PTBN Discussion Thread & WWF IYH: Mind Games 1996 Live Watch – 8/27/17

Come hang out with us tonight to chat the world of wrestling, sports, pop culture and whatever else is on your mind.

Also, at approximately 8:45pm ET join us to Live Watch WWF IYH: Mind Games 1996 as a group! See you down below!

293 thoughts on “PTBN Discussion Thread & WWF IYH: Mind Games 1996 Live Watch – 8/27/17

  1. Back from vacation and all caught up on wrestling looking forward to talking some mind games later. Might not be here right at the start but I’ll catch up with you guys.

    1. Have my work league Wednesday night and friends league next weekend. Glad we waited since guys like Edelman and ware are now done for the season. Always hate doing drafts early in august when you know guys are going to go down in the preseason.

      1. This Friday is a unique mix of the 5-17-93 RAW, The October 92 SNME, In Your House 4, SummerSlam 1992 and the Beyond the Ring of Bret Hart Dungeon Collection.

          1. Saturday’s program has a running theme with them streaming the first four Mae Young Classic episodes and then various programs highlighting the Women/Divas.

          1. Only took them 3 years.

            Wow, the Network has been around 3 1/2 years. That’s crazy. And they’ve only scratched the surface of content to add. And yet it still feels like an embarassment of riches.

          2. Example: Look at how sparse the AWA section is. There is a ton that could be added their alone.

          3. Or any Main Event, or Worldwide, or Pro.

            And how about Wrestling Challenge, All American, Superstars post 1990 that doesn’t need its banners blurred out.

          4. When they add Thunder and Heat I will feel like I can do a proper 1998 rewatch for all three promotions.

          5. I know, wish I could remember how much it is. They really need to remind us more of the monthly cost.

          6. I still say they fucked up including the big four at the start. Should have been $10/mo and then an additional $20 for the Big Four. Still would have been a steal. Too late now…

    1. I bet the celts just give them their 2019 first rd pick and all this is settled. If it’s true that the celts were up front with Isaiahs injury.

        1. And it’s not like Thomas is going to miss the year. Even if he doesn’t come back to December or January the Cavs are still going to be right at the top of the east with the Celts.

          1. Had Johnson last year. Basically won my league because of him. And Bell is awesome to have especially if he stays healthy.

    1. Or Kevin Kelly narrating your Christmas play for that matter.

      “How ’bout, fuck you Scott. Fuck you Justin. Is that a better take?”

      Life is strange.

  2. The Network still needs a Randomizer option. Like a Shuffle playlist. You get a Nitro followed by a Tuesday Night Titans followed by a Swerved and then an MSG House Show from 1981. It would be nuts!

    1. This has come up before, but my favorite suggestion was a late night clip show of the most bonkers out-of-context promos and interviews from any promotion and any year. Throw that up on the live stream to hook the college kids/stoners. It might be too labor-intensive to really justify the effort, but still cheaper than a lot of the shitty ass original shows nobody watches.

        1. I think because the era wasn’t strong for tag teams people don’t look at them like they do those late 80s teams with a stacked tag division. But when you watch their matches over their 3 plus years you see that they were a pretty solid team.

  3. I first watched the main event in 2004 after the Shawn two disc DVD (still possibly disc-for-disc one of the best matches-wise). To that point I had probably read SK’s review a dozen times and this one absolutely lived up to the hype, even 8 years later.

  4. Great effect with the boot hitting the stairs.

    This ring is sooo stiff too.

    There is nothing wasted to this point in the match – Mankind running to escape SCM and grabbing the earn maybe (just from a corny standpoint, but hey, its ’96 WWF)

  5. Speaking of brilliant transitions – you have the elbow drop setup as the perfect reason to then reverse into the table spot. I mean, this is just amazingly laid out psychology-wise.

      1. Aside from Dec. 96 to May 97, where they really didn’t have much for him, outside of being Undertaker’s first challenger, he really was kept high profile.

  6. The ironman match got so much praise from wwf back in the day but looking back Michaels had better matches on ppv in 96 with this one and the diesel match from good friends better enemies.

          1. He probably put even more pressure on himself to deliver due to the NWO & WCW kicking them in the ratings

  7. I was at ****3/4 +++ for the main; I never hold the booked finish (so-and-so wins by :blank:) against a match, but DQ’s like this are tough to swallow (as another example, i loved Bad Blood 97 main event, clean pin even with hijinks – *****).

  8. So I’ve started to go back and watch the WWECW shows and I remember JT and Scott talking about how bad Big Show looked during this time and now that I’m going back and watching it I see what they mean. I don’t see how he even made it to December before he took that break he looks so bad especially around his eyes, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wrestler with such visible dark circles around his eyes like Show did during this time.

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