Daily Discussion Thread – 8/17/17

Rise up friends and share your SummerSlam predictions, NFL talk, whatever! Be sure to check out a new Greetings from Allentown on the PWO feed, plus JR and Aaron George have some new GWWE content up with “Making the Cut”.

49 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 8/17/17

  1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZ1nMBDXSMA

    If anyone’s stuck for viewing, or has 20 mins to kill, have a watch of this. The WWE UK title match at Shug’s House Party 4, the show I live text from if anyone remembers. Excellent match, with 4 of the best workers in the UK. Highly recommended.

    **I do apologise for any of the Scottish references that may not translate haha**

  2. Hey guys, if I heard correctly on the latest P2B podcast, you guys said you were having a hard time finding the October 86 MSG House Show? If that’s still an issue it’s up on the network

  3. Hey all, I’m going to be in Brooklyn this weekend. Not sure if I”m going to NXT this Saturday but I’ll be there for Summerslam on Sunday if anyone wants to meet up.

  4. Universal Title: Lesnar pins Joe
    WWE Title: Jinder over Nakamura
    US Title: AJ over Owens (no Shane heel turn)
    Balor over Bray
    Raw Women’s: Alexa over Sasha
    Smackdown Women’s: Naomi over Nattie
    Raw Tag: Shield Bros over Cesaro and Sheamus
    Cena over Corbin
    Orton over Rusev
    Big Cass over Big Show (Enzo turns Heel)
    Smackdown Tag: New Day over Usos
    Cruiserweight: Neville over Tozawa

  5. Going through some ’94 WCW. I watched the Flair/Steamboat Saturday Night (5/14/1994) rematch from Spring Stampede last night.

    I had never seen it before. It is fucking incredible.

    All the usual stuff you expect from those two, but adapted to a more contemporary “sports entertainment” style (in contrast to the real sports feel of their earlier encounters.) Every chop (and there are about 10 billion) sounds like a gunshot. It’s arguably my favorite of their big televised matches now.

    This isn’t on the Network. Is it on ANY compilations?

      1. It was one of those things where after seeing the match, I felt really good about how I’d spent my time. Like I was a better person and could enjoy life more fully for having watched it. Lol that is rare when it comes to wrestling.

        I hereby declare it the best match most forgotten to time.

    1. Yep, and it’s leagues better than the Spring Stampede bout, which is good but no great shakes, especially since the crowd hates Steamboat and loves Flair but they still do all the traditional Flair heel spots.

      On the WCWSN bout, everything works to perfection, right down to the finish.

      1. See, I even loved the Stampede match. It’s one of those times I’m comfortable saying “fuck the crowd.” They were determined to cheer Flair no matter what, and the thought of Flair pandering to them while Steamboat tries to play subtle heel is really distasteful to me.

        It’s like a Michaels/Cena situation. Great match on the main show, only to look worse by comparison to a much better rematch on free TV a few weeks later. I try not to hold that against it, but it’s sort of unavoidable.

        1. I just think for guys who pride themselves on “how can you know what the crowd’s gonna buy if you plan it out backstage?” they should have done a better job at Stampede of actually reading the crowd. It’d be different if they had both ignored the crowd and worked the fans into their story (as Bret Hart advocates), but that never happened from my recollection and they didn’t adjust at all. I still like it, but like Cena-Michaels at Mania (good comparison) I just don’t think it has that “it” factor. Part of it may be comparison, but I think that’s unavoidable since so many of their matches are similarly structured.

          Still good stuff, of course, on that I’m with you. Even “below the norm” Flair-Steamboat is awesome.

  6. Summerslam will alway have a special place in my heart. My 1st clear memory of watching wrestling was Summerslam 1990. I know I watched it before that but can’t remember anything with details. Also Summerslam 1990 was my 1st wrestling tape and held on my 9th birthday. ~R~

  7. Here its is. As a few of us speculated might be the case:

    “Bryan Alvarez discussed this week’s episode of SmackDown Live on the latest instalment of Wrestling Observer Live and revealed that Corbin actually has some heat too due to his actions on twitter.

    Baron has been involved in verbal battles with multiple persons on Twitter in the past few weeks. The names he has exchanged words with include Mojo Rawley, Nikki Bella, Dave Meltzer himself and more.”

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