Daily Discussion Thread – 7/11/17

Welcome to today’s daily discussion thread! We’ll be chatting Smackdown and the All-star game later tonight, but for now – talk about whatever!

Be sure to check out the latest Place to Be Podcast from last night:

208 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 7/11/17

    1. Their network model works great if you cut out the meaningless TV and just stick to the network specials. Then the finishes – which wouldn’t typically play in the $50 PPV era – aren’t as big a deal month to month (and just $9.99 anyway).

      Then of course they have their big four shows, which are hyped as such. It’s not a bad way to digest the product.

      1. Nitro was still hot thanks to Goldberg, Jericho and the Wolfpack. ECW did suffer from the title reign from hell of Shane Douglas, but TV was mostly focused on pushing Taz, RVD and the Dudleys.

    1. I’ve recently been putting Prime Time from the earliest point they’re up as background noise. Seen a LOT of Lanny Poffo and Tiger Chung Lee matches. I also have been surprisingly entertained by Lord Alfred Hayes, colour commentator.

  1. Started watching part 2 of AAA Verando de Escandolo this morning. There’s nothing Averno does that I wouldn’t enjoy more if it was Chavo Guerrero Jr doing it. That’s one of the more depressing statements I’ve ever made regarding wrestling.

  2. I’m not sure if this opinion carries over to the PTB thread as it was on Scott’s blog, but this is a daily reminder that Dino Bravo is the worst.

  3. Gorilla: Dino Bravo too much of a powerhouse for Koko B Ware

    Bobby: I was too much of a powerhouse for Koko B Ware!

    THIS is why I love Prime Time Wrestling.

  4. Okay, I don’t know why this is (must have been from the time when they uploaded shows to the old 24/7 service) but here is an interview with Muraco and every time he says WWF, the mic drops out. I can still hear it, it just becomes a drastic audio drop. Weird.

  5. I love the look of the Atlantic City Convention Center at WrestleMania IV. The colored tarp and lighting on the ceiling, it screams 80’s excess to me. Love it!

  6. No wonder Rick Martel turned on Tito the next year, while he’s getting smashed in the back with a cane, ol’ Chico is too busy smacking around Fuji. What a LOSAH!

  7. Gorilla and Bobby already ripping on the pudgy jobber

    Gorilla: I think he lives in Beverly Hills next to you

    Bobby: He’d have to come in at night, they wouldn’t let him around during the day.

  8. El Hijo de Fantasma vs Texano Jr vs Kevin Kross in a cage was fine, bordering on good before all the interference and finish. It’s still fine though.

  9. Also, it’s really funny that two separate people have beaten up Mascara de Bronce and taken his MitB case just on this show.

  10. Noriyo of the Jumping Bomb Angels vs Lelani Kai (or as Cyndi Lauper called her ‘Laney Kai’) from the same Hamilton Show as Koko/Bravo.

    And Gorilla telling us we can watch WrestleMania IV on Satallite if we own a dish!

  11. I liked how a lot of the matches on Prime Time, since they were from arena shows or dark matches from earlier tapings were just there, often not tied to any ongoing storylines.

      1. Right, if anything Prime Time was where you would get a 15 minute match between established stars. They often weren’t great in ring, lots of restholds, but there wasn’t as much emphasis on squashes like the syndictaed shows. My memories as a kid were mostly watching Prime Time, as with it being on cable I always knew what channel and what time it was on. Superstars and Challenge could change stations and time slots and I could easily forget what time and what channel it was on.

  12. It’s telling what Vince thought of the Jumping Bomb Angels that none of the commentators never bothered to learn their names. It was always just ‘the Jumping Bomb Angel and the other Angel’.

    1. Damn, you can actually see the similarities to Winehouse and Houston.
      The fact that we now know Alberto is batshit crazy kind of negates all of his trash-talking of WWE and how he left there the first time.
      Bottom line, those 2 need to get the hell away from each other since they’re both not exactly stable.
      I don’t even know how much lower Paige can go after the sex tape and this, could be a sad trip to porn and hopefully doesn’t end like Chyna.

