Saturday Discussion Thread – 8/5/17

Happy Saturday! Hang here to talk about whatever you got on your mind this weekend!

Also… remember tomorrow night we are doing a group live watch of a SummerSlam, based on the voting results of this poll.

And feel free to leave feedback below for this Monday’s Place to Be Podcast as we review the Big Event!

40 thoughts on “Saturday Discussion Thread – 8/5/17

  1. After starting my AE chrono watch nearly two years ago, finally reached the end of the MNW…got on the final Nitro.

    Tony’s voice noticeably cracks a few times throughout.

      1. Oh yeah…rest of 01 awaits. I’m just plowing forward in general now.

        It’s been a heck of a fun journey back through time reliving not just the golden age of wrestling but also my childhood.

          1. Nah would’ve been too much lol. Still planning to do ECW at some point.

            It’s been WWF only. Just couldn’t do WCW knowing I’d eventually have to sit through 2000 Nitros and be fighting the urge to claw my eyes out.

          2. Can tell on this last Nitro that the talent wanted to go out with a bang and also use the show as an audition for Vince in hoping they’d get picked up eventually.

          3. Yeah I was watching the 2000 WCW stuff a while back just to get a laugh and see if I could make it through it all, I got through August and had to take a break before I go back and watch the rest.

            I do enjoy listening Brother Nate Milton and Brian Mann’s podcast Keeping it 2000 where they go through all the 2000 Nitros they make it much more enjoyable to relive those shows. They sacrifice their sanity for our entertainment.

          4. I think doing WWF, WCW and ECW TV and PPV from 1993-2001 would be fun. Im already in 97 WCW and the VVR stuff makes it impossible for me, but would be neat to watch the battle week to week.

          5. I consider that the Ultimate version of a chrono watch…. actually might do that one day but that would be no where near anytime soon. Unless I impulsively change my mind which is always possible lol

          6. That is why I came up with the Adventure concept, it intrigues me to watch it all in order. Just didn’t have the time and then when they added more to the older years it was too much to reset and handle.

          7. I’m rewatching all three all the way through currently. I’m in 1997 now.

        1. Oh yeah. I missed out on all the PPVs after WM 2000 bc of cable going digital and my family being forced to ditch the infamous black box. This watch allows me to see the payoffs of the weekly tv that I didn’t get to see.

          1. I’ve been doing just ppvs since the new year. Go e through 11 years. Some are fun. Right now I’m trudging through 2009. It’s rough.

          2. Good thing….lot of those 09 Raws are bad. Randomly had on a Nov 09 one a while back and it started with an awful HHH promo that I think went 25 min.

          3. The endless combo of Cena/HHH/Orton is painful. None of them have any chemistry.

          4. I missed a few of the PPVs until about 2000 with the Royal Rumble and then got them regularly after that.

    1. Just got home from kohls always like to see all my savings on the receipt and walk out of there like they are suckers that just got owned.

      1. Yeah it most likely will be, but I wish instead they would #GiveEmmaAChance or #GiveMickieAChance and put one of them in the match as they are being so misused on Raw. What is the point in even bringing Mickie back if they are never going to use her and when they do it’s to get squashed by Nia.

        In other news Raw Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss now is the mother of a pet teacup pig named Larry Steve and I hope he becomes more popular than 2Pawz the cat lol.

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