Daily Discussion Thread – 8/14/17 + RAW Live Watch Discussion

Welcome to today’s Daily + RAW Live Watch thread as we hit the home stretch towards SummerSlam. I want to thank Ioan Morris for his incredible work with the G1 Climax show reviews – check out his Round Up on the front page of PTBN today.

Some recent audio to get you through your day:

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    1. I am lower than most seem to be on it, but its a top 5 or so for me. Would put 1989 and 2014 over it for sure. Its in the mix with 1991 in that 3-4 slot, I would say.

  1. I know the place to be podcast is focusing on a tag team oriented show here soon and i would like to recommend a supplementary match: Hart Foundation v. The New US Express from the September Spectrum show. Probably the best the New US Express ever looked. 11 minutes; Hell of a finish! I went ***1/2 on it.

    Bret still seemed to be working on the character part of his game, and I would say that Neidhart was still the rock of the team even in late 86. To me, Hart really started to find his voice during their run at the titles in late 86-early 87.

  2. Hogan/Andre-Bundy/Studd

    What about:
    Sheik/Volkoff vs US Express?
    Savage squash?

  3. Catching up on the G1 big matches – watched two ****3/4 matches today in the semi’s with Tanahashi/Naito and Omega/Okada. Back-to-back nights of MOTYC main events.

  4. With the Sept 86 MSG show on the PTB Podcast tonight, here is all of the TV from the Big Event until that show:

    8/30 Championship Wrestling (Final show before it came “Superstars of Wrestling.”)


    9/6 Superstars of Wrestling (Debut Show)


    9/7 Wrestling Challenge (Debut Show)


    9/13 Superstars of Wrestling


    9/14 Wrestling Challenge


    9/20 Superstars of Wrestling


    9/21 Wrestling Challenge


          1. Yeah.

            If they are bumping Kayla over there, it’s gotta be a big deal. She’s been doing mornings on Ozzy forever

  5. Hey fellas. Good to be back on here after a rough few days. I was following along last night for the SS 02 Live Watch but didn’t have the energy yet to comment along. This past Thursday was one of the worst days of my and my family’s life but we’re still staying strong. Thanks to everyone here who gave their condolences on FB. Onwards we go!

    Also hope and pray Naitch make a full recovery!

  6. So, I definitely agree with the title change, as I love the titus brand, but after such a long reign for neville, feels like a disservice to him to have it end on a random raw.

    1. Justin LaBar‏Verified account @JustinLaBar 30s31 seconds ago

      This Cruiser title win gets more attention & time on #RAW rather than buried in headlines on stacked SSlam weekend.

      … I agree with that…

  7. In this episode of the Place to Be Podcast, Justin, Scott and Kelly Nelson are welcoming in the fall in the Big Apple as they take a look back at the 9/22/86 Madison Square Garden house show!

    The boys discuss the PTBN luminaries and Boneheads appearing on the Travel Channel, the latest news on the health of Ric Flair, the arrival of the Islanders, another go around for Nick Kiniski, a fun tussle between Billy Jack Haynes and Bob Orton, the MSG debut of the Rougeau Brothers, a final Garden farewell to Tony Garea, and more, the dull debut of Mr. Electricity, a brutal SD Jones vs. Mr. X match, a hot Tito Santana vs. Harley Race bout, the return of Sika, HULK MACHINE~! and more, including end of show awards!

    So fire up this action-packed episode and join Scott, Justin & Kelly as it’s time for another edition of the PTB Podcast!


  8. Some good stuff tonight from Boston. That pop for the Ambrose/Rollins fist bump was awesome, Sasha/Nia was good, Tozawa/Neville was fun and I agree with JR on it being moved up instead of at Summerslam given the stacked card with the Title change here.

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