Place to Be Nation POP: A Primer

Place to Be Nation POP is our exclusive feed for pop culture podcasts covering comics, movies, TV, sports, gaming and more. It’s available on iTunes, Google Play and at podbean.

With this primer, I wanted to share a sampler of each show on our feed. We have a fantastic number of voices that are passionate experts in their respective hobbies. You hear it in each episode. Please share your thoughts with us in the below comments. Any feedback is appreciated! It can even be as simple as “I really like Russell!”

24 thoughts on “Place to Be Nation POP: A Primer

  1. Not to tell tales outta skewell, but some damn fool accused Nick Duke of being the best podcaster in the world. But that’s just one man’s opinion and it’s not for me to say, quite frankly.

    1. The best podcaster in the world is *pretty* high praise I guess. Are you sure the context wasn’t “Best podcaster in the world who has taken a piss on air?”

      1. What comic/art style would you call this?

        I finished up the four episodes last night – an easy watch. Looking forward to the next 8.

        1. I think “American Anime” was the genre Russell used to describe it. Very much anime, but with a more Americanized vision of motion, I think.

  2. FYI, Go Home in a Box celebrates films from the 70s-90s rather than make fun of them like How Did That Get Made and similar podcasts. We have fun with the topic, but we’re big movie fans as well..

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