Daily Discussion Thread – 8/2/17

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85 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 8/2/17

    1. It looks like a good show on paper. The Universal title match should be really good. Orton/Rusev could be good as well. Rusev could use a big win. I’m curious to see who leaves SS as WWE Champ. Right now I’m leaning towards a Corbin cash in.

    2. I know it sounds weird, but I’m a little disappointed we’re doing AJ-Owens again. I’m kinda over that feud and was hoping both guys could move on to something else.

      Overall my reaction is “eh,” although I must admit I’m excited about the likelihood of Sasha-Alexa now (hate the circumstances, of course).

  1. So similar to the AJ Styles mega-push that started last year around SummerSlam (the Cena win -> subsequent title win the next month), do we get the coronation of Nakamura at SummerSlam?

    They don’t use Mania anymore for these big moments, but a hot crowd in NY could make that pretty memorable.

    1. My guess is Cena beats Corbin early in the night, Nak beats Jinder and Corbin cashes in to win the belt, pretty much like WM31.

      Nah then regains it in the winter to set up him vs. AJ at Mania.

      1. Perhaps a better comparison is SummerSlam 2011, as Corbin winning would be a gigantic fart, just like Del Rio was after Cena/Punk.

        Certainly in their wheelhouse to have Corbin lose and then still get the belt later in the night. They can’t give anyone momentum it seems.

      2. I don’t like the idea of Nak getting pinned. I think Nak should destroy Mahal then Corbin interferes and takes out Nak either with a briefcase shot, putting him through the announce table, etc. Then Corbin pins Mahal to win the belt.

    2. They might save Corbin’s cash in for Smackdown. The show will most likely end in a sea of boos when Roman reigns. Carmella with a returning Ellsworth might cash in on Naomi at SS.

    3. Have they picked Nakamura to counteract the negative, or more likely, zero reaction Mahal’s going to get? If so they have painted themselves into a corner whereby they have a match where they have 2 guys the probably don’t want to lose

    1. Wouldn’t be Giants training camp without at least one serious long-term injury, and someone has to fill the injury void left by Victor Cruz. I’ve been waiting to hear that Eli broke his pelvis or something.

      1. Yeah, I’m also curious to see who fills Cruz’s role as the possession guy.

        (I have somewhat of a rooting interest in the Giants, since I’m forever indebted to them for ruining the Patriots’ unbeaten season.)

        1. I’ll forever treasure my Super Bowl 42 hat with “we wanted it more” emblazoned on the back. 🙂

          Shepard’s one guy who’s been talked up a lot based on some flashes last season. Tavarres King has too, based more on preseason, but Cruz was once a preseason star too so who really knows.

          I fell out of football for most of last season. Is Brandon Marshall still any good?

          1. I didn’t realize they signed Brandon. He can still play, though he’s not as dominant as he was a few years ago. He should be better playing a complementary role. I also didn’t realize King played for them. I remember him in college at Georgia.

          2. Well, if Marshall can attract enough attention to free up Odell, that’s filling enough of a role. The Beckham/Cruz dream team never materialized.

          3. Right! I drafted Cruz every year in fantasy, thinking he would regain his old form.

  2. I know 70’s WWF House shows are sometimes like watching grass grow, but this 12/17/79 show is pretty good. Crowd’s hot and a stacked card of guys.

        1. They are definitely trying to gain more users since the number dipped. Cutting the expensive programming and trying to do what they should have from the start: one stop shop that caters to hungry old school footage fans.

          1. it’s interesting because reality stuff – even sit-down interviews, are really cheap to produce. At least they’re going back to stuff they already edited from the old 24/7 – which is possibly even cheaper.

            I don’t know what that means for the future of the network programming-wise. Vince has never been just wrestling.

          2. I can’t remember the last time I watched a WWE Network original outside of the documentary stuff with Kurt, Balor, etc, which they continue to just kill it with. Other than that, I only use the Network for NXT, “PPVs”, and old stuff, so sounds like they’re going in the right direction from my perspective.


  3. Quick thought for the day:
    Who are the 1 guy and 1 girl that just make you roll your eyes and want to turn off the screen?
    For me, it’s Bray Wyatt and Bayley, as I can’t stand their promos that go nowhere and their characters are dull and dead.
    They both don’t really do anything for me in the ring either.
    Honorable mention: Brian Kendrick, doing the same storyline every couple of months on 205 Live, picking on random crusierweight out of nowhere, berate them, and then lose.

          1. Where has Ziggler been?
            Haven’t seen him in months.
            Hard to think a year ago he was challenging for the WWE title.
            His character might be shit, but he can still go in the ring.

        1. I had a hard time picking a girl. I don’t really mind any of them except for Dana. Her promos are cringe-worthy and I don’t think she is any good in the ring.

    1. Enzo, easily. My least favorite character in pro wrestling right now.

      From the women’s side, … does Brie Bella count? If so, her. If she doesn’t count, I’ll go with Tamina.

    2. Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, Bray Wyatt all jump to my mind as big reasons why I tuned out regularly. No females really, though I think Nia Jax is bad.

    3. It’s Rollins, bar none, for me. I’d rather watch Aiden English matches.

      I actually liked him as a heel, and he’s an amazing athlete, but he is the blandest babyface on the roster and actively annoys me when he is on screen.

      As far as the ladies go, there’s none that I can’t stand, but if I lived my life without another Tamina match I think I’d be ok. At least Lana gets a reaction and is fun to look at.

    1. WWE is going to start being the logical next step for these MMA fighters that are done getting their heads whacked for real. Especially if WWE becomes more amicable to soft part time schedules for outsiders like that. Wouldn’t shock me to see Jones, Cyborg and Rousey all working on and off here and there in coming years.

      1. I think it’ll be case-by-case. Jones is a star. But Cyborg? She’s never proven to be a significant draw of any level, and English isn’t her first language.

        But long-term, there’s something to this — especially for the Matt Riddle types who aren’t interested in USADA and athletic commissions and whatnot. I’d love to see guys (and girls) who suffer a few significant KO losses transition into a part time (WWE) wrestling schedule rather than continue to get brutalized.

      1. All of Asuka’s outfits are amazing and showcase different sides of her character. Sundress Poolside Soft Asuka is slightly different from Pantsuit Business Asuka is slightly different from Ring Gear Beatdown Asuka.

        Also, red eyes Ember Moon > natural eyes Ember Moon. I always think it’s a mistake when she shows up without the contacts.

  4. Really enjoyed NXT this week with the Asuka/Ember brawl and Kyle O’Reilly debut. Im also liking Aliester Black the more i see him. Plus Ember Moon has quickly become one of my favorite WWE Women along with Sasha Banks & a couple others.

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