pretty close bar 1994 (You know my issues are all Hogan based).

      Thank you for the brilliant question, I had a hoot going through it. My 1992, I’d go A-, love that year!

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