Daily Discussion Thread – 8/22/17 + PTB Podcast Feedback (SNME 10/86)

Happy Tuesday! Talk about the fallout from Raw, tonight’s SmackDown Live and slate of baseball games and anything else you have going on today.

Also, if you have feedback for the PTB Podcast that you would like to be read on air, tonight’s topic is the 10/86 Saturday Night’s Main Event. So just post it in the thread below!

119 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 8/22/17 + PTB Podcast Feedback (SNME 10/86)

      1. Yeah, they should save it for Mania. Brock and Braun is big enough to grab viewers. Cena vs Joe could work for this show. SNF is Raiders/Skins, so no need to load up extra heavy.

          1. That was my thought… are they squeezing everything they can in for him? If he can be at Mania they have to save the match for sure…

    1. I am excited for Thunder but also sad because the completist in me is going to be forced to include that in my never ending WCW watch! I am lining up time wise too because I am in September 97 and Thunder started in January 1998 I believe…

      1. That is correct. I still remember the ads on TBS in advance of it, with Luger posing in front of a … thunderstorm.

        “There’s a storm … SHAKING the ground!” or something, followed by someone yelling “THUNDER! THUNDER! THUNDER!” in the background.

      2. Yeah I’ve been waiting since I started my trek through all of the TV shows for all the companies because of the completionist in me. So seeing Thunder is being added makes me not have to stop once I get to that point!

  1. ’02 Nets and ’05 Spurs last two historical teams added to NBA 2K.

    Would’ve thought for sure they’d put in the ’10 Lakers this year.

    1. Is that the year Jason Kidd was caught cheating on his wife and was blowing her kisses all during the finals? I ask because I wonder if they added in Jason Kidd blowing kisses at his wife as an animation. Then I may consider buying the game brand new rather than waiting a year.

  2. A bit of feedback for the podcast:

    In regards to the Jake/Steamboat feud, I thought this was the real blow off to the feud as this was their most high profile match in terms of viewership. Really good sprint with cool visuals and the hilarious notion that Steamboat’s Caiman or baby alligator could be in any way considered a “dragon”. The finish works because it lets the feud end without Jake and taking too much of a hit and adds a new layer of arrogance to his character.

  3. I’m getting texts that it’s official:

    Kyrie for IT, Crowder, Zizic, and Brooklyns 2018 1st rounder…That’s a huge move for both Cleveland and Boston. Damn.

  4. Thank you Yankees! I was unsure what game I was going to listen to while at work. As enjoyable as those couple innings were, I think I know where that game is going.

    1. I am good luck for teams tonight. I tuned in to the Rays vs Jays and the Rays just took a 3 run lead. Hopefully this luck continues when I listen to the Brewers later tonight.

        1. I love baseball. Brewers are my favorite team. I paid for the sports package on the tune in app and like to make good use of it. So i will listen to three or so games a day depending on whatelse I am doing. I am at work so I am listening to baseball.

  5. In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin and Scott are inside the Vintage Vault to kick off the new season Saturday Night’s Main Event, looking at the episode from 10/4/86!

    The boys discuss the return of Jesse Ventura, another installment of Hulk Hogan vs. Paul Orndorff, a big night for Roddy Piper, the culmination of the Jake Roberts/Ricky Steamboat feud, Adrian Adonis’s pink slip, a strong title defense for the British Bulldogs, the comeback of Kamala and much more, including end of show awards!

    So fire up this action-packed episode and join Scott & Justin as it’s time for another edition of the PTB Podcast!


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