Daily Discussion Thread – 8/3/17

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64 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 8/3/17

  1. *Heyman reportedly pushing hard for Joe to win the Universal title at SS.
    *Talk of having Enzo go to either 205 or NXT.
    *Tickets for Summerslam and Takeover haven’t sold out yet with takeover tickets being noticeably slower to sell compared to two years ago.

    1. I live in Brooklyn about a 15-20 minute drive away from Barclays and I still don’t think it’s worth going to Summerslam.
      I went 2 years ago and it wasn’t bad, but last year with the crowd being all annoying shitting over the Universal title the whole match was ridiculous.
      NXT, on the other hand, I would do if not for scheduling.
      It’s amazing how their 1 hour show a week sells their PPV way better than a bloated 3-hour RAW does.

      1. Both i think will sellout by the time it gets closer. Last year was annoying with the booing of the Universal Title but it didn’t ruin the whole Show.

      2. General interest in the product seems lower then it was compared to last year. A lot of that is on them since they’ve basically been spinning the wheels since Mania with all the muti man tags and such. Plus the superstar shakeup really fucked up SD and it’s been diminished ever since.

        1. I agree with everything except the last sentence.
          SD was damn good this past week and is usually way easier to sit through than RAW 9 times out of 10.

        1. It was a terrible idea that only had a chance to work if it was absurd but they put in a guy whose void of charisma. The company put him in a position to fail.

      1. What channel were the LA shows on? Obviously Boston garden was nesn, spectrum were on prism, msg on msg I just wasn’t sure if the LA shows were on a local LA channel or just taped for prime time and coliseum videos.

    1. Awesome that ’86 in Boston is completely covered. They must have skipped July because that dumpy crackhouse of an arena didn’t have air conditioning.

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