Evening Discussion Thread 6/29/17

Here is your evening thread! Impact is on and so is plenty of baseball!

Also, why don’t we do a live watch tomorrow night? Toss out some suggestions below.


JT & Scott reviewed the 1/31/95 Raw

Will, Kris & Steve dropped a new podcast for the PTBN GWWE Project looking at some New Generation candidates 

Also, a brand new Letters From Center Stage drops tonight so stay tuned!

Have at it!

118 thoughts on “Evening Discussion Thread 6/29/17

  1. How bout Bragging Rights 09 for tomorrow’s live watch since it’ll be on the stream?

    Guessing though 09 WWE won’t float anyone’s boat on a Friday night

          1. Went to a house show at the Boston Garden a month after mania 10 and was very disappointed we got Luger vs Crush instead of the advertised Luger Perfect match.

          2. As a kid I didn’t realize that all the shows on a loop are pretty much the same so I would always want my Father to take me to not only the garden show but Providence, Worcester, Springfield, Lowell etc. Great debates with him as a 10 year old when he was explaining that to me.

      1. Bad News is just awful here. Bret was right, this guy ate up every babyface he worked with, which is why no one wanted to have any feuds with him.

  2. So I was watching 1994 Raw in my Network chrono-watch and decided to take a step back and go watch the older stuff, including the hilariously dull “Gagne-Metrics” video. Then they put up all the Mid-South and then the Old Schools and suddenly getting back to 1994 seems like a longshot.

    1. My initial thought was this was a bad idea. But last time Cal was in the NBA, the only star that he had from college was Marcus Camby. His former players all seem to love him and I can see guys wanting to play with him again.

          1. Test # 1 – And Umass as well had issues when he left – What about those poor 4 years players at KU?

      1. He’s a smart guy – Jackson was soooo bad that the bar is really low right now. And it’s really enticing to be a savior to NYC.

        Could also be something with the potential draft class rules that is making him look at a change.

        1. I expected Jackson to have a rough go as President but I didn’t expect it to be that bad. Burying Carmelo Anthony to the media was ridiculous.

          1. As terrible as Isiah was, at least he had the intention to make the team better. Phil just seemed to be there to be an ass. I guess we finally found out the triangle offense was done as a way to win.

    1. Just looked up this show on Grahams site and it says it’s Dustys first match at msg in 6 years. That surprised me since he had been in wwf since the summer.

      1. Nope. Fuji & Warlord on offense was bad and the only interesting part was Shawn getting tossed around for a bit. Not a terrible match but its certainly nothing to seek out. The crowd was super into the Rockers though.

        This show was the night of nerve holds

      1. I interviewed Jane Leavy before the season started. Jane grew up a huge Mantle fan and wrote an amazing book about him called, The Last Boy.

        One thing we talked about was for the first time in a while- since Jeter retired- the Yankees didn’t have a guy. They have gone relatively smoothly from Ruth/Gherig to DiMaggio to Mantle to Munson/Jackson to Mattingly and then Jeter.

        It certainly seems like Judge has emerged to be that next Yankee superstar. It’s really unbelievable if you think about it.

        Also, Jane has written 3 of the best baseball books ever. She is working on a Babe Ruth book. I can’t freaking wait.

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