Weekly Discussion Thread: 9/18-9/23

Come chat Bobby Heenan memories, Raw, Monday Night Football, SmackDown, MLB pennant race, GWWE, and everything in between.

Be sure to check out Steven’s tribute to Bobby “The Brain” Heenan.

Audio highlights for this week include:

93 thoughts on “Weekly Discussion Thread: 9/18-9/23

  1. Anyone remember which WCW show featured Big Bubba Rogers freaking out in an interview with Mean Gene?
    They were near the top of the ramp and Big Bubba screamed out “RIIIIIIIING” followed by Gene telling him he had an identity crisis, so might’ve been right when he turned back into being Big Bubba somewhere in early 1995.
    Any help on the date of the show or a link would be greatly appreciated.

      1. Thanks!
        Off to watch more Heenan on YouTube.
        Speaking of which, why the hell didn’t WWE put something up for him on the Network?
        Hopefully, they get that done tonight.

  2. In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin, Scott and Santa Pete Schirmacher are feeling festive, enjoying their gifts and snuggling by the fire as they take a look at the 12/26/86 Madison Square Garden house show!

    The boys discuss Bobby Heenan in the booth, a pedestrian opener, the arrival of Honky Tonk Man, the continued misuse of Dick Slater, a moribund Women’s Title match, a terrible return to the WWF by Dino Bravo, a fun Hogan/Kamala title match,a big weekend of movie releases, a rare win for Jose-Luis Rivera, the big Hillbilly Jim/Mr. Fuji tuxedo match, a fun Santana/Hercules battle, a worthless final match and more, including end of show awards!

    So fire up this action-packed episode and join Scott, Justin & Pete as it’s time for another edition of the PTB Podcast!


  3. I just heard that Giancarlo Stanton hit his 55th home run yesterday. He could hit 60 before the season is over and no one seems to be talking about it. I never thought someone could quietly hit 60 home runs

    1. He’s gonna hit 60. Four games in Colorado, three in Arizona and three at home against ATL.

      It’s a shame that it’s happened so quietly. Imagine if he played for a west coast team? It would be happening even quieter.

      1. I’ve read a couple things on it, but its also surprised me with how quiet it is. usually articles comparing the feat to Bonds and how this is clean. I think what also hurts is that MLB set the season record for HRs yesterday – with 10 days left to go in the season. Lot of homers this year -and the Marlins being awful doesn’t help.

          1. Heck, your boy in Philly Rhys Hoskins is getting more press than Stanton.

            Hell of a run he’s had.

          2. Rhys is the man – another Ryan Howard-like situation where he was in the minors a touch too long, but he’s able to come in and super produce right away vs. struggle (at least).

    2. I’m not into revisionist history but it IS kinda crazy that he’s going to be the first (presumably) clean player to beat the Maris record. When that record was SUCH A HUGE DEAL in 1998. Even the Bonds chase and surpasing 70 wasn’t even as big of a deal when it happened than the McGwire/Sosa chase in 98, probably because everyone knew Bonds was on roids, they just weren’t sure how to feel about it yet.

  4. Still no internet at home…would have had it back yesterday but the tech guy from AT&T no showed the appointment. Had to schedule another one for next Wednesday so looks like still no WiFi til then. Fucking A.

  5. The run of For Your Consideration shows is finished – possibly more on the way later (and a thanks to Will, who banged these out way in advance so we could schedule them two months out) – BUT we do have fresh GWWE audio for you as Stacey put together a show discussing how to rank/tier Trish Stratus. Audio in the main post.

  6. http://placetobenation.com/wednesday-walk-around-the-web-09202017/

    This week in the Wednesday Walk: The Mad Pooper of Pine Creek, space surgery, fadeouts in music, juggalo allies, Peak New England Autumn, lie detectors, important information about Waluigi, lunchboxes, more information about table saw design than you might require, Toys R Us, the new flag of Mars, translated Star Wars, modern stonecarving, the rubber bands of the future, the best worst ice cream commercials, and The Hobbit as read by The Professor.

  7. Just finished the 5 on 5, losing stable must disband, no DQ, elimination tag match from Dragon Gate 9/18.

    It felt like an above average survivor series match, but I’m not a hardcore DG guy so I might have missed callbacks and the like.

    Genki Horiguchi as face in peril was fun in the beginning and the end sequence was also really good when it was 3 on 2 with the faces ahead. The visual of 4 heels armed with wrenches each dismantling a turnbuckle was really cool too.

    It feels like the middle slowed down badly, mostly because it was non hardcore wrestlers trying to do garbage spots and not being great at it. There were a few parts that felt sloppy and not as urgent as the stakes should make it.

    I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t super duper great from what I saw.

  8. Hey guys, I’m restarting my podcast Meet The Press Slam with a series interviewing wrestling fans about their fandoms and about current and past wrestling. I’ve so far recorded with Kelly Harrass of Voices of Wrestling and Trevor Dame of ThROH The Years and you can hear those podcasts here http://shoutengine.com/MeetThePressSlamVolume2/
    Working on getting the podcast on iTunes ASAP. And today or tomorrow be on the lookout for episodes recorded with Allan Blackstock of Letters Center Stage and Sean Sedor of Voices of Wrestling. Also havetalked to Jeff Hawkins, Case Lowe, among others to do this series. Thanks and have a wonderful day

  9. Was in the mood for a classic Heenan pick-me-up here on a Friday afternoon so I loaded Wrestlemania 8 on the Network. Bobby and Gorilla are so good on this night…probably my favorite overall show for them.

    “You always buy that cheap cologne so you can get a free comb!”
    “Will you stop!?!”

  10. Just finalized talks with respect to the return of The Glenn Butler Podcast Hour Spectacular–my brother and I will be back this coming week discussing the first two episodes of Star Trek: Discovery, RIGHT HERE at Place To Be Nation Dot Com.

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