Daily Discussion Thread + RAW Live Watch 8/21/17

Fresh off SummerSlam, here’s your daily discussion thread. Capture your thoughts on the show and predictions for RAW this evening. Reaction show is below.

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137 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread + RAW Live Watch 8/21/17

    1. Hard to say for sure since I had such a choppy stream. But Cena/Bryan was better.
      I like Cena/Punk II a lot, it gets slept on. Was Cena/Orton the main event in 2007?
      Others will say Austin/Angle as well.

    2. Shocked to see this level of love. I thought it was really fun, but it had some dead points (basically when Brock was out).

      I’d comfortably put it behind Bret/Bulldog, Austin/Angle, Cena/Bryan, Punk/Cena, Edge/Taker and probably Rock/Brock.

      To me it was on the level of the Brock/Taker main event from a couple years back. A ton of fun. ***3/4 for me.

      1. It kind of made sense to have that dead point after they just got done re-arranging furniture. That kind of chaotic style where all of those big bombs got thrown would only work with those 4 guys, and I thought they did it flawlessly. Brock and Braun came off as stars. Hate to say it (I am a Roman fan) but he came off as small time to me throwing those weak superman punches after Brock and Braun were throwing each other around. That said, Roman and Joe have awesome chemistry together and I want to see them get a PPV match.

        1. I agree with much of that. I actually felt Joe was the odd man out, as it felt like all he did was pop up to try to choke someone, then get quickly deposited outside.

  1. So I only watched the last two matches:

    Jinder/Nakamura – The end result wasn’t surprising or deflating for me; there was very little build here, but with the big stage, it certainly planed the seed that maybe we’d see a title change. Jinder understands how to be a heel and carries himself fine. The *way* they went about the finish is off-putting, because it was the same thing as the Orton feud – this time interfering right in front of the ref! At that juncture, why not go with a DQ? Instead you have Nak eating a pin for Jinder – yuck. And the worst part is – you’ve got two months until the next SmackDown show, where presumably you get a change (that’s a lot of boring Jinder TV). I saw this on Twitter also – but given what they did, why not keep Jinder/Cena instead of flipping the Corbin matchup?

    1. The main was the spectacle the show needed, thankfully – and I didn’t even suffer through the first 4.5 hours.

      i’ve never seen Brock bump around for someone like Braun. And he took that the barricade spot on top of TWO powerslams through the tables. No one sells woozy and fatigue better than Brock. The interactions between those two were crazy good and they left the perfect amount on the table (Brock did not suplex Braun) for down the line.

      I’m not sure what they do for No Mercy though – presuming Brock isn’t defending the title. Another triple threat? Joe still feels fresh, and his Brock match (unlike Ambrose and others) actually put him over stronger in defeat. He’s been on fire.

    2. Jinder just isn’t the guy. He’s a solid midcard act and wrestler, but he never gets to a next gear in his matches, and honestly Bobby Roode does his style much, much better.

      Also he and Nak was a terrible style clash. Would have preferred Nak-Corbin and Cena-Jinder here, or Nak-Cena and Jinder-Sami for a one-off.

        1. No urgency, no direction, and it’s become apparent that trying to wedge Nakamura into the traditional WWE-style match isn’t the way to go.

          Jinder had almost the opposite problem of what Corbin had last night. With Jinder, it lacked intensity and urgency in his offense; with Corbin, it was nothing *but* intensity and shouting and yelling. There were no levels, as Steve Austin often references.

      1. WWE NO MERCY will broadcast from STAPLES Center on Sept 24th. This RAW exclusive PPV brings a day of reckoning to the City of Angels. See: Brock Lesnar, Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt, Bayley, Braun Strowman, Sasha Banks. Finn Balor, The Miz, Alexa Bliss, Sami Zayn, The Hardy Boys, Cesaro and Sheamus, and many more RAW Superstars.

        Staples Center does say Brock, although the typical asterisk of card is going to change.

