Saturday Discussion Thread – G1 Special in USA Day!

Join us for all-day talk on NBA free agency and NJPW’s G1 Special in USA, which is LIVE on AXS at 8pm ET.

Got POP? Specifically PTBN Pop? Well our crew just released their mid-year 2017 awards. Check out the show right here:

Our guys from the Strong Style Story podcast are on-site in Long Beach for the G1 specials. Check out their Podblast after the press conference:

And here’s the Strong Style Story Night 1 preview – recorded out in Long Beach today!

135 thoughts on “Saturday Discussion Thread – G1 Special in USA Day!

    1. Stacked Day of kid’s birthday parties for me. The wife and I are already planning margaritas on the back porch once this craziness is over.

      1. As good as JR is, watching him call Okada/Omega 2 last night he just seemed so unenthused, chalked it up to perhaps it’ll be different when he’s in a live environment as opposed to watching the match in a studio basically talking over it

        1. I actually thought he was pretty good during Okada/Omega 2. Better than he usually is on the New Japan shows. To answer your question, it’s JR and Barnett on commentary tonight.

    1. Ringer piece on this is pretty good. $$ in the NBA is crazy (not a new story), but they’d be hardpressed to find anyone else given their cap. So they go Holiday (still only 27!) and the two big studs and try to fill around with 3 and D guys I guess.

    1. I doubt it. I feel like Okada’s run is going to lead to a bigger showdown down the line…maybe even holding to WK12. That said, it would be a shocking way to kick off the first true NJPW step into the US.

    2. There’s been a lot of scuttle (I assume partially shtick) that he’s going to win, but i don’t see it at all. I also didn’t (for whatever it’s worth) see any reason why they’d move the belt from Okada to Omega back in January. An interference-filled main event with Okada losing would do a lot to damage the goodwill of the US fanbase. I just don’t see it.

    3. I’ve been saying for a while its the most logical storyline.

      Okada weak from his matches this year loses to Cody who swoops in finishing what Omega started.
      Starts a rift in the BC where Kenny eventually gets kicked out and turns babyface.
      Kenny wins G-1
      Omega-Cody for the title at WK, Omega wins
      Omega beats Okada on the next big show to finally win that match

      Now the problem is
      Cody is the ROH champ
      I doubt NJ wants an American and Canadian fighting over their top belt and headlining their biggest show

  1. I finished watching the three ROH Best in the World matches that NJPW World put up. Some ratings:

    KUSHIDA/Scurll ***3/4
    Three-way tag with Best Friends/Bucks/WM ***1/2
    Daniels/Cody **

    1. It’s also not a stretch, nor anywhere near outlandish to say that KUSHIDA is easily the best worker in ROH right now, and i don’t think it’s particularly close.

      1. Kushida is having an awesome year but hard to knock Okada off the perch as best wrestling in NJPW. Takahashi has been really good this year as well

    2. Daniels/Cody was really disappointing, no heat, a lot of sloppy back and forth, an early ref bump which did nothing and then a real scripted looking elaborate final sequence that fell super flat.

  2. My predictions for the U.S. Title tourney

    Ill go Omega over Elgin
    Lethal over Hangman
    Juice over Sabre
    Ishii/Naito is a tossup. Either Naito loses here or loses in the finals….Ill go with the upset of Ishii

    Next round
    Omega over Lethal
    Ishii over Juice

    Final round
    Omega over Ishii

    Which than means the Michael Elgin is going to win Block B but lose to Naito in the finals of the G1 is my prediction as well

    1. I’m with you that I think Naito loses tonight, probably a part of a multi-man tomorrow then. His comments at the presser yesterday cracked me up. (summarizing) “I don’t want the US belt. I don’t even know why i’m in this tournament”. So good.

    2. Here is my predictions:

      Im going:

      Lethal over Page
      Omega over Elgin
      Sabre over Juice
      Ishii over Naito

      Omega over Lethal
      Sabre over Ishii

      Sabre over Omega

      1. Nope. You were right. He robbed the bank on that deal. Zero lateral movement. He can’t defend a statue. A second tier shooter at best.

  3. Liger was the glue. Established the heel/face dynamic matter. Then it let those highspots later felt more built to after the FIP.

    1. Yeah, I skipped the 2nd and 3rd matches to get live and I really enjoyed that match a lot. Sabre was good working the limb and Juice sold well and was sympathetic. ***1/4 or so.

      1. Well ROH crowd loved him which I never would have guessed. I still expect him to be booed , but have smackering of cheers. What about you.

    1. As “free agents” now (reportedly), really hoping they stick with NJPW/ROH. They’re over in Japan; i was surprised they moved the belts at Dominion.

      1. Him doing this show I though was important for NJPW because he’s the face of wrestling to U.S audiences. His performance has been weak .

    1. Probably biggest news is with War Machine getting the belts back, they’re seemingly sticking around. This encounter was really forgettable.

  4. I accidentally fell asleep after the Ishii/Naito match and just caught the finishing stretches of the last two matches.

    I thought Ishii/Naito was terrific. I also loved how strong the crowd was behind Okada.

  5. I liked that they did the match rundown in the ring prior to the first match. A small thing that emulates the experience in Japan.

    And then after the show they cut right to the press conference. Cool touches.

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