Daily Discussion Thread – 8/16/17

Come and talk about all your failed cash-ins – plus SummerSlam, the Wednesday Walk, sports, comics and more.

Fresh audio:

Plus a myriad of new shows on the PWO feed – including CWF Diaries #2, and a new ThROH the Years looking at ROH’s Scramble Madness show.

108 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 8/16/17

    1. That has to be the case. Otherwise, I don’t understand the thought process behind yanking the briefcase off of him so quickly. Unless they finally figured out that he isn’t that good. Then again, look at who the WWE Champ is.

      1. I was never clear on why he got released. Wiki says he failed a physical, but… so? That could mean a lot of things. Makes me think he was not well-liked backstage to get the pink slip so fast.

          1. Sounds right, but I still don’t understand why they outright fire the guy after just signing him in August. He probably would’ve been playing the Sign Guy/Lodi role as Raven’s toadie, which isn’t exactly physically demanding. Would’ve been a logical use for him until he was healthy enough to take bumps again.

            I know. “Because WCW.”

    1. Stevie and The Meanie always seemed so odd to me in WCW but a better fit in WWF, although neither run was great for them. I think it is because WCW had so many jacked up guys, they were more obvious misfits. Compare them to an Ice Train and it’s like, why are these guys in the same ring. WWF was so much more about angles and they had a certain amount of charisma as a duo. That is all.

  1. Thank goodness for JT and Scott you guys aren’t doing Boston house shows. September 86 – Atlas vs Arcidi. Just putrid. Putski-baron level bad.

  2. Hennig vs. Mongo was really fun, huge spot for Mongo too and the match is well done with Mongo doing all he can on his busted leg and Hennig picking him apart and winning the US title, putting more gold in the NWO.

  3. Are there any comic books people are excited about that came out today? I am looking at the pull post and not seeing anything that I feel like picking up. I get paid biweekly so i will be getting the books from last week that i wanted but nothing this week.

  4. ’06 & ’13 Memphis Grizzlies added to NBA 2K18.

    Anybody have info on these teams? Seems kinda random to me they would be put in as historical teams.

  5. Does anyone other than me think there’s a chance that all the titles in NXT will change on Saturday? I know it won’t happen but I could definitely see at least Roode and Asuka losing.

  6. Watching Bragging Rights 09. The commentary is perhaps the worst I’ve ever heard. The team of Cole, King and Grisham should be murdered.

          1. Why does an RKO beat Cena after 9 minutes but everybother match he takes one after a 25 minute beating but kucks out?

          2. Minute 29. Randy throws a tantrum when he discovers Cena isn’t murdered.

          3. Someone has to tell Randy you can’t go from trying to blow a guy up RIGHT INTO european upppercuts.

          4. Guy in an Edmonton Oilers jersey in the front row. In 2009. That’s a REAL fan.

          5. Lawler: It’s blessing this is the last time these two will fight one another.

            Biggest lie in wrestling?

          6. It’s anything goes, falls count anywhere right. Orton up 4-3 with 27 left right. Why doesn’t Orton get in his car and get the fuck out of town?

          7. Cena gets pinned after a ddt to the floor. Good tging he learned how to recover from that by next year’s summerslam.

          8. I need to rethink Randy Orton’s placement on the 100 GWWE list. His 09 and this year are in the running for worst individual years ever.

          9. Grisham: It’s gonna be hard for Orton to play defence for 15 minutes.

            FULL CIRCLE!

          10. Cole: (10 mins left cena down by 1) Cena acting like time isn’t an issue.

            Sums up the match. And John Cena really.

          11. Cole: When was the last time we saw John Cena use a table?

            It was literally 3 minutes ago when he put Orton through the announcer’s desk.

            Michael “Goldfish” Cole.

          12. He was watching the clock. We constantly get guys in submission holds for minutes at a time. Heels and faces.

          13. The point was that the dastardly heel was vanquished in the end. Sure he was watching the clock, he was trying desperately to hang on but he couldn’t, he was in too much pain from the damn STF. If it was Cena he would have held on, he’s the hero. Orton wasn’t, he was the bad guy and the bad guy couldn’t hack it when it mattered most, he quit.

          14. I understand the basic concept of heels and faces. But based on the match and what they did to one another it made no sense. Tack on to that that Orton’s character was obsessed with the title and the tap out there was a weak ending

            Also in many of their previous matches Orton lasted much longer in the hold. You can’t harp on the fact that this is part of a larger story and ignote that. It’s lazy. For an “epic final confrontation” they could have done better.

          15. I don’t think it’s inconsistent with Orton or the series at all. Take I Quit. Orton tortured him the whole match, but when Cena finally broke free and got the STF on Orton tapped like a baby pretty quickly. He was a coward. He’d prey on people using Legacy and by handcuffing Cena, etc., but at heart he was a coward who could dish it out but couldn’t take it.

            Of course he lasted longer in the hold earlier in the match, it was earlier and he was less damaged and less tired. There is a huge difference between being in someone’s submission hold in the 5th minute, the 30th and the 59th in an Ironman match. Early you tap quickly to avoid early damage. In the middle you have to try to hang on as falls become more valuable. At the end you’re exhausted and it’s all you can do to hold on. But Orton couldn’t hold on. Right at the one crucial moment, all he had to do was hold on a bit longer but he couldn’t take it. He loses. Good beats evil, etc. and etc.

          16. Sorry it’s poor, lame cliched storytelling. He was valliantly kicking out of things minutes before. Earlier in the match I get him tapping out fast. Made sense in the context of the match. In the Summerslam match and the Hell In a Cell he was in it much longer. Breaking Point was also lame. One guy getting beaten to near death who will never give up the other taps in a second. Yeah it fits the tired heel/face dynamic but it destroys the drama of that, and future matches.

            Until they decide it doesn’t and change their storytelling without any sort of justification. I wonder how many people that exact style of writing has pushed away from the product.

          17. If you weren’t into the idea of the clear, cartoony face/heel dynamic then it makes sense you hated it. I liked it. Orton was basically a cartoon villain by that point, making his goofy alien faces and trying to blow Cena up with his ACME big red button, and Cena is Cena, so I thought the tone of the matches and finishes worked with it. Kind of like a Hogan feud, except Orton actually got some wins because it was 2009.

          18. I hear that. I just want consistency. Like Ted Dibiase didn’t kick out of 8 leg drops (valliantly) then tap out to Hogan. In that cartoon world the basic blocks of writing were still there.

            Villain is coward. Villain cheats to get ahead. Villain gets beat.

            This to me was more.
            Villain is tougher than hero. Villain takes 80 percent of the match. Villain attempts homicide. Villain beats hero with rko in at ten minute mark but hero kicks out of same move after a 40 minute beating. Villain gets trapped in hold he’s been in a hundred times and can’t hold on for 6 more seconds. (With the crowd counting down)

            I can live with the face/heel dynamics so long as they’re written well. I could live with it being a cartoon. (Which it clearly was. That red button was obscene) I just can’t stand the poor construction of the story.

          19. I do agree with you that the commentary was fucking atrocious. This is when Cole started to get REALLY bad.

          20. I’ve been watching these ppvs back to back. This is the 4th Cena/Orton match for me this week. Just a point of reference.

          21. Of all the weapons around the ring Orton decides the microphone is most deadly.

          22. Orton: Stomps head on steps.
            Cole: No absence of malice.

            Just like last month. Nust like the month before
            Michael “Consistent” Cole.

          23. Now that I think about it though. We have 40 minutes left and they’re already both dead from finishers.

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