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Question of the Day: Who is the Greatest Tag Team Worker of All Time?

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70 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 8/9/17

  1. Watched 205 Live this mourning. Was that actually Mark Thomas against Noam Dar? One of the enhancement guys from the Superstars and Challenge days.

  2. What’s everyone’s thoughts on adding a Cruiserweight Tag title to 205 Live? I know its only a 1 hour show and 2 segments maybe at best on Raw, but there are some guys not doing anything. Surely a tag title would give guys like Gran Metalik and Lince Dorado, and give something else for the guys to go after. Even add in a Lucha Dragons reunion!

    There’s enough guys on the roster to make it work I reckon between the main show and some NXT guys.

      1. I could easily see Metalik and Dorado, the Bollywood Boys, even team Gulak and Nese up again – they had 32 cruisers on the roster last year, they could use them if they were worried about numbers

      1. They do need to make the title mean more, but they need to give these guys something to do at the same time – a cruiser tag would at least do that

  3. Viewing Recommendation: This 11/23/81 MSG House Show is pretty good. Two title changes (well one belt was vacant), Dusty/Mosca and a hot crowd. Not a long show as a couple matches were cut out.

    1. Yankee nicknames:

      Aaron Judge: “ALL RISE”
      Dellin Betances: “D. DAWG”
      Aroldis Chapman: “THE MISSILE”
      CC Sabathia: “DUB”
      Masahiro Tanaka: “MASA”
      Didi Gregorius: “SIR DIDI”
      Todd Frazier: “TODDFATHER”
      Gary Sanchez: “KRAKEN”
      Jacoby Ellsbury: “CHIEF”
      Sonny Gray: “PICKLES”

    1. They could definitely do it with all the talent at the PC – a TV title sort of thing, or one that’s defended on all the live shows and highlights shown each week

  4. Anyone remember which RAW featured the interview where Maria calls Edge “The Edge” by mistake and he freaks out on her?
    Trying to look for it to no avail so far.

  5. Just fired up the first half of WM X-7…was going to start it tomorrow night but it’s a pretty long show so decided to split it to a couple nights.

          1. The Taker matches for me are almost a wash on both shows. Both kind of blah.

  6. I don’t dislike Jinder Mahal as Champion because he came out of nowhere or he was a jobber the week before; (although those are good enough reasons) I dislike him as champion because he hasn’t had a good match as Champion. Every match has the exact same ending. I saw him at a house dhow last week against Sami Zayn: Sami’s winning, Singhs jump in, Sami fights them off, sneak attack finisher from behind. He’s one of the purest indictments of their creative bankruptcy.

    1. I’ll give him a tiny bit of credit for each of the Orton matches being incrementally better than the previous one. I’m not sure I’d call any of them capital-G Good — Orton has a pretty low bedrock of quality to begin with — but that’s something at least. On the same note, there’s a lot of creative bankruptcy wrapped up in there, but I’m at least relieved that they’re not doing Jinder vs. Super Jingoistic Cena (yet).

    2. I’ll give them credit for trying to make the guy a star but yeah he just isn’t great in the ring. I think he could be fun in a JBL’s cabinet way if they have him keep escaping with the belt and upping the chaos but JBL had more impressive offense, specifically the CFH.

      1. It’s like the major players in that scenario got a downgrade. JBL > Jinder, Eddie > Orton…wait, does that make Nakamura Undertaker?

        I’ll say the Bollywood Boys > Orlando Jordan and the Bashams.

    1. Waaaaay behind. I was watching pretty solidly a few years back, up until the baby with the cocaine? Not sure what season that is. I’m going to dive back in once I finish GLOW. Which is excellent.

          1. I was too the first time. I was also in love with Mandy Milkovich…so there was that…

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