Daily Discussion Thread – 7/27/17

Welcome to Thursday! Come hang with us to chat the week in wrestling, baseball, NFL (training camp is getting under way) and anything else on your mind!

Ioan continues his look at the G1 Climax with a recap of Day Eight! Also, be sure to catch up on a busy day in audio content:

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    1. i have it downloaded and will be listening soon. He will be 40-50 for me. If this was NWA/WCW he would easily be top 3. His highs are great, 92 rumble and his 1993 RAW match with Mr.Perfect. I enjoyed his feud with Triple H and being in the Ole Anderson run with Evolution. I also enjoyed his retirement run, from the promo that new years raw with McMahon to the HBK Match. He was middling at some points as well, his weird Carlito feud and I didnt enjoy his Mick Foley feud. That was meh imo.

      1. I think the Foley feud suffered from the ridiculous Melina stuff. Which, if you read Foley’s book, Foley thought would be the greatest angle of his career.

    2. His ’92 run alone gets him in.
      – Rumble match
      – vs Savage at WM VIII
      – regaining the belt from Savage
      – dropping the belt to Bret

      All are **** or better

      Factor in his Evolution run, match with Taker at WM 18 and his farewell against Shawn.

      He’s somewhere in the 60s for me.

      1. Yeah he is certainly a lock. Just depends how high he can climb. Lots of good stuff but also he stuck around quite a while in the 2000s and had loads of nothingness on TV and some PPV as well.

        1. I LOVE his two match run with HHH in late 05. The cage match at Taboo Tuesday and the Last Man Standing at Survivor Series were both excellent. Greg and I spoke at length about them in the podblast.

          1. Right now I have Flair 25-30 ish but that could change as I delve into more old guys and revise a bit deeper. His 91-92 run is sooooooo strong though.

          2. Yep, I just revisited the Flair/Shawn vs. Bret/Macho match, which apparently gets shat on in some online circles, but I still love it. Just so much fun.

        2. I am very low on his 2000s run, but his 91-93 is so amazing that it cancels out. Plus, I did love the Taker match, the Shawn retirement match and a handful of other matches during the Evolution years.

      1. Heyman already had some great lines throughout..it’s an instant shot in the arm from Lawler and immediately gives a fresher feel.

        Sounded like King had quit at the previous week’s SD taping bc Heyman mentioned it right off the bat that that was when it happened.

      1. As of last night I’m two weeks out from Mania. Real good build. They never mention the venue for Mania, just that it’s in LA. Also, I guess Costas was a lock for the instant replay stuff until the week of Mania. Word on the street is that he pulled out because he didn’t approve of the Slaughter stuff.

  1. Hey guys, just finished this morning’s G1 show, great show with Okada/Kojima being the highlight, was cool to see Okada play a douchebag.

    For you guys planning on going to the Rumble in Philly, What do you suggest is the best route for tickets? Go thru the arena’s site (which is working like cheap for me but haven’t tried on a computer yet) or try my luck on Stub hub?

  2. Firing up the 1/5/91 Superstars as background noise at work.

    The weird slightly off version of Warrior’s theme as the theme of the show is odd.

    I always kind of liked Honky on commentary during this run, kind of an overlooked solid team with Vince, Honky and Piper.

          1. And another pretty good one at TTiT… they basically feud all year… on opposite sides of teams at SS and SurSer too.

      1. What I loved about old Rumble hype is they acted like anyone could win. You could be watching a Virgil match and they would be like ” Virgil is really looking forward to the Royal Rumble. What a feather in his cap if he can get the luck of the draw at The Rumble.”

    1. This time is interesting too because it’s when Vince brought Filippelli in to do production work. John was known for using darker graphics and backdrops. It shows.

    2. Yeah but Warrior in the intro shooting lasers out of his eyes surrounded by lighting bolts as he’s holding the WWF title is one of the most Warrior things ever.

          1. There’s an episode of PTW with Gorilla and Bobby at SRL’s gym with him a few weeks before the fight.

            Vince probably wanted to have a strong 4Q between this fight and Survivor Series, plus the No Holds Barred movie/match stuff on PPV.

    1. What did you think of the Koko vs Bossman match? I watched that last night for the project and came away from it more impressed with Koko than Bossman.

        1. I HATE the DiBiase match. LOVE tge blindfold match it just isn’t really a wrestling match. TTiT maybe. Just a bit short for what it was. Jake does not have a great ppv record.

  3. Welp, TNA just cancelled the show they were going to have in Bridgeport next weekend. I was just hoping I’d get to see Drago too, since they’re advertising him for the show the day before in NYC.

      1. WWE and GFW guys ended up in the same restaurant at the weekend. Karen Jarrett goes up to Braun Strowman and ask for an autograph for her son, who’s a big fan.

        Braun tells her no, and apparently start shout and swearing at her.

        At this point he finds out its Kurt Angle son, and when she says she’s telling him, Braun becomes all apologetic, to the point where HE’S ON HIS KNEES BEGGING HER to not tell Kurt, in front of the whole restaurant!!

        Almost too good to be true!

      1. WWE not taking advantage of all the resources they have available to them is becoming a problem. How hard would it be to film something in Stamford recapping and going over the upcoming matches set for PPV?

      2. I’d guess since the focus isn’t on selling someone to drop $40 on an impulse buy.

        I also don’t watch (or know if they still produce) their “this Week in WWE” show, which had a recap slant.

    1. They did a good job of making you think Slaughter really was tight with Sadaam. The way he always references him and relays messages and what not… was convincing for sure if you weren’t in the know.

  4. I’m on 3/30/91 Superstars. LOADED show. Mania fallout. Vince, Savage and Piper offically the tree man booth. Highlight package from this show, including the Slaughter fireball to Hogan. Vince teasing a Bushwhackers/ Power & Glory feud. Followed by Vince mentioning Brutus possibly coming back to host a “barber shop”. Bulldog in action with Vince hyping a feud with him and Perfect for the IC. First installment of the Funeral Parlor. Debut of the Dragon.

  5. 4/13/91 Superstars – Taker trapping Warrior in the casket. Lanza, Goulet and Garea are useless trying to crack the casket open. Vince, Savage and Roddy doing commentary while these clowns struggle makes this segment all worth it.

  6. I made that mistake of setting up notifications for that Twitter account for Network updates, phone is going nuts with all the WCCW their throwing up

        1. First saw him in DGUSA several years ago. He is staggering to watch. The only high flyer I’ve seen in person who was that smooth was Neville.

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