Daily Discussion Thread – 8/15/17 + SmackDown Live Watch

Join us today to chat about your favorite SummerSlam memories, or anything related to the upcoming WWE and NXT events. Plus we have SmackDown tonight! And hey, it’s not just wrestling chat – we’ve got a new POPBlast out on Mister Miracle #1 – talk comics, pop culture, whatever!

New audio, including brand new Place to Be Podcast:

64 thoughts on “Daily Discussion Thread – 8/15/17 + SmackDown Live Watch

    1. I think Tozawa was gonna win the belt on Sunday anyway so they just bumped the title win up a few days so they could have a feel good moment on the show.

    1. I think his initial “He’s a MAN” entrance theme gets him in before accounting for any work, but he’s probably bottom 20 for me – need to look closer at this mid 00s run. I caught some of his KOTR 08 stuff also.

        1. I’m trying to think off hand – so he has his IC level stuff in 2001-2002 , and then, I’m sure, really good TV stuff at a mid/lower card level through the 00s and then the KOTR stuff. He’s a great worker, but i’d be curious how he fills out the other categories for everyone. I don’t think there’s enough big stuff to really make a dent on the list for me.

          1. I think he rates super high for nuance… tremendous longevity, great variance (superb heel, face, tag and singles)… great in depth character (especially during the Eugene and Tajiri stuff)… high marks for pure workrate…

            The only spot he lacks a bit is Jump Up but when he saves Eugene is a big moment for sure. His work as King in 2008 was tremendous until it was slashed short.

    1. Important question in this scenario: Are Rollins and Ambrose the biggest heels in history for aiding the hated Roman Reigns, or is Roman loved again if he’s part of the Shield again?

  1. “WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair remains in critical condition at an Atlanta hospital, according to F4Wonline.com. We now know that Flair underwent colon surgery on Monday to remove a blockage that was the catalyst for a number of health issues that followed, including kidney failure. The blockage was said to be the worst of the issues but the blockage did cause other problems. Flair is currently on kidney dialysis and doctors are looking to get his kidneys back functioning. The surgery was considered a success but there are more issues to deal with.”

      1. It’s been ok. Nothing great but nothing outright bad either. I feel perfectly fine not going to this show assuming that nothing mind blowing happens in the next hour.

    1. Wonder if there’s a Wellness thing coming. if you could pick the worst way to lose the MITB plot device, it would be on a roll-up on the go-home show of a PPV.

    1. I don’t recall them using those teams before – neat.

      One of my fav parts of 2K17 was they finally got Eric Snow to sign off so he’s on the ’01 Sixers

  2. Just finalized the Wednesday Walk, so check back at 9 tomorrow. This week: Thor, beans, improvised furbies, chocolate crime, the best theory about the moon, the plague, fruitcake, the last Blockbuster, Warren Zevon, and self-exploration.

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