Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread 7/3/17

It’s Monday Night! Talk all about tonight’s Raw right here… and also any baseball or other programs you may be viewing throughout the evening!

Also, ICYMI, Scott Criscuolo & Jason Greenhouse dropped a GWWE podblast looking at the career of Haku!

127 thoughts on “Monday Night Raw Discussion Thread 7/3/17

  1. Why is it that ever since Bayley has come up to the main roster the setup crew can’t figure out how to get her inflatables to work properly? Seems like every time she comes out she is having to try to get at least one of them to inflate.

  2. They sure are making Bayley look ineffective. I have no idea what they are even trying to accomplish with the character anymore.

      1. Plus, its a match that has never been done before. I’m intrigued. Between that, Reigns vs. Strowman, and even the Cruiserweight Title match it should be a solid show, even if I do not care about the rest of the card.

        1. Doubt they’d put Ali vs. Gulak on the preshow. Could possibly get something like Swann vs. TJP or Gallagher against Nese or Kendrick.

  3. If they have to do Cedric and Fox for this long, she should at least switch cruiserweights to be her boyfriend and attack Cedric. She could rotate through managing all the heels in the division like a D rate Jimmy Hart.

      1. Dar could be traded up to Daivari, up to Nese, up to Kendrick, finally up to TJP. At least different guys will have something to do.

  4. As far as setting up feuds with angles and segments, tonight has been good for the most part. The action as a whole has stunk but they at least have solid direction for most of the feuds.

  5. I haven’t watched a raw or TV episode of WWE since 2013, and what do I see first? Bray Wyatt promo. So many questions:
    Why does chaos fuel fire?
    How does he embody chaos? (which more an abstract concept and less an entity.)
    Why is he in a desert?
    How did he make a decision back when humanoids still worshipped the sun?
    Who is he feuding with?
    What does he want?
    When will he do something proactive?
    The list goes on…

        1. All jokes aside, I can’t believe they let this get by. He literally told me no information. I didnt even know who he was fighting with until I looked it up.

          1. At least with the Titus brand Apollo is doing something instead of aimlessly coming out smiling for random matches here and there

    1. July shows can be kind of a letdown before summerslam but I’m pumped for Sunday really solid card with matches that I actually care about and want to see.

        1. That’s what you want on a go
          home show before a ppv so I’m glad to hear that, some shows before a ppv it’s like they forget that a big show is that Sunday.

      1. The only match I do not care about is Seth vs. Bray and despite the Women’s Division being a hot dumpster fire at the moment, Sasha vs. Alexa is at least something new.

  6. Good go Home Show tonight for Sunday. Liked the final sequence with Roman & Braun, Brock & Joe was great, Finn/Cesaro was MOTN, Enzo Amore with a fantastic promo at the start, etc.

  7. The 30 minute Iron Man Tag Match is a good way to go for the Hardys/Cesaro/Sheamus feud. First time i think we’ve had a Tag Iron Man.

      1. Oh wait i just remembered at least one Iron Man Tag. It was on Smackdown in early June of 2005 with MNM vs Hardcore Holly & Charlie Haas. It went 15 minutes with MNM winning.

  8. Hot take: Impact tapings looked pretty sweet with some hot debuts. And it looks like they’re running the upcoming house shows like they did with GFW, which were pretty fun.

      1. When we went to the GFW house shows, virtually the entire roster was available for autographs, pictures and merch. It was included in price of admission. It looks like they’re doing that again if you buy first few rows of seats, which is fairly reasonable for $50-$65.

        Some of the guys weren’t particularly nice (looking at you, Gallows), but Karl Anderson was playing with my buddy’s baby niece, Duggan was great, Cabana was shilling, etc.

        And if they bring these new X-Division guys out, I’d go if it wasn’t me.

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