  13. And now Andre has gone ballistic, attacking refs, officials, cameramen after waking up from that 2×4 shot.

    I wonder if like today this cameraman was some local wrestler.

  14. I don’t think we ever talked about how progressive Slick managing the Bolsheviks was. A pimp (a capitalist) joining forces with two socialists to work together towards common goals. It’s beautiful man.

  15. George was fine I suppose as a character but at this point he offered nothing, NOTHING as an in ring performer. As a company mascot, sure, fine, sell those stuffed MINE dolls all you like. But keep his lethargic, biting based offense out of the ring please!

  16. The best match on this Prime Time was, by far, Bad News Brown vs Brady Boone. I’m not even kidding it was an energetic six minute bout. Probably followed by Noriyo Tateno vs Leilani Kai.

      1. Sold!

        Man, I thought my equal number on the German side of the staff knew so much more about Excel than I do, with all the stuff in the sample sheets he sent before the meeting. Then he opens with “I just spent the last few weeks googling pivot tables…”

          1. I myself just learned the other day that Excel can derive a week number from a date. Who’dathunkit.

            Otherwise, a whole new world is opened to you once you master COUNTIF and conditional formatting.

          2. VLOOKUP literally changed my life a few years ago.

            I have a love-hate relationship with pivot tables.

          3. I understand that hesitancy. At first I liked to spot check, and once I was satisfied, copy and paste everything over as values if I was worried about a huge data set getting hosed. Now I find myself using it alllllll the time, to the point that it has become like a reflex.

    1. As a big WCW fan, I will go with 97. It was peak WCW, the build to Starrcade 97. They screwed the pooch there but I love the ending of Uncensored 97.

    2. 1997.

      1998 was strong in top but every promotion had rot setting in that would only get stronger. 98 had the Russo undercard stories in WWE, the nWo losing focus and bad celebrity wrestlers in WCW, overexpansion in ECW. Even AJPW had King’s Road getting out of control.

    3. I think 97 is much easier to re-watch, even if the wave of emotion and hot crowds was more a 98 thing. WCW in 97 is much better – as is ECW.

    4. 97 is pretty good too, it just felt like WWF was lost outside of the main event scene, WCW had a bleh main event scene outside of DDP/Savage and ECW came down a lot from the mold-breaking highs of ’95-96. 1998 felt more even handed top to bottom for all three promotions.

      But still, both years are a great ride to go through.

    5. 97 for sure. I’m someone who really doesn’t have an attachment to the 1998 WWF main events, as I kinda hated Austin matches at the time. Likewise, WCW tapered off big time as 98 progressed and we got pushes for Stevie Ray and Bobby Duncum Jr.

        1. I haven’t watched any of his stuff since I was a teenager, but all I remember is that as a Jerichoholic, I was pissed that they had Chris stuck in that feud.

    6. 98 for reasons way too elaborate and numerous to get into here but mostly for how hot WWF was and the uber popularity of Austin across the whole country, let alone in the business.

    1. Not a big fan of them moving the belts around. I get that it set up the eventual stip at the G1 Specials, but i really had hoped they’d just let War Machine run with them for 6 months or so.

  17. It’s All Star Tuesday. Making soft pretzels, bratwurst with sourkraut and beers for the game tonight.

    I still get juiced for the mid-summer classic. Anyone else watching the game tonight?

      1. I get off at 9, hoping to see my boys Votto and Cozart get some play time (I know Cozart will as a starter, just hope I’m home before the end of the third is all).

      2. Agreed. Working hard to compete for 162 games and walking away with the best record should mean something if they get to the Fall Classic.

        The next thing MLB needs to scrap is the one game playoff. Same concept. Nine innngs is not enough data to prove a better team.

          1. They should cut the schedule back to 154 and do best of three or five for the Wild Card and then best of seven from there.

          2. I think record-keeping wise we’ll never see them shorten the regular season, but really the only alternative is to start earlier, which only works if they actually strategically schedule to have games in warmer climates to start the year.