        1. My dream card would be Brock vs. Braun on top and then Joe, Cesaro and Sheamus vs. the Shield. I recognize many would prefer to hold off on a Shield reunion for a bigger show, but I’m in the “do it before Vince gets a whim to turn one of them heel” state of mind.

  2. I enjoyed SummerSlam overall. SmackDown tag title match was MOTN, but I felt the Raw tag, main event, US and Raw women’s matches delivered big time. Some turds along the way, of course, namely Cass-Show.

    I just hate that AJ and Owens had that whole feud and not a single clean, regular match among them. Every finish was screwy or had a gimmick attached. Disappointing, and honestly I’m glad to see both guys move on now.

    I can’t say enough about both tag matches, but especially the Usos and the New Day. The Usos’ turnaround has been one of the best stories of this year in WWE. Tremendous workers, but they really have hit it out of the park with their character work of late.

  3. Finished watching SummerSlam. I worked last night so I skipped to the main event. Watched the rest of it today. RAW tag title match was very good. I liked Naomi-Natalya. I agree with some sentiments on twitter that I saw that Sasha-Alexa had another gear that they couldn’t quite get to. I don’t understand why Randy Orton is squashing guys in 2017. Again I ask, is someone mad at Rusev. I really don’t understand this at all. I’m not one to complain about this sort of thing, but this really perplexes me. As far as Jinder goes… I really hope that Vince is seeing a ton of revenue coming from India for this, otherwise this is yet another thing that I just do not get. Jinder is not a bad worker, but he just isn’t a Main Event caliber worker. AJ vs Owens was disappointing but not surprising that the match became about Shane McMahon as the ref since that’s pretty much what they told us was going to happen on Smackdown the past 3 weeks. They’ve had better matches on Smackdown than on PPV that’s for sure. I didn’t hate Show vs Cass as much as others did. I was afraid that Enzo was going to cost Cass the match after awkwardly, and slowly “slipping out” of the cage. That whole sequence was awkward and I am glad that Cass just disposed of him immediately and they went to the finish. Main Event was outstanding. Loved it loved it loved it. Top 5 SummerSlam main event for me. I only have Cena-Bryan and Bret-Bulldog for sure ahead of it. Punk-Cena; Punk-Hardy; Bret-Taker are the only other ones I would rate along with last nights main event.

      1. I’m thinking AOP and Roode are getting called up. Conventional wisdom has AOP on SmackDown, but I’m thinking Raw for them and SmackDown for Bobby.

        Could also see Roddy Strong called up to 205.

          1. I could see Roode filling in the Corbin role as the next top heel who takes over for Jinder after they tour India or whatever.

            But he could fit in nicely on Raw as well, as sort of a main event version of the Miz. Can certainly hang with the best in the ring.

  4. Per Big Dave:

    “Names expected to be called up soon include Bobby Roode, Peyton Royce, Billie Kay, Hideo Itami, No Way Jose and The Authors of Pain. Officials are very high on Roode and he is expected to be treated as one of the ‘top 5’ superstars in whichever roster he joins.”

    1. Roode is made for Smackdown. Itami can be Neville’s next challenger. Jose can be depth for Smackdown. AoP Smackdown and the two women on RAW.

  5. Nothing personal, but Emma has been completely useless during her main roster run. Its been 3.5 years on the main roster and nothing has worked, not even a demotion to NXT

  6. You really notice when hanging with the big names how Reigns just doesnt have what it takes to be the top guy of the company. He always comes off as background scenery and cannot cut it on the mic.

          1. I feel bad for the cruiserweights. The company has zero clue what to do with the division.

    1. Pisses me off. Balor is in there busting his ass and they’re play with ball. I understand you pay for your seat amd can say what you wish. But the beach ball crap is disrespectful

  7. Disappointing show. Say what you want about the crowd but no one cares about Jordan and the main event tag match was bad. Cena was awful and clearly just fucking around.

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