Daily Discussion Thread – 8/1/17 + SmackDown Discussion

Join us for all-day discussion plus commentary for SmackDown tonight. Some audio highlights from our feeds:

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      1. That seems to be the most obvious. Maybe Nak wins there then and sets up a path to face AJ at Mania? That frees up Cena to eventually move to Raw to be set with Reigns in New Orleans?

      2. I think Corbin get involved. Match ends in a draw. Adds some major heel heat on Corbin. Triple threat with Cena, Nak and Jinder at SS. Corbin cashes in on Nak after Nak wins at SS.

  1. Some great little gems hidden in this week’s classic Observer from Dave…

    “Caught the “Discovery Channel” special called “Wrestling School,” based on Rick Bassman’s Ultimate Pro Wrestling School…The highlight of the show is John Sena, who has the look of a young Sting, a physique of a competitive bodybuilder (in fact, there are clips of him in competition) and a tremendous interview delivery in his character of “The Prototype,” …Until you see him wrestle in the ring, he looks like a can’t miss. Watching him wrestle, you see that he needs a lot of work, but if he gets that down, he has a shot at being a genuine star.”

    “A guy with real potential was American Dragon, who no doubt gets his name from Ultimo Dragon. He does a lot of high flying and hits his spot like a pro as opposed to an indie guy. Aside from the fact he tries to do too many in one match, he’s a great worker for the stage of the career he’s at. “

    1. And both guys end up main eventing Summerslam 13 years later.

      Cena was def a case of a guy that had obvious Raw talent but just needed to hone a craft and create an identity in ring. He could’ve easily been another meathead that didn’t want to learn and just thought of wrestling as another paycheck. Luckily he did want to learn and get better and eventually he did.

        1. I don’t know if they had an actual “surprise” or not, but the Nasty’s worked those tapings before the Rumble. One of those things that make you wonder if they had something big planned.

        2. I never realized the Nastys weren’t around prior to that show. Their allegiance with Jimmy Hart is a given in the Rumble and no big deal is made about Knobbs being a newcomer. And why the fuck wasn’t Saggs in anyway? I assumed he was hurt and Knobbs was a random replacement.

          1. Saggs worked the dark match against Sam Houston. That’s something that stands out because I couldn’t believe Houston was still lingering around in ’91

  2. OK, before I get back to Superstars, I stumbled across the PTW from 1/21/91, two days after the Rumble! This has to be the home stretch of Gorilla and Bobby in the studio. I am pretty sure they switch to Vince and the live audience in February.

    1. We open with a big tag match… Power & Glory vs. Saba Simba & Paul Diamond with Mooney & Al on commentary.

      Guess Diamond was doing double duty as Kato had already arrived by now.

  3. WWE reportedly cutting costs due to lower profits & stagnant growth with Network subs this year compared to last year, hence TS getting cancelled along with now Ride Along, apparently.

  4. Plug time, if I may be permitted.

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  5. Nakamura headed to Summerslam for a shot at the WWE Title, pretty cool. Nasty landing from John Cena in the Match. Be interesting to see who he may face now in a couple weeks. Nice showing for Chad Gable too against Rusev, I agree with Matt Souza a much better option with Randy Orton & Rusev instead of Khali.

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