          3. The regular season should end a month earlier. We dont need baseball in late October/ earlyNovember.

          4. Yes this for sure. With the current playoff setup it makes no sense to play division rivals this often. Go back to the balanced schedule and then everything is equalized.

          5. Agreed. I miss the days of the Braves playing the West coast Teams more then twice a year.

  18. The ECW v WWE special is a fun show. The back and forth between Joey/Taz and King/JR throughout the show is really great and heated with a lot of snarky lines.

    1. I was fortunate to be at that event. That was a pretty fun night. And as it turns out, I was witness to the only 1-on-1 encounter between Rey Mysterio and Rob Van Dam.

  19. I live and work just outside of Dayton, Ohio. And there seems to be a severe wind and thunderstorm decending over the area. I’m at work now and have seen lights flickering an more than a few power surges. I have a feeling power may even go out at some point today if this keeps up.

    1. Yes. Which is why it bothers me when he gets cheered in ROH like he does. Because there is nothing cool about Cody – nor his heel shtick. He’s been really deliberate about that. He’s a very good character. He’s cool by association, but it bewilders me that people would want to wear his merch. They are completely getting worked.

  20. I don’t mind working till 9 tonight because I am off work tomorrow. Those are the best nights; I get home, unwind and look for something fun to watch on the Network as I doze off on the couch after an hour.

    1. I likely won’t get to it till Friday. I would see it prior to the ‘Apes’ marathon tomorrow, but 4 films in a row in one day feels like overkill, even to a movie geek like me.

      1. I could see it more as Kurt was taking guidance and comfort from Steph, even though others might see it as a tawdry affair. Which is how HHH would take it, so they fight at SummerSlam, where it is revealed that it was all a ruse done to remove Kurt from power.

        Because Steph and HHH are always the smartest characters lol.

        1. I’ve seen a trend about guys in the Hall of Fame staying out of the ring.

          Piper is the only one who pulled it off at 25, but honestly that was not a serious angle.

          I would say a 5% chance of that happening.

    1. I’d love it if it was Dixie, but I just can’t see WWE spinning a storyline off of a one time competitor they have barely acknowledged the existence of and who the audience (less the smark minority) would likely have no idea who she is.

  21. I do enjoy the laid back atmosphere of the daily thread here. I’m sure within a few months this space will have increased traffic (and I want to see it draw a larger crowd because I enjoy the work done by this site). But for now I enjoy the quiet ambiance.

    1. It was touching. I enjoyed it. Kurt was a legitimate beast.

      Vince gets his deserved credit for keeping doors open for guys. For such a crude business man, he never burns bridges.

  22. I like the low scoring affair. Makes for more drama. Baseball might be the one sport that is more compelling when there is less offense.

  23. Finishing the Kurt doc now… awesome, awesome stuff. The scene at the gravesite was rough… as was him admitting he was lying to Vince and just going all out assuming his neck would just give out some day and force him to quit.

  24. MLB ASG is now tied at 43 wins a piece between the two Leagues. Smackdown was pretty good tonight. How was the Cedric/Dar I Quit Match?

  25. Following along on Twitter, Wrestle-1’s Grand Prix (King of the Ring) looks pretty well booked:

    Masayuki Kono (veteran strong style guy) def. Daiki Inaba (young technician babyface)

    Takahati Ita (training camp prodigy) def. Shuji Kondo (veteran drill sergeant type)

    Manabu Soya (Wildman brawler) def. Kumagoro (Young big man/silly half of odd couple tag team)

    Jiro Kuroshio (charismatic fun loving fop) def. Koji Doi (Serious half of odd couple tag team)

    Kono def. Ita (mentor defeats student)
    Jiro def. Soya

    Kono vs Jiro as the final, as a rematch of a title match from December where Kono retained.

    Winner faces champion Shotaro Ashino. Ashino overthrew Kono’s group, took his title and disbanded the group. Ashino broke Jiro’s ankle in an ankle lock and put him out four months.

    I’m kind of excited to watch all this play out when it drops!

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