Daily Discussion Thread – 8/23/17

Come hang out with us today and discuss whatever is on your mind, including our PTBN GWWE Project!

Question of the Day: Will Brock Lesnar be the defending Raw World Champion at WrestleMania?

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90 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 8/23/17

        1. Ainge is too smart, he knows Irving will stay and they can pay him the max to do so. Crowder is good but replaceable IMO. When you have a chance to get a Top 10sh player you do it, especially since the odds they could have gotten him there in FA were low.

          1. I thought the trade grade was too low. I’m 100% okay with it from the Cavs perspective as well.

        2. I feel like the Cs wouldn’t have made the deal if they didn’t think they could sign Irving to an extension. Also, losing Crowder isn’t a huge loss. He wasn’t gonna get a ton of playing time this season anyway.

    1. Is there any reason he wouldn’t be at Mania? UFC commitments or what have you. I see no reason at this point to not have Brock hold the belt until Mania. It will take that much time to built a credible challenge at this point.

  1. I can see Braun winning at No Mercy but then a rematch at Survivor Series or the Royal Rumble with Brock winning it back to take it into WM 34.

  2. So, the WWE breaks up American Alpha and gives Jordan a DOA storyline on RAW then has Gable team with Shelton Benjamin. They didn’t think this one through.

    1. I”m fine with Gable teaming with Benjamin because I think it can be a fun team. But agreed with the Jordan storyline being DOA. Now Jordan either stays in this terrible storyline or turns heel.

      Jordan never really lit it up as a single guy in NXT. He was pretty bad til he started tagging with Gable.

        1. Even still, no one will care. Everyone knows he likely is turning but there isnt anyone invested in this at all. Jordan was better off floundering with Gable than this horseshit.

          1. They need to do a tag match with Kurt and Jordan where Jordan abandons him and Kurt gets beaten badly (Sheamus & Cesaro?) and then Jordan returns and picks the bones. Then a singles match at Survivor Series and Jordan goes over.

            Not saying it would work but it is probably their best chance.

  3. Wanting to do a little block watching on The Network soon. Here’s what i might throw on

    In Your House Ground Zero 1997 and the next night’s RAW for September 8th, might lump in the build to Badd Blood.

    Either the RAW before or after Breakdown 1998 along with the PPV.

    Kinda want to do some WCW watching as I haven’t watched any of it lately. A Fall Brawl for sure. Any Nitros that can be recommended leading up to a Fall Brawl?

    1. Just throwing it out there, but the Nitros in 95 are a pretty fun watch, especially after Fall Brawl 95. They had the goofy Dungeon of Doom stuff but the undercard was pretty fun. I was surprised.

      1. Think the good press from India might give them a reason to extend that long or maybe at least until the Rumble. I still see Nak vs AJ at Mania but probably not for the title. They have to give Roode the belt at some point…he’s too over.

          1. It will come up eventually why he doesn’t get a run with the belt if it goes without it long enough. It doesn’t have to be right away. Plus he has all the things the company likes from their POV in a top guy.

          2. I’ve never seen a more obvious case of a guy wjo’s over because of his entrance and music than Roode.

  4. So I just finished watching all the ppvs of 2009….
    I think 2009 Randy Orton may be the worat year ever for a top guy. Thoughts?

    1. Ring wise? Wasn’t the best but he had some good matches with Cena.

      Character wise? Absolutely loved him. One of my favorites of all time because of that period.

          1. Who would you have worse than his 09. A guy who was in a top program for a whole year.

            For me his year bottomed out with the Iron Man match.

  5. If Enzo has heat, and getting punished, how does that make the guys on 205 Live feel? This guy has essentially been demoted onto your show! If you want to punish him, have him lose on Main Event, don’t put him on 205 Live

    1. They should. Rusev was going to feud with Orton for the title before the company got Jinder fever. They’ve totally been treated like after thoughts. Apparently even Orton thinks Creative has sucked and is backing them up.

      1. Ah, that makes sense. Might be a better deal for the wrestlers too since they probably get to charge more for indy shows having been on WWE TV, and when they’re in WWE the NXT audience actually knows who they are.

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