NFL Week 2 & Live Watch Discussion Thread – 09/17/17

Welcome to football Sunday! Break down the thrills and spills in this, YOUR discussion thread.

As a tribute to the passing of Bobby Heenan, tonight’s live watch will be the 1992 Royal Rumble match. So make sure to be here at 9:00 Eastern to catch that!

385 thoughts on “NFL Week 2 & Live Watch Discussion Thread – 09/17/17

  1. There are some people in the wrestling business who were so great and did so much for the business that even being in the HOF (whether it be WWE or WON) isn’t enough of an honor and Bobby Heenan was definitely one of those people.

  2. The commentary to this show is the soundtrack to my early teens for sure. I watched this show live on scramble vision because my dad couldn’t get the box from the cable company in time to order it. The commentary was burnt into my mind… I could lull myself to sleep with it every night.

  3. Listening to Gorilla and The Brain do commentary on this match makes me wish WWE pushed to have their announce teams sound more like this than the dull corporate speak they’ve been pushing for so long. Commentary like this never takes away from the match. Almost every match was enhanced with these two on the stick.

          1. Jimmy is the only classic Fed manager to have managed clients to all three titles. And given his association with Sheri, you might even be able to say he managed the Ladies champs for both singles AND tag.

  4. I swear, Bobby’s in Heaven right now with Gorilla, sitting down to commentary, looks at the match list… and sees Ric’s name is scratched out. The cries of “THIS IS NOT FAIR TO FLAIR!!!” fill the skies.

  5. Would love to join the live watch but will be too late for me in the UK tonight (or tomorrow morning) but I just wanted to add my own little tribute to The Brain. I probably spent more time as a kid watching (or listening) to him on TV than anyone and thinking about him will always make me smile. Bobby – you brightened up the life of this “limey” and ham-and-eggers the world over!

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