Daily Discussion Thread – 8/10/17

Happy Thursday everyone! Come hang out and talk about whatever is on your mind today!

Question of the Day: What is your favorite SummerSlam Match of All Time?


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    1. Mountie makes his Superstars debut and Vince immediately outs him as Jacques Rougeau, talks about the Rougeau Brothers and says that after they broke up, Jacques became an official Mountie and has returned.

  1. A couple of my favorite Summerslam Matches

    1.Bret and Perfect 1991
    2.Harts and Demolition 1990
    3.HBK and HHH 2002
    4.Bret and Owen 1994
    5.Cena and AJ last year

  2. In this episode of Letters From Center Stage, JT & Allan head into their offices in Atlanta, GA to dive deep into the outer rim of the nostalgia mothership that was WCW:

    1. The Plunder Bucket: WCW Cage Matches / The Tale of the Black Scorpion

    2. 1-800-COLLECT Road Report: New Blood Rising 2000

    3. The Long Topic: WCW’s International Dream Matches

    To write in to the mailbag, tweet @allan_cheapshot or @place2benation


  3. Where do we nominate for the Greatest WWE Wrestler Ever project?

    The list of names pre-1975 is pathetic. I would like to nominate

    ‘Argentina’ Apollo
    Miguel Perez
    Bobo Brazil
    Al Costello
    Roy Heffernan
    Prof. Toru Tanaka
    Edouard Carpentier
    Spiros Arion
    Hans Mortier
    Victor Rivera
    Bill Watts
    the Valiants
    Dr. Jerry Graham
    Shohei Baba

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