Sunday Discussion Thread 7/2/17

Here is your Sunday discussion thread! We can talk the fallout from the NJPW G1 Special last night, tomorrow’s Raw, baseball, NBA Free Agency and whatever else is on your minds.

Be sure to check out Ioan’s recap of last night’s show!

Plus, on the PWO feed, the boys at Strong Style Story are killing it with live podblasts from from the G1 special and Tim & Pete are back with a new This Week in Wrestling!

Today’s Discussion Topic of the day… what are your favorite slices of Wrestling Americana?

76 thoughts on “Sunday Discussion Thread 7/2/17

    1. Nah, segments like that rarely age well. Though the USS Interpid body slam would be looked upon more fondly in terms of WWE official canon.

      1. I think the title run would have been look on more fondly with solid feuds, like perhaps he faces Borga at the Rumble and somebody else between that and Bret at X. He still loses to Bret at X but perhaps the feel good moment at the end is even more nostalgic.

          1. Yeah I mean I get why they turned him but they kneecapped what could have been a strong heel run for sure. Bret as champ with Yoko and Lex chasing could have been fun.

          2. In my ideal fantasy booming scenario:
            Bret beats Yoko at mania.
            Bret beats Savage at kotr
            Luger wins kotr.
            Luger Beats Hart at ss
            Hart wins Rumble with someone else so we still get the Owen match.
            Hart beats Luger at Mania.

        1. It’s tough timing for Lex, but Yokozuna was huge (both literally and in storyline) and obv a go-to heel for Vince’s vision of wrestling.

  1. In terms of wrestling americana, I remember a few times 4th of July weekend one of the local car dealerships would bring WWF guys in and they would put a little ring (not a full size but close) and they would sign autographs and stuff like that. I remember Jim Duggan backdropping Rick Rude onto the back of a Ford truck. That was cool.

  2. Speaking of Americana, on the recent Greetings from Allentown, Peter looks at that one Raw with Luger and the body slam coverage. Really good one-man pod. Will link later .

  3. Happy early 4th PTBN. Looking forward to seeing who makes the MLB All Star Teams today. I guess also tonight is the last official TNA PPV before they become GFW next week. Looking forward to Brock/Samoa Joe next Sunday headlining GBOF.

      1. I loved it. It was so great and the promo with DiBiase, Borne, and Duggan still in the gorilla suit was awesome too. That crowd was pretty much shell shocked after that finish. They didnt make a peep the rest of the show.

  4. Watching 6/12/00 Raw. Scary moment in Dudley vs Vince/Shane match where Vince and Bubba take a bump from top rope to the floor. Jericho vs HHH is a really strong sprint style match going about 8 minutes.

  5. Predictions for NJPW G1 USA tonight:

    Omega over Lethal
    Ishii over ZSJ

    Omega over Ishii

    Omega/ZSJ would be awesome but don’t see it.

    1. Ahhh if only the boys were pushing through the ’07 timeline you would have known by now 😉

      Without looking, I’m guessing wellness policy washout.

  6. Celts waived Tyler Zeller. Interesting only because they had to free up cap space to offer Hayward a max deal and did this shortly before Hayward’s visit to Boston ended.

  7. The first half of the NJPW show tonight has been incredible. Two ****+ matches and Lethal vs OMega at ***3/4. Show of the year contender so far.

        1. During the G1 last year, he kept tweeting that you can not call yourself a real fan of NJPW if you were not watching the tournament live.

          This week, more than ever, I learned that some people really hate that people like NJPW

          1. Lot of complaining on twitter this weekend by people who don’t like their WWE attacked when there’s a better alternative..

  8. The Bucks have added a lot more focus since they started working the sharpshooter into their matches. Almost feel like Trent takes too much damage to keep kicking out, but it made sense to me why Nick would after those piledrivers as RPG rarely gets sustained offense. The Bucks’ arsenal is maybe the best its ever been.

    So after two very believable nearfalls, it gets crazier. This is a great follow-up to their Dominion match (which i had at ***3/4) – ****1/2

    1. It was a good spotfest but a match that felt tone deaf for me given the way the card has flowed so far. We have seen some excellent work but also a great nod of psychology. This threw all psychology out the window to just be wild. I can appreciate the athleticism but it went on way too long and left me cold. ***

      1. I was surprised how much time it got, but really felt like the exact same Dominion match (Bucks dominant, work over Trent’s back), only for him to not tap this time (rocky broke it up) and then to go into that wild extended addendum.

          1. No way did Trent sell better here. Ready for Pete to come in here and talk some sense into that bullshit.

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