Daily Discussion Thread – 9/7/17

The NFL is back! We’ve got some fantastic pop culture content available on our POP feed today, plus a brand new Greetings from Allentown, plus the CWF Diaries on the PWO feed.

36 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 9/7/17

  1. With the *NFL* (OK CHAD?) season starting, our discussion threads will morph into some live thoughts – especially for prime time games i’d guess. I’ll probably shoot some in tonight while referencing players from my two fantasy teams that no one could possibly care about.

          1. Somehow this disqus and fb merged names or something i don’t know. They are both worked names so we’ll roll with this.

  2. Do any of you guys subscribe to Demand Progress (Progress Wrestling’s streaming service)? if so, How quick is the turn around in which they upload their latest show? This weekend’s card is pretty stacked imo, and their service is priced pretty reasonable